Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eight Drunkard's Paths

Here are seven drunkard's paths that I have made for Project Linus or the contest my sister is in over at Lady Bug Studios....we are down to the wire.

I know I said eight...well....I took the picture, counted quilts and there were only seven....I searched high and low...finally said to myself, there you go you nut!! You thought you made eight and you only have seven.....and then.....

over in a chair....there it was this little quilt....sheweee I really did think I was goin nutzzzz

Monday, August 30, 2010

DRUNKARD'S PATH......the easy way

Here is a drunkard's path flemsy. Alot of people find the curve pieces of this quilt to be daunting. I find it to be easy and just thought I would share what I have learned. If you have a different way, great! Maybe you can share with us too.

I put the "L" shaped piece on top of the quarter pie and pin in the middle where the die has it marked with a small triangle (that is one thing wonderful about this Go cutter die).

Match the two ends...(notice the unmanacured finger nails)....hummm

Then I just sew a few stitches....stop...then I pull the fabrics to the left, ....this little pull just makes the two fabrics snap into place and line up. I just keep it to the left but guide it though the machine.

I stop at the pin...

do another little pull to the left...presto....a curve piece done. I forgot to take a picture of the finished curve but it turns out wonderfully every time and is just a SNAP!

You should see my toenails....hummmmm better yet....if you had a full view of me today, you would say "Girl....get yourself to the beauty shop!"

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I know....you all are saying

"So you have scraps"

WE ALL HAVE SCRAPS!!! What quilter doesn't have scraps!!


WE ARE SICK OF HEARIN (the missing G was on purpose) ABOUT IT!!

Okay...Okay!!! I get it...okay!!

and here is what I am doing about it....


I cut some rag squares with the Go cutter and the rag die....sandwiched them...and waaaaaalaaaa....a complete canvas for practicing free motion quilting.

At first, I was just doing random stitching and then thought, I have to have a plan...learn something if I am trying to free motion. Free motion is not just random sewing.

So my plan was to learn to sew over a previous line without making it look so stitchy in the middle......and that is where this design was born. I am sure I didn't create it but this is what was born in my free motion process.

What a great way to use scraps, learn a technique and then.....create a quilt for Project Linus.

This is for the contest over at Lady Bug Studios, it will be ending soon....none tooo soon for me (said with a tired smile).

I say this with all sincerity, I will be so happy if my sister wins, but I will also be sad....and you say why? I see how hard Greg is working, I have had some great conversations with Brooke over emails, I want him to win too. I will be happy for Greg is he wins and I will be sad for my sister is she loses...so.... we will just say that the real winners are the ones that will be recieving all the pillowcases and quilts. So best of luck Greg, you have some wonderful friends that have been cheering you on, what a blessing.

My sister also has had some wonderful friends but what has been the most fun was seeing our family of quilters come together and help my sister out....that is the sweetest thing I can think of. We all have lived so far away from each other. I created that Quilter's Corner blog so we could all post what we do and stay in touch that way....but this contest has been amazing for the sheer fact that when the going gets tough....you will always always have family watching your back.

Thanks to my mother and sisters, and nieces who have helped...to my wonderful friends that have rallied around my sister (to those amazing ones that are annonymous, doing something and not caring if they get the credit...what a selfless act...a big hug for you). Don't you all just feel the LOVE!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


So I am sitting at my machine, on the phone and what to my wondering eye appears.....

A red box........

Must find out what is in that red box.

I think I am going to find some rich treasure.....


Scraps and more scraps....ahhhhhhh how can that be....my poor scrap breeders have taken over my pretty red box.

So I say "Go forth and Multiply!".... you pesty scrap breeders because

one day when no one is around....

when all is right with the world.....

when it is quiet outside....

and I am lonely and bored

I am going to pull out that Go cutter ...oh yessssss....my little pretties.....

Now as for yesterday. I had a ton of hexies cut out....spent time over the last few weeks cutting hexies out of cereal boxes, granola boxes....yes...I am too cheap to go and purchase the templates.....gotta a gripe with it?

I get call from the director of the W-Cap group and they want to come over and learn a skill that doesn't require a machine.

Okay....so I teach them the same flowers I taught the church group...then I pull out the hexies (never have I done them before).....but we have a site online. Cindy is trying to help me figure out how to do the center. We got the girls going on the cutting of the hexies with the cardboard. I gave them all that I had and the cut out hexies of material...showed them to do the ring first and next week we will show them the center. Cindy is so nice to chat with me online. Her and Betsy do that Wednesday Flower....

