Friday, March 29, 2013

If ya got it, flaunt it!

 My son saw me wearing this wristlet and said I was getting fancy....and I am thinking...

Why haven't I worn it before now???

 All those pins laying on the table beside my machine because I was too lazy to get a pin cushion.
Hummmmmm...someone is not thinking over here.
  Then I got an email from Susan asking how I liked my throat plate.....I have to say. I love love love it!!! Hassle free sewing.

 I decided to take this class on Craftsy since it was 50% off.

 I feel I am begin disloyal to Leah but thought maybe another take on machine quilting would be fun.

 I am also taking a photography class, will let you know more after I take it for a while.

Then I am taking the surging class....and I sooooo love this one.  Which class would you want to take?

 I think I am having an issue....there is a certain color blue that I think is purple (I guess I am partially color blind). itself, it is purple, but in the mix of purple, it is blue.

 Now....the quandary, do I let this piece stay in my quilt? Do I take it out? Will require a lot of work.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Look what I did with your scraps MOMMA & BEVERLY!!! When I was at my mother's house last summer I nipped some scraps (with permission)...I had plans for them. I finally got around to making this:

I won these wonderful fat quarters and this bag pattern from Sew Cindy.... I have to eyes lit up when I opened the box. How fun is this? Thanks sew much Cindy!!!
won my Tumblers and Tulips Quilt Pattern, thanks to all of your wonderful comments. Michelle from Romantic Triangle

Monday, March 25, 2013


Thanks to Madame Samm and Jane for this fun hop.

 I decided that I need a lot and I mean a lot of practice in my stitching so that I why I joined this hop. I would not stitch otherwise.

 Some of us learned to read with the Dick and Jane Readers.

 When I saw these two I just knew what I wanted to do with them.

 Another thing it reminds me of is that Bobby Vinton song "Dick and Jane"

 Bobby Vinton

 Look, Dick look, look at Jane
See Jane laugh and play Look,
 Dick look, see pretty Jane
 I'm gonna marry her someday
 I've loved her since we were children back in grammar school
 Loved her then and I always will
 Though I know I'm just a fool
 Then one day I kissed her
 But it was all in vain
 Cause I was at their reception to have fun with Dick and Jane
 Look, Dick look,
 look at Jane
 See Jane laugh and play
 Look, Dick look,
 see pretty Jane
I'm gonna marry her someday
 Time has turned some pages
Since they moved away
 I think back in stage
 of the way she'd laugh and play
 Today I received a letter
 that she has passed away
 So one last time
 I kissed her by the flower
s where she'll lay
 Look, Dick look,
 look at Jane See Jane laugh and play
 Look, Dick look,
see pretty Jane
 I'm gonna marry her someday

I took several pictures of this quilt but couldn't get it to show up well....

Here is the list of all those that are part of the hop today...Hope to see you there!

Beverly @That Other Blog
Creating My Comforts

 Don't forget the pattern giveaway below this post.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


This pattern has been in the makes for almost two years now.  I finally decided that enough hanging around is enough!

After I cleaned my space - a new energy came to me.  If I had know that just a little decluttering and shaming myself would spark a fire, I would have done it months ago.

So.....I finally have this one done, well the pattern is finished.  I need to do some more quilting on this but is out of the way.  On to newer pastures.  You can find it at craftsy, just click on the button on the side bar if you are interested.

Then I was just playing with this several months ago and just now got it quilted and the binding on it.  Kinda plain....but is the banister, into the finished pile.

I feel renewed...rejuvinated!!  If I can just get this Tree of Life finished....I will feel young again!!!  I am laughing because if it was that easy to feel young and look young...well...we would all be finishing our projects that don't hold our interest anymore.

I am going to give away one pattern.  Just leave a comment.

