Friday, July 30, 2010


Oh you guessed scraps are in revolt. They heard me complaining about their breeding habits.....

Get back you scrappy beast...get back!!!

I need to teach them a out I pull my go cutter....oh yes....we have a camp day with Mr. Go....
While I was in my cutting frenzie, Krista came over....I stopped my scrap busting and let her cut out the drunkard's path for two quilts..... While she was sewing (showed her how easy the curves were) I took her scraps and busted them all scrap breeding at her house.

Then at the end of my cutting....this is the results....Ahhhhhhhhh feels sooooooooooooooooo good.

The scraps are not overflowing the top of this basket any more. If you want to see what it did look like, just look on the post below. Until another day you scrappy beast....and let this be a lesson to scrap breeding tonight. If you are over flowing in the morning...there is going to be a cutting......mark my word..... Be very afraid.

What is up with the Scraps?

I think my scraps have it in for me. No, really....... as you can see, I have been cutting hexagons like mad....I have made other scrap quilts, sent out scrap tumblers....scrap this! scrap that!.....but at night....

when it is quiet in the house

and no one is around.....

The lights are out! The lady of the house has finally gone to bed.

I think they scrap breed.

Yes, that is right, scrap breed......this is what will be in my garbage at night....

I think they crawl out and this is what I see in the morning...

All I am saying is......I cut out of my scraps, give scraps and what do I get but a load of scraps. What is up with all the scrap breeding???

Thursday, July 29, 2010


When you see a smile like this......see the since of accomplishment in a just doesn't get any better than this.

This is one of my new friends with the non profit. After she learned to do the tote on Tuesday, she went home and made four. If you look real close, she changed the pattern up that is being creative savy. Change it up and make it your own. I wish you could see it better.
This painting on top of the fabric is called elei, this gal went home and did this technique and then sewed up this beautiful bag. I truly wish you could see it. I loved it so much, she asked if I wanted it......I declined....she needs to sell her wares not give them away.
Notice the flower?

Here they are with the cosetic bags and their drawstring back packs. What a fun group of women. Sometimes there is a language barrier but we work through it. I think sewing is an international language....just point and draw.

They have a class with the Human Resources with about 25 people when they leave me on Tuesday and Thrusday. They went in Tuesday sporting all the things they made, well....everyone wanted to learn how so today they are taking their sewing machines and showing them. How fun is that? They are so eager to learn and to teach.


Obviously not because here is some more fabric I just received from Connecting Threads. Some is for backing quilts.


This is what I am working on, I didn't put any batting in it. I like how my friend Jean has done her runners and wall hangings, with no batting. So now I am quiting it.

This is called the Oak Leaf Basket by Thimbleberries. I used the fabrics from Inchworm Fabric's Store.

Go bon's blogy And sew , she did Thimbleberries Sew day today as well.

Here is the drawstring backpack bag that one of the gals wanted to learn to sew. So this is our tomorrow's project. This bad is in the "Quick Quilts" magazine, summer 2010 issue. I did change it up some and time I will put a pocket on it.

Then a wonderful friend sent me a drawstring purse, so I had to try it and of course, changed it up a bit too. This is actually too big for me but thought it would be good for a spa bag or gift bag.
Hope the ladies like them.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Aren't these ladies just beautiful? They are the 3 gals that I am teaching to sew different things( they are going to teach the group of 25 when they get machines)instead of me, I will be getting ready to move. What is really great, they already know how to we moved rather quickly.

We only had one machine (the one I had sent to Texas)....I know, I could have pulled out Mr. Pfaff but the whole reason I brought Mr. Daddy Pfaff was to not have to use Mr. Pfaff. I actually thought they were bringing machines. So here they are with their totes they made.

Well...I got a phone call asking for directions this morning and at that time, I kinda figured out that there would only be my machine. So I thought while one was sewing, the others could be making these flowers.... cute huh?

One gal asked if I knew how to make those drawstring backpacks (she wants to do one on Thursday). I said no just so happened that in one of those magazines my friend sent there was a pattern. When I showed her the pattern, she once again asked if I made one before. I said no but by Thursday I will know. So that is the plan for Thursday.
Now, tomorrow is Wednesday, Thimbleberries Sew Day. I will be finishing my wall hanging....are any of you joining me? If so, leave a comment so I can come by an visit. Crazy about quilts is not joining us due to her trying to get her new home ready to move into.
I am posting this to get that ugly critteer off the top of my blog.