So now....

I have a date with my Go cutter...and I have a ton of scraps and some to share....so no gripes here...infact....it is just fabulous....the weather here is gorgeous.....

all is right with the world,

it is quiet outside

but I am not bored yet.....but soon..very soon....I will stop those pesty scrap breeders in their straight of grain.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Oh...I thought that would get your attention....I have been published in the blogging world, not sewing world.

Here is the front of the cover....now mind you, I had to do this three or four times, the first time was the best but my computer kept freezing on me.

This is my family blog, which I have just now shut down.

Table of content...

Some pictures

More pictures

Now I have a book about my experience in Amerika Samoa. I am just thrilled how it turned out...I noticed that once I got heavy into my quilting blog, I stopped blogging in the family one......

My quilting blog is next!

Here is the link if you want to make your own book.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am laughing, you can see where I am going with this.....

I used to play this game all the time in Texas while riding one of those bikes that you can actaully sit down in....my boys hated that I pigged the computer.

So when it came time to decide on a name for my blog...

I thought...and thought...nothing would ring in my ears (but this game)...

Then one day as I was looking at this screen....

all the bright colors....the vibrancy of it all...

Yep...so I chose Bejeweled quilts.... I think it fits me... I love color, pazazz... a little spark here and there.

My one son asked me, "Mom, why do you like this game so much?"....my answer was

and if any of you have ever played this game....it gives out KUDOS!!!

Every once in a while it will say EXCELLENT.... GOOD.... gotta get KUDOS from somewhere

So, when I would have a long day at work...sit down at the computer and I would hear


My son would just roll his eyes and I would keep playing. I lost the game when my computer crashed...just now found it for $6.95...whohoooooo...so if you think I am sitting around sewing up a storm .... WRONNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG .... guess again....because I am

I didn't know this but a few months ago I found out that there is a fabric line called Bejeweled...

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been going through alot of fabric lately but don't feel sorry for me (not that you should) but.....went shopping again. Remember my husband said I could...I remind him of that when he teases me.

These fabrics are not as vibrant and beautiful in these pictures as they are when you view them first hand.... I got six yards of this.

Loved this one so much, I got six yards as well...

I got all that was left on the bolt of this....ummmmm ummmm good...this one deserves a good burp after seeing it.

I just liked the simplicity of this one.

A little Christmas fabric on the end....and some more goodness on the other.

Yep...good shopping day indeed....my husband just shakes his head, you would think with all that shaking that his brain would roll out his ears....HA!!!

All of your answers were so wonderful.....really brought alot of gratitude to my heart.

I tried to copy and paste her answer but for some reason I couldn't....pooey. But Ashley from "A piece of me"
is getting this stocking..... So Ashley, I am running out the door but can you email me over your address??
Have a wonderful day, mine is just beginning....whohoooooo more shopping? Out for breakfast? Hiking? Sewing (hopefully)....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What does the word real mean to you? For me, it is keeping thing in prespective.

I have not posted in a while because I am trying to figure out what is real? The love I have for my husband and sons is real. The friends I have here on this island and around the world is real. Waking up to a new day...keeps it very real for me.

Keeping it in prospective.

So I am trying to help my sister win a go....is that really real? Go cutters will come and go....but my sister won't...she will always be there. Some feel since she owns a fabric store that she can afford a Go cutter....not so my friends, this store is new and with all new things comes growth to make a profit.

Does one person deserve it over another.....I dont' think so. I think you all deserve a Go cutter. All of you may think that this has to do with the fact that my sister is trailing.....not so.(it is not over yet...wink..wink)...I am talking about what is going on behind the scences....keeping it real. The kids that will get these quilts....that is real. The struggles they are going through, that is real. Feelings, taking others feeling into account, that is real.

So can any of you tell me what is real? I have two amazing friends (you know who you are) and a husband that keeps (tries to keep me grounded)...ha!! it is hard...and thanks a bunch...because of you....I am looking inward and not outward.

I have a post below with a Christmas project, I am making them, alot of them. I will give one away (may be different fabric)...oh yes....so you are going to try to win something that you can't even see......MYSTERY...... don't you love a good thriller? Not knowing what is in the box??? Is it real? Because it is not sewn together yet, does that make it real?