A big thanks to my niece Christine for helping me with my patterns, she is going through all of them and putting a fresh (better instructions, better everything) coat of paint on them.  Thanks to Sew Cal for pushing me forward and to Sandi from Crazy bout Quilts for testing this for me and  to many of you who encourage me on.....

I feel like I have just made a speech for the Acadamy Awards....  I am now doing the float wave!!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Blogger is not my friend! I just figured out that foxfire was not letting me post on my blog and so now I am on google. What ever works....right!!!

 Well... Here is my new Pumpkin has sparkles in it which you can not see at this time.

 Finished an umbrella was a just because I wanted to project.

 Truly, not much has been going on here... 

The winner of the "Child's Play" by Jacquelynne Steves is Deanna!!!  I hope that some of you went over there and took a tour of her book and her blog.  What an amazing talent Jacquelynne is.

Have a fantastic week-end!

You will find me here on Monday with my stitching project for "Stitch me UP" by Madame Samm and Jane.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


That if there is an empty space, I can fill it.

 I think he is right!

 What you are looking at here is the half wall and on the other side is the staircase. These are projects in the works

What you are looking at here is the mid arm....hummmmm Now once you have seen this, keep in mind that I hate clutter...just ask my mother...drives me nutzzzzzzz. I can take it for a few days but then it has to go. I was actually thinking of just thowing stuff away again. Yep, you heard that a few months ago.
I guess I figure if I shame myself I will clean it.

 Actually, yesterday I did try finish some of the projects you see there.

 I wasn't very successful

 But I did clean things away.

 As most of you know, my sewing room is half a son's room so I took over the common area and that is what you see here.

 I don't have anywhere to put anything

 have too much to do therefore, I do nothing.... I will chose a winner for the giveaway motivation here. The embroidery blog hop is going on right now, see the sidebar. Then the Stitchery Blog hop with Madame Samm and Jane is on the side bar...lots of fun things going on.

Monday, March 18, 2013




What a fun filled book!  Inexpensive!  Instant access if you chose or hard copy!  Those of you who live abroad, the digital version would be so wonderful for you, no shipping cost!

Cover Sample2THUMB

Just doesn’t get any better than that~

55 pages contain:
2 quilt patterns (2 color ways each)
tote bag pattern
3 stuffed animals with clothes
2 embroidered wall art projects
kids' activity sheets and crafts


Here is where  you can purchase the book

Here is the link to some sample pages

Here is a link to Jacquelynne Steves story behind the book

I really think this is such a fun fresh book, lots of gift ideas and even food.

So I will give away one free digital book come Wednesday, just leave a comment and let me know if you visited any of those links I listed above, I will give you another entry if you did.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


The earth is not moving in the way you think it is.....
 The earth is moving because I am jumping up and down with delight!!!
 I got my embroidery machine back....

see what it did? By the way, this is Marjorie's design and next week Kelly from "I have a Notion" is sponsoring an Embroidery Blog hop, the button is on the sidebar.  Do join them.  I had wanted to but well....just got my machine back.

I am so happy.

 My son is on his computer in his room/m ysewing room and I keep coming in and out squealing....and just wait James, you just wait to see what this machine does.

 I was told that the sensor was just gunky and dirty.
 When I purchased the machine I was told it had been serviced but maybe the sensor was overlooked. They said it could possibly be the board going out. I will continue to hold my breath on that one. It cost enough just getting this out of the shop.
 Not works like a gem right now....

 Where is some wood?? gotta go knocking on it.

Then I got some clips and this five inch half hexie ruler from Missouri star quilt co.....I just love them.

So when I was at the quilting group on Thursday Morning, I asked Marylin about why my machine chews up my fabric when I start to sew.  It is so frustrating, I change needles, use leaders and enders...but still have issues.  She suggest this straight stitch plate.

I am so excited to use it.  I got it today when I got my emboridery machine out of the shop.  I would not have gotten it if my husband had not been there but he said..."Get what you need"...

don't you just love that man???  He always reminds me that you bloggers say he is a keeper.