To pick up my feet when I walk and to not scuffle, I am glad that I scuffled.....this is what hit my big toe and went sliding across the dinning room floor...... AHHHHHH!!!
Talk about doing the weebe jeebe dance....My skin is still crawling..... Where is my husband? Where are my sons? Who is going to get this thing off my floor?????

AHHHHHH.......After I gained some composure......I picked this thing up with my dust pan...and did the dance all the way to the garbage (it was alive but not still wanted to hurt me....when I went to scoot it onto the dust pan it's tail came up ....AHHHHHH).

Busy day today, having 3 women come over to learn to sew for this non profit. Since my departure is drawing near and no machines yet......and...well....come time will be limited. I suggested I teach one lady to do what I was going to do. She is sending over 3.... so two days a week, for two hours....until???? Least ways, there is not nasty centipede on the floor....AHHHHHHH

Monday, July 26, 2010 there are many names for one block

but this block in my book is called something different

not the Whirling Hexagon, we know that is one name. Go below, look at the picture and give me another name.....we can see how many names we can get for this one block.

The link was courtesy of Jen from Patchwork Possibilities and Sew much more


Is the title of this article in "Quilt" magazine dated Spring of 1990. I just loved the title, had to share. Oh yes, this magazine was $3.90 at that time.

Then, can you guess the name of this block? If you can, there will be a fat quarter in store for you. I know, it is not much but my postal bill is going to be outrageous.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


they just do it for the love of quilting and the compasion in their hearts.

But over at Love Bug Studios, Ebony is giving away a Go cutter. One of the requirements for points is doing pillow cases or quilts for charity. This gal doesn't need a cutter, we all know that but I have a sister that does......she needs one bad...bad...bad. I could go into reasons why she needs one but I won't.

So......since I got up at 2 this morning...yes two.....pooey, where is Mr. Sandman, won't he pay me a visit?

I cut out 14 pillow cases for my sister's cause, here they are....

here are the scraps. Why am I showing you the pillow cases and scraps before I sew is real simple. We all know that when the tsunami came so many of my awesome quilting buddies sent me tons of pillowcases and supplies ..... I just want everyone to know that I do not have any of those pillowcases and that my intergrity is in tact...and here it is to prove it.

more before pictures....

So my husband comes in my room at six this morning, he looks at me, looks at the floor...yes, those are pillowcases (will wash them)....and say..."Are you on Crack?"..... I just laughed...didn't know what he ment until I saw the floor and what it looked like to him to see his wife up sewing like a mad woman and a pile on the floor.

Here are the finished ones...... the Samoan fabrics.... 14 pillowcases, and more to come....I want to fill that box, don't want to waste the postal bills have been I want to get the biggest bang for the buck.

If you want to look at the Go cutters and the dies, go to

Friday, July 23, 2010


Husband brought me home some beautiful batiks....2 yards each, some white thread (I go though it like no one's business) and well...yes....he can't come home without these chocolate covered nuts. Noticed that they are not did not use self control, this stuff is like crack cocaine....he brought me two bags and well...I am busy with the first bag. No biggest loser this week....I am probably going to be a winner (no not proud of it but it is what it is and a pig is a pig no matter how you disguise it).
So, while my husband was away and me not being able to sleep, I finished this book, given to me by Darlene, Sew Cal Gal. I loved this book, and I have been to some of the places she awesome to read a book and know the places.

So....since I couldn't sleep last night and the above book got the juices flowing for a Hawaiian quilts....I got this pattern out, given to me last year by Sew Cal Gal..... Got it out....cut out the pattern (it is on fusible)....placed and pinned all the squares (there are four of these)

You sew the fusible to the right side of the material with the fusible side facing the right sew 15 stitches to an inch (this takes some time and by the time I got done stitching this, this gal was sleepy...yepeee)....gone to bed.

Then when you are done stitching, you slit a whole in the back and turn the leaves, trying not to stretch the fusible.......ooopsssss....I remember reading that but ooooopsssss. Asking me to try not to stretch the fusible is like asking me to not eat to many chocolate macadamia can do ohhhhhhh. OINK!!! OINK!!!

I used P & B textiles fabric for the leaves. I like it when bloggers state their fabrics, it is a great way to learn.

Then I will stitch these for the center of the leaves. Won't this be pretty.

When all is completed, you will iron it on the fabric and then stitch around them as desired.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I won a giveaway over at Fabric n Quilts, don't you just love this oriental fabric? I do...and they have much much more. I was actually going to buy more than what I won but my internet was giving me fits so I just put in what I wanted with the win and quit. If you have a spare moment, you really need to go and look at all the wonderful fabrics and the deal of the day.

I was so surpised when I received this package from Kattie from Kwilting with Katie
she sent me two wonderful patterns designed by her and this little man, along with fabrics to make the back pack. If you have not been to her blog, do go over and check it out, she does amazing work.
Before I go on, Inchworm Fabrics is having a giveaway and I posted the wrong link to her just click on inchworm and it will take you to her jelly roll and turnover giveaway.
I think it ends tomorrow.
Now...I have not been sleeping since my husband left, it has left me dragging tail for days....very little sewing going on....but last night, once again I couldn't sleep so instead of tossing and turning...I decided to get up and sew.
I needed two boy baby quilts. Yes, you will see four...someone needs to go back to elementary school...someone does not know how to add......

here is a closer look....

the next set.

Then two table runners.....trying to think of a design for the center.

another one.....

maybe put a circle in the middle? Still thinking.....still dragging because around 3 a.m. I decided to take some tylenol pm and wow....out like a light..... I don't do well with drugs, they affect me terribly I am dragging trying to shake off this sleepiness....gotta clean house, the man is coming home tonight....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


That is right, I am just beside myself with giddiness...... see for yourself...

You all have seen the center section of this quilt, it is made from scraps, I had actually cut some out a long long long time ago, and I had some 1/2 triangle squares from another project and....yep...there is More.... I had cut out a bunch with the Go cutter when I first got it, infact I was being run over by 2 1/2 inch square.

So.....I ordered the flower applique dies with this very intention.

Didn't know exactly how until I saw Splitting Stitches blog today....then it came to me. I spent my morning with my Go cutter.

It took me 4 hours to iron the fusible, cut, and iron on the quilt...oh...and to attach the border and play on the computer. Do you think I could have done 32 flowers, 32 circles, 32 stems in that short of time without the cutter? NO>>>NO>>>NO>>>> IT IS AWESOME!!!! No is wonderful....

All I need to do now is applique them down. YEPEEEE!!!!!

View from the chair was my airplane....great view wouldn't you say?

I had cut out some leaves to add on it but decided not to, too this is what I did with the leaves and......I had a few extra scraps with the fusible on them....and I made a pink one. Now.....I really like the six you like the six or the five? I am going to use both in the same quilt, no matter to me...waste not want not...right????

For the final border of the quilt above, I have sewn together more 2 1/2 inch squares and hopefully, have enough to do a double row....if know what I will be using.....


Before I get to the quilty stuff, I just wanted to say that last night I walked by the mirror (yes, nothing strange about that) but the person looking back at me looked like my mother. If my mother was around, I would have had a nice conversation with her.

Instead the conversation was with myself.....and it was look like your mother......almost scared myself. As I got to thinking about it, my mother is 73 (sorry mom.....for telling your don't look it you really don't....I have to say that because when I turn 73 I don't want to look me being her....nope, not a bit over 60)..... Anyways, I saw my mother on Mother's Day (I truly hate that day but that will be for another post)....but she looked wonderful. On my drive back to Texas I couldn't help but think how awesome she looked and if I look like her now, man, I am going to be one hot granny.....(are you laughing).

So....Sherry from Manicurist by day, quilter by night, emailed me with a zipper bag....she knew I had all these zippers (oh yes, who is laughing at all my zippers now)???? You can click on the zipper bag and it will take you to the tutorial.

So this is the light side......

This is the dark side, we all know we have a dark side....fess up....

Now this would be a fun bag for someone who likes to zip.....and unzip...I think it would drive a teacher crazy. I did change it up some to where I top stitched the zippers after sewing them together so it was not so poofy. But....sad to say, I did not enjoy doing might.....we all like different things. No one is going to come and take my sewing toys away are they for saying that????

Now I forgot to take a picture of the strips but I sewed 9 strips together from my island jelly roll, sandwiched it and started swirling...oh how I love to swirl, with the machine and a hoop skirt.

I made these bags........yes, used four more zippers...that is a total of 18 zippers now how many zippers do I have left....ha!!! You can click here
for the tutorial.

Then I started working on my jelly roll quilt along, what a mess I am making of these. I have to