Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mother Madness

This is the magazine I got it out of... mother has come and gone and so I have a funny story to tell you or maybe you would have to be there?

My mother has health issues...and the running joke between us girls (all four of us) is that nothing is going to happen to our mother...."Not on my watch"..... All I wanted to do was hand her over to the next person while she was in good health.

So....the night before she left she took a shower. I heard a bang in the bathroom....and my heart skipped a beat....I ran up the stairs and asked if she was okay. She said yes.... Sheweeeeeee Well....she comes down stairs and I said...
I am mad at you"...all I want to do is hand you over to your friend Mary tomorrow in one piece, like handing a baton to the next runner. No one wants to get left holding the baton.

My husband drove part way to meet her friend Mary....before we handed her over my husband took a picture of her with her friend. Just to show the sisters that yes we did indeed hand her over, she was standing upright, smiling.....and in one piece.

I am working on things but none of which I can show you...which really stinks because I am excited about all three projects I am working on. So I left you with a picture of a quilt I did in Amerika Samoa....

Have a wonderful Day,

Friday, July 29, 2011

My mother is visiting and she is doing this.....

All I can say is THANKYOU!!! BEVERLY!!!!! and if that sounds like a nice thankyou, it is not!!! You have spoiled our mother bad bad bad. She keeps saying "if Beverly were here, she would fix this for me," If Beverly were you know how any times she has said that???????? Okay, so I am not you Beverly..... I keep telling her that I don't want to spoil her fun. (this all being said in fun)

Now that being said, I have ripped out and ironed for her but I am not taking over the project!! No more spoiling Beverly!!! Do you hear me????

While she is working on that with Mr. Pfaff....I made this with Mr. Big Guy....

and this....which is now hanging in my bathroom!

I have made headway with my powersuit challenge...I am excited about that....and started another embroidery project....someone should get strung up by their fingernails for getting me hoooked on this but the problem is I can string up the lot of ya!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is the Pattern I have had for years......

I went to my store upstairs and chose these fabrics....
and well....that is as far as I have gotten today...My mother is visiting and I am down to crunch time on a quilt....gotta get it done. Now that I see these fabrics together in a picture, I think I am going to change the red and the plain green.....

This is the quilt....the saw these fabrics showing the front just yet but I spent a good portion of the day putting this back together and redoing the borders. Talk about messing up a border....oh my gosh (NEW BEGINNER HERE)...

not the sharpest knife in the draw that day but is all better now.

Winona from Cat Lover and Quilt Maker won the Sun Bonnet Sue Giveway.

Patchworks Jen and Cottonreel are getting a set as well... I know, I said one winner but I just couldn't help myself.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011




Monday, July 25, 2011


I am glad I took this picture, I just noticed that I left off the arms.....soooooo

The arms are a comming!!!

I am returning the Sun Bonnet Sue Die back to my niece tomorrow so I am frantically cutting out scraps.....

I have done up alot but just wanted to offer 12 Sunbonnet Sue's for the steam a seam on the backs, sorry, don't have much left. I also wanted to mention how fast this went. I have done several Sun Bonnet Sue squares before and it takes forever to cut this all out. I believe that I have gone through my scraps in an hour and have well more than what I need. The Accuquilt Go cutter is fantastic for those items that take a lot of effort and time.....and is easy on the fingers.

as you know you will mix and match the hats to the dresses.

So just leave a comment and I will pick a winner probably Wednesday or Thursday.
If you would like more than 12, just let me know, I certainly have enough.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

From the high seventies to high nineties

Some of you saw that I was cold in Seattle, but when we got to Moses Lake where my sister lives it was in the seventies...such awesome weather. Then this evening when we stepped off the plane we got a blast of what everyone had been talking about 97 degrees.....I know that it was way over that for you and a cold front is coming through but was a change from where we were.

There is only one thing left to say


So before I left, Robin from Robin Quilts, etc sent me this awesome covered notebook...I have never seen this notebook cover before and I just love it. Thanks Robin!!!

When I got back a package from Cyndi of Bluebird's Wing
was waiting for me( I forgot to show the pretty note card)...but look at all of the fun husband thought the moda package was candy and grabbed it out of the bag.....I have to laugh now but I was kinda irritated with him when he did it.....gave me great delight to tell him that it was not candy....HA!! You all know where our priorities are....

I got these goodies at the quilt store near my sister's home...can't remember the name. I also purchased a piece of fabric but that is a surprise for someone.