Now I am waiting for my son from Japan to come in....3 more I will play until then and well...if you feel the earth move under you feet, no worries, it is just me dancing around the house.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I got Glam!!

Every once in a while a person just needs to be silence.
 "Are you very weary?
 rest a little bit.
 In some quiet corner just fold your hands and sit.
 Do not let the trials that have grieved you all the day,
 haunt this quite corner drive them all away.
 Soon you'll feel so rested,
 glad you sat a bit
 in this quiet corner to fold your hands and sit"

 I have three sons at home right now and sometimes it is hard to find a quiet corner.
 Maybe in the wee hours of the morning I can find some solitude.

That being said...I have a fourth son coming in tomorrow. He is moving from Japan to Washington. Talk about happy parents, we will be so happy to have him on US soil. a mother of five sons. I am use to shopping alone.
 Actually, I am a fast shopper, I am in and out.
 I know what I want and go get it and that is that.
Which makes yesterday somewhat unusual.
 I visited the sewing group of Sew Fun Quilts, which by the way was wonderful seeing Judy up and about...she looks great after her stint in the hospital and rehab

. After I left, I got a hankering to go to Bealls. I guess this little item was calling me from the streets.
 I was doing my usual walking fast and scanning when this puppy called my name.
 It was love at first sight.
 I heard bells....
I heard music.
 My heart beat went crazy....
okay maybe I am exaggerating!
 But I was not going to leave the store without it.... so whether or not it called me from the streets, you decide....but it certainly speaks to me and it says I got glam!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today I have several things to show you, kinda a smorgasbord of quilting delight but calorie free.

 I made this blue runner the other day with my binding tool from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

 Then I ordered this book from Amazon. It cost me all of ninety cents plus shipping

 From investigating last night, you use paint to design your quilts. I don't know much about paint but I can sure learn.

Now for the fun part ------------------------------------------

The Quilt show is opening up their website beginning Friday, March 15, through Sunday, March 17, and there will be terrific prizes from companies we know and love like Bernina, GAmmill, Superior Threads, AccuQuilt, C&T Publishing, RJR Fabric.  Ricky and Alex will have gift baskets to give away too.  The grand prize is a new BErnina 550QE sewing machine!  You get free access to over 140 shows.

Why are they doing this?  As most of you know it is National Quilt Day March 16th and  this is their way of helping us celebrate.

If you are not familiar with The Quilt Show, maybe you should take a gander over there.  You will find all kinds of fun projects and tons of videos by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.  Just sit your computer next to your sewing machine and take advantage of the videos while you sew.  Can't think of a better way to celebrate than that!!  Prizes too!! 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pattern Spot, Etsy, Craftsy? Which would be good for you???

Inchworm Fabrics was the first place that my patterns appeared.  My sister has been very kind to allow me to put them in her store.  We have an agreement which is usually in fabrics.  Trust me, I buy more fabric than patterns I sell. 

 Then, the next place was You are not out any money to upload your patterns but once one sells, they gets 45% of your net sales and then you have your pay pal fees.

 ETSY, You pay a 20 cent upload free, you pay this whether or not your item sells. If the item does sell, you pay 3.5% of sold item. If the item does not sell within six months, it expires and you then have the decision whether or not to pay another 20 cents to re upload it.  (blogger is not making this easy for me to write this post.)  Don't forget your paypal fee.
Then there is Now this is the cream of all stores to have your patterns in. They charge you ZERO....did you see that ZERO!!! The only fee you have is your paypal fees.
 Why am I telling you this? I was directed to a blog that was talking about Etsy vs Craftsy. This person was saying that they were just going to let their patterns drop off on Etsy and stick with Craftsy. I can understand that, go with the one that will give your more bang for your buck. BUT!!!!!

Now this is a large BUT (not butt....).

 Even tho Craftsy does give your a better return, if your patterns are pdf, it is costing you nothing to have them in any of these stores, except for etsy.