So just leave a comment and I will chose in a few days...ahhhh lets say Saturday....I will come back and post the winner....if I get more than I want done, I may chose two....so ladies and gents....what is real to you?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have joined the Christmas Quilt along.....just click on Christmas Quilt and it will take you to the link for the information if you want to join.

Now She suggest that the 2nd Saturday of each month....now...me not getting out much was trying to figure out if yesterday was the second Saturday... I know, I could have gotten out a calendar....too easy.

So I just decided to go ahead and do my quilt along yesterday. Well..yesterday night. Wanted to do something fun.

So how do you like it so far?
I am adding a little black.
You are saying "Barb....that doesn't look like Christmas to me".....and I say..... "Oh...my little padawan.....be patient....wait...!!"
Come join the fun, the button is on my side bar as well.... and she just suggested Saturday, she says one day a month...well...mine was one evening and then I got side tracked....how does that happen? Getting side tracked?


I won a giveaway over at Creativity Amongst Chaos Let me tell you first off that this picture does not do it justice..... This pillow totally "ROCKS".....I wish you could see the details.....the wonderful craftmanship.....I am in love....

What I like most about it, it is girly, I love girly....... My husband was so amazed that someone would give this lovely away. Thanks sooooo much Cori!!!
So...my husband comes in my sewing room, looks around.... says "you cleaned up some"....hummmm oh yea!.....then he looks at my stash and he says "We have to get you by a fabric shop, your stash is going down"..... I am busy but look up and say," for now on, I am only buying what I need"....

He leaves the room laughing. Laughing....what is up with that? What does he think? I have no self control?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are you all Hot out there????

Thought you would enjoy this...my sister Bev...sent it to me via email and I thought it was soooo funny.
I never thought I would say this but I am actually getting my stash down by helping my sister with this Go cutter giveaway over at Ebonys. I am glad I am doing this...it has helped declutter alot of my stash...but there is always negative aspects to everything and I won't dwell on that...we will leave this post on a happy note.

...but...my only disadvantage is postage....... so now I have to be prudent. I tell my husband of the postage cost and he is so sweet....as long as I am happy (no I am not sharing him).

I didn't have much junivile fabrics or ....batting... My closet is now looking clean, I should show a picture because you all have seen it a mess with batting all over...not any more....and well...I am at the end. I am really excited about it all since I am moving this has helped alot...and I do mean alot.

So....few more quilts and I am going to have to call it quits unless I figure out another means to getting my quilts over there...maybe carry them in a suitcase when I leave??? We will see...least way....I am sooooooooooooooooo happy.....doing the cleaning and stash busting dance....and soon..the Go dance.


that scrap breeding is still going on....man!!! How does one control it?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I guess I am calling this a candle mat....or put under your lamp? Love that quick points ruler....just love it. Just another way to use my turtle pattern. Oh yes...I can be shameless just like the next guy...see me blushing?

Kona Bay is having an awesome sale go to Inchworms blog
it will explain how you can get fabrics for inexpensive.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Who knows where we will end up....we went from Samoa to Texas....to California and now we are told that listing has been filled a while ago.

I know where these packages will end up. That one big box is to Conker Quilts.....and the rest, let's just say that just because I am helping my sister Jeanette win a Go cutter doesn't mean I am not busy in other areas of charity as well.

That being said.....I kept forgetting to tell people that I didn't have a winner for that block I posted a while back....all of you guess differently and technically, all of you were right...but you see my big postal bill.....sorry....you all can stone me if you want?

Two rays of sunshine!!

Betsy from Fiesta sent me these....I pull them out, stroke them, put the away....pull them out again...glad she put stablizer on the back.

Then Rumi from Luck Frog sent me these wipers....I don't want to use them. Actually, (I know this is weird) but they smell good...so I go around with them smelling them.....holding them in my palm....oh yes....I need to see a Dr...... I am just not right. Messy Karen is the source of the pattern for these wipers...aren't they just wonderful?

Look inside...how cute is this?

How can anyone get along in this world without friends? Blogging friends are the best...thanks so much!!!


It is a mystery right now, we are thinking California ...we will see.

Yep, gave up the Huston idea.

Too much happening around here...no wonder I am gray headed.....my plate is full...will someone come and take something off of it?????

Life is certainly an adventure....and I am still young enough to enjoy the ride.....so let the fun begin!!!

Yes, we were looking forward to being near family (alot of family), that is a disappointment. We did have our hopes up for Huston but you know, ya just gotta roll with the punches.....