Then I raided my sister's store...she gives a family discount and it is not the five finger kind either but she is very generous. This is Moda's me when I tell you that these fabrics are awesome, they are more bright than what you see here or in her shop. I will have to say she has some really good prices and it would be worth your time to go and check out her shop Inchworm fabrics

I also got these from her shop.....and well....I took all of the butterflies and most of the flowers....once again, alot prettier when you see them in person.....I am tooo tired to go and retake these pictures (yes, that is a whine)

A panel my niece Toni wanted....and I believe these panels are six dollars in Inchworm Fabric's shop

Then I had her order me some go dies.......I am dancing as we speak. These are the smaller tumbler and drunkard's path. I want so badly to dip into these dies but I have been gone a week. There are alot of have tos.....I have alot of wanna's and gonna's but those are gonna have to wait until I get the have tos done. One of which is picking my mother up in Delaware......

One of the wanna's is coming by and visiting your blogs, I did try to keep up while I was away as much as I could.....

Thursday, July 21, 2011


While most of you are melting, I am freezing. I forgot my jacket (yes, some of you told me to bring one) so we had to go buy one and some enclosed shoes.....poor me. HA!! We all know that I am an island girl and would rather be hot than cold.

Well...I finished this stitchery...(remember I am traveling so it is wrinkled)

I am working on this....

I found the most amazing site, if you want to improve your embroidery skills go here to Helens, I found her through BubzRugz Thanks so much Fiona for this awesome link. I hope some of you go to Hugs from Helen, She is teaching how to do stems right now....can't wait to get home and get going on it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My husband and I have seen and will see more family in one month than we have seen in years, family in and out of our home. This is a fun time for us but in the same breath I long for the simple days in Amerika Samoa. My son had Hawaiian music playing in the car yesterday, talk about making one lonely for the islands.....

Oh well...back to the wonderful things. I am going to Seattle, Washington (will see my oldest sister....haven't seen her in around 10 year...she is the owner of inchworm fabrics), my son will be home while we are way so I don't mind telling you this...

so............ I did some prep work for these following stitcheries for the trip

First let me give you the link to these awesome freebies, it is at Homeberries

As you can see, I can't find my green papermate flair pen...using a mechanical pencil. There must be a black hole in my room where things hide.

These are just a few of the patterns....I love them all. As you can see, I couldn't wait to set my hands to love love them!!

Next, today I am going to be cutting on these beauties. You ask what am I making?


You will just have to come back and see. I will cut them out today and hopefully, put these together to make your eyes dance with delight on the finished product!

I figure that since I am working on getting my quilt tops finished.....I deserve a new heard me....DESERVE!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011




Friday, July 15, 2011


Those who know me know that I am not one for buying wrapping paper, bags, or cards if I can't get them on sale. So.....I am also known for reusing.

I needed something to put a baby gift in (once again the cheapness in me wins out)....I found this old brown bag.....

Got my slice fabrique out with the card for babies...(looks like I need to add to my card stock different colors, but I just made do with what I had).

and well.....instead of glueing the die cuts on the bag, I just glued them on the ribbon. I thought this added a sepcial touch and took away from the old brown bag look.

For the back, I just did simple with a little message on the heart.....go me cheap...I have been called worse.

Not much in the creative front, been visiting old friends and having company.....but I did manage to get this little tote done up for another new young woman.

if you want more information about the slice or slice fabrique go here No...this is not a paid advertisment.....just a new toy and I like to share the fun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I was gonna sandwich this quilt today....
and this the backing ready....and was even gonna free motion it....

But......... got it....the "was gonna" flew right out the window when I was chatting via email with Lois from Lois Creates,

I don't know what exactly she said but my mind started say for what?

We both were suckered in by Mrs. Kelly from I Have a Notion,

You heard me Kelly, your ears burning!!! Suckered in...yep.....not a nice word is it???? this case Kelly has made me think outside the box, out of the norm....she wanted us to join the Power Suit challenge (blogger will not let me link to it.....frustration!!!)

So....I am starting with a blank canvas.....some scraps and fat quarters, my challenge fabrics...

trusty drink, those that know me, know I do not drink, I have to make myself I keep fluids in this container all day and when I pass by it, I take a sip.

Got my slice cards out.....

Mind is going 90 miles a LET's CREATE!!!!!

hope you have a great day creating and well...sometimes the gonna's have to go by the wayside...might get to the later.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Colleen from Lucky Duck Dreams emailed me about my snoods and she gave me this pdf for some bandanas, you can find it here. They look small but they are folded up. I started out with a 30 inch square. You can check the link for the instructions and sizes. I chose the biggest size just to make sure my little friend had enough head coverage. I was able to talk to her mom this morning for quite a long time. Seems that her daughters cancer is in her hip as well.....not the kind of news I wanted to hear. The owls are for her kids. I spent a good portion of my morning on the phone....I am really not a phone person. I had a good friend from Samoa call and we chatted...I guess I was on the phone a good 3 hours today.

Caroll from Attic Window Quilt Shop sent me this scissor fob or scissor keeper, she has a wonderful tutorial on her blog for this and you can find it here.
I was so thrilled when she said she was going to send me is just simply gorgeous....I love it Caroll, thanks so much!

When I was at my mother's I saw this fabric, I told my mother that that would go wonderful with my newest design. She said to take some but I didn't want to take her fabric and in the mail my sister sent this. My mother and sister have a joint fabric stash....Thanks Beverly and Faye (mother)....they do the Quilters Corner blog.

I am looking at my post and it seems lifeless, I guess the news of my friend's daughters cancer has my husband and I a little on the "I can't believe this is happening" side of life. I do hope to go and visit my friend this week, maybe while her daughter is in chemo.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saving money means more money for fabric!!

I have these dish towels that I sooooooooooooooooo hate....hate the way they feel, hate the way they collect strings (imagine that....finding strings in my house)....I just hate them. So....for months....I have been folding them over and putting them under this....
I usually sweep my hardwood floors first and then go over them with this swifter.....never ceases to surprise me on the dust I can get on one of these even after sweeping.

So....I always kept telling myself, one day I am going to cut them up and then serge them together. I saw this done on a blog...I am thinking "Happy Cottage Quilter"...not sure so forgive if I am wrong and if it was your blog, I would be happy to mention it.

That was my I finally did it, double the towel over, cut in I have four halves....keep two together and serge.... Easy......

Now...the one question is.

"Why did I wait so long to do this?" took a matter of a few minutes. Savcs money too.... More money for material....HA!!!

I got a surprise mail box the other day....OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOODNESSS!!!!!
Go ahead and double click,,,,,I know you want to....

Have you ever seen such Samoan delights? I carried these fabrics from the kitchen, to the sewing room, to the living room...just so I could see them. Yes, I know, I have a sickness....

Thanks Krista!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


First you pick out two coordinating fabrics. I have a yellow knit for the band.

You can go here for a one sided snood and pattern. She also has a place where you can go and buy the pattern. I did buy the pattern but ended up making my own.
You probably can not read what I have on my here goes

The body is 13" by 11.5", you place on the fold lengthwise and the ends are rounded on one end of the fold to the opposite end width wise .... just slightly rounded....go to here for her picture.

Here is mine, notice how the end is slightly rounded (only on one end). Her measurements may vary but this is mine.

The band for mine that I did today was 11" by 5" rectangle. The original directions called for 5 inches by 25.5 inches (total, so you would divide that number in half) so for will place the end on the fold to get 22".... if you are not using knit for the band, you may want to use the longer version, her version. The knit seems to stretch and if it is longer it tends to be too long.

The tie is 17" by 5" and place the end on the fold.

Here we get your ties, fold them in half lengthwise and sew all the way down them. When you get to the end, you will take and fold over the end like you see here....
You will make a finger press and get a marking diagonal like you see here
You will sew down that finger press marking.... you will trim and you will get this for the end of the tie.
Next.....many moons ago in Texas I purchased this little rod for turning handles for bags etc.
I put the rod on the floor, put the fabric over the rod and just shimmy the tie down the rod to the right side...
Here you have it....then I press the ties...

Next I take the knit fabric (I ironed it in half lengthwise).....I put a tie on each end....and I take note on how I have placed the ties so the bottoms are facing the same way.....(the little triangle at the bottom). The knit fabric is inside out....with the ties inside the knit...I sew a seam on each end. I like having two different colored ties.

Next....I take the body of the snood....with it still folded but right sides together....where the ends are rounded.... see above picture...and I make a gather between the dots....hopefully, you can see the dots... After it is gathered, I take a regular stitch 1/2 inches from the top to make the gathers permanent...and I serge the ends. Do this to both fabrics.

Next...I take the head band with the ties - right sides out and ties hanging out.....I find the middle of the band. I take the opposite end of the body I just gathered and I find the middle and match it to the band's middle. Right sides of the band to the right side of the body.

I pin all the way down it. Now I can't believe I don't have a picture of this but....I have about 1/2 inch of the body hanging over the side of the band on each side. I sew this body on. Remember to back stitch.

Then I do the same thing to the other fabric....matching the middles and leaving a little fabric at the end hanging over to match the other side of the fabric that is already sewn on.

I thought you would be able to see the fabric hanging off the side but you can't....

Next you are going to pin the two coordinating fabrics together as you see here. Remember you left some fabric over hanging on both ends of the band so you can just sew right next to the band all he way around to the other side.... I match the middles....The ties and band are encased in the body at this time.

Remember to leave an opening so you can turn the body right side out.

Here you have it turned right side out.

Here is what the end should look like, I do like this much better than having the band longer than the body of the snood.

Next we are going to top stitch all the way around the band and body. Starting at one end..going to the other end....turn the corner...

Go all the way around the body til you get to the beginning will end up sealing the hole in this process.

This is what it looks like.... I so much like this better than my first one.

If you have any questions, let me know, I will come back and try to clarify.