You are earning money regardless, just Craftsy gives your more.

 I guess my thought is, money is money. Say you sell four patterns on etsy and three on Craftsy, that is seven patterns but if you only have Craftsy, you have only sold three patterns. You are making less money. Also you have limited yourself to one audience, the more your patterns are out there, the more YOU are out there.

 Oh well....I just thought I would share a bit of insight in the eyes of Bejeweled! I have to tell you that I have really enjoyed my Etsy shop, it has only been open since Dec. but it is just fun. Then I have had Craftsy for about three weeks and what fun it is to go to your hotmail account and see that you have sold something.... Trust me, I am not getting rich but who doesn't enjoy a little pocket change?

If I have missed something, let me know...I can only tell you what I know (which isn't much).


I guess I should have prepared you by telling you to bring your sunglasses. Sorry, was it too early for such eye shock? I wasn't sure how I was going to like this one but when I put the binding on.....

 Need I say more?

 I know some of you are not into orange and that is okay...just go and get your some cucumbers for your eyes,

 lay back and relaxxxx.

I never thought I was OCD but maybe I have a touch?


I am going to cut out more of these....but not as big, I think this one is 32 inches long.

Monday, March 4, 2013


I went shopping with a friend the other day and she almost had a cow (truly) right there in the store when she saw me drop my change in the bottom of my purse.

 It shamed me....

 Do I not have purse etiquette?  (NADDA)

 Do I not have any since of organization?  (NOPE)

 I guess not...

I think the whole store could have heard a pin drop when she Gasped. so...

ashamed as I was...

 I went home and made myself a coin purse. I just need to poke out the corners and all will be well.

 I think this little coin purse is about 3 1/2" long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

 Does the trick.

 Now I can't wait to drop coins in my little purse so my friend can see....who is embarrassed now.    Oh trust me, she will want one...

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Here is the finished product.

You can get the tutorial here

These are so fast and fun...I just want to make more.

Someone asked me how I did the that is a good question. I just did them like you would do a regular binding corner except for the sides, I did them the same as you would on the corners of a quilt except I put them on an angle. I don't know if that makes sense. I still need practice but I am pleased with how they turned out.

 The winner of the batik runner kit is Laurie from "West Texas Threads" Laurie, I need your address.... Maybe next time I get a hankering to do another one of these runners, I will just cut out double and have another giveaway....sounds good to me.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I love all the home shows that show the before and After, like "Property Brothers" and "Love it or List it", "What not to Wear"....there is just something about the transformation that has me there....but trust me, I am not just sitting and watching TV. is the Before:
After I washed it:
You are probably thinking that you don't see much difference....well I do. I had a few small ripples in the border but after I washed it....ooooo la la.

 I was going to put this runner in my shop but I just loved it so much and so....I claimed it.

It matches my furniture so well and the splash of orange....I just couldn't help myself. I don't need more runners but what is one more....RIGHT???
The giveaway for the runner kit is here I was watching Project Runway last night, I cut out another runner. I laid it all out. I would have sewn it then too but my machine is in the other room... When it was over I began to sew it...and it only took 30 minutes if that much to do the top.

 You are probably thinking... Barb you are joshing us.

 I lie not.

 If you have it laid out and trust me, you have to lay it out before. I even marked my pieces because the first one I did I didn't and well...there was a big of confusion going on.

 I learned from that and decided not to just pick my pieces up like she did on her

 tutorial.....she might have been able to execute that with ease but this gal couldn't. 

 Then another little tip that I learned wacthing a tutorial (can't tell you which one because I don't remember) but...

when I iron, I attack it like nobodies business...and you are not suppose to...just put the iron up and down, no swishing it from side to side, you don't distort the fabric that way.

I just love this "Indian Summer" Fabric from Inchworm Fabrics, if she has much left I would be
surprised because I am her best customer.