So any guesses where we will end up?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I just had to share this with you....

The other day I got in the shower and this huge wad of thread was on my foot, now wet. I just picked it up and tried to throw it in the trash (up and over the toilet...least that is what I tried to do). It stuck to the wall next to the toilet. I laughed and was going to take it off the wall as soon as I got out of the shower. I guess you know I forgot.

Next day....my husband asked me "What in the world is that blob on the wall"....I started laughing...and he said.... "I said to myself....No she didn't"! Thinking I slung a loogie on the wall. I thought that was sooo funny.

Now do I look like a person who would hock a loogie on the wall???? (don't answer that)

Oh...guess you would have to been there.

Don't forget to go visit those blogs below.


Sew fun quilts Go Cutter giveaway is going on now...so run on over there.

Here are a list of blogs that will be giving one away either this week or the next ...well in the near future....I will be posting them on my sidebar for you. I love the Go cutter so much that I want everyone to win one....it is only fair right??? In the mean time go over to Accuquilt's site and check out all the dies...dream a little...and when one of these giveaway's ask you which dies you want, you will be ready.

Check these ladies out now, become a follower and get ready for the fun to begin....and good luck!

Sweet P Quilting

Quilt Hollow

Sew Many Ways

Sew Cindy

I forgot to tell you how awesome these ladies are, I have been following them for quite some time and they never cease to amaze me in talent and generosity....so go on over and become a blogging friend for life....you will never be bored!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


THIS IS TODAY'S WORK..... My little friend went home and made this big bag....Samoans love big....they told me so...they say Samoans love big, Polagi's love small bags. Just like they like big flowers in their hair....I am just saying what they tell me...

Wasn't she a productive one????

Great class, great friends.....
OH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>....if you are not on facebook, we just found out that we do not get to go to Huston....we are really bummed. So...we can wait it out here or chose another place?? They said a spot may come open in October but that means we have to leave later. We were told we would get what we wanted, but it looks like not. So.....stay tunned for more of the saga of Where Vance and Barb are going to go???

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Four drunkard's path quilts...

Ironed 20 pillowcases

Still more to go....(who likes to iron )? Was trying to make the plane with a package of pillowcase but don't think I am going to make the Friday plane this week...oh well...what is another week?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My little friend is being goofy.....she wanted me to come back and take another picture but I loved this one. She made seven drawstring backpacks yesterday and she has 8 sold.....she is going to town with this.

I was bad, didn't take picture of our sew day today. They made drawstring purses and the little sew caddies (I try to have a small project that they can finish in minutes but I am running out of ideas).

So...I asked my friend that is over the Human Resources Dept just what the name of this organization is and what it is suppose to do and this is her response.

It is called the S.O.S program (Skills, Opportunity, and Success) funded by ARRA through the Dept of Commerce and administered by the Human Resources Dept. It is suppose to help displaced workers and find a way to stimulate the economy. The participants receive a stipend for attending and receive training for certain skills.

One of the skills is computers and 6 point presentations. I think there are 25 that are going to learn to sew.

The day I went the whole room was full of people learning the 6 point presentation.

Just thought I would throw that info out there for you.


Found this in "American Patchwork & Quilting", it is a sewing caddy.

Here is my version.....my retreat giftie....

Made this quilt top from literally scraps.....the sea print was from the pillowcases I made, and the purples are from the scraps I cut up on Camp day one. The border is material I purchased today.

Finished this top...boy, I wish I had one more row. The red print was left over material from the pillowcases, the red alphabet was fabric my sister sent, just enough fror 12 squares. Oh well...

I already had these 11 pillowcases cut up, I just had to sew them....

Went fabric shopping today....hit up one store....look at this fabric...oh my and this is quality fabric.

Can you believe that I got 18 yards of fabric for 23 dollars, now that was a steal.....and it would have been if I had kept it to myself...she undercharged me, I would have gotten 10 yards of fabric free.....do I regret going back? No.....there was not even a decision to make on this one.

You see these beads, they were a dollar... I dropped them on the floor (am I bad, can you believe they let me out by myself)?.... beads went everywhere. The gal said not to worry....to get another bag...but it was my fault...so I paid for them. Carma was against me today but the weather was great.

Got these appliques for 25 cents a piece.

Zippers, 50 cents.....

I brought these hair bands....I have seen how people use them on their bags and totes for a closure. I thought that was a fun idea so I purchased some....

It was fun, glad you come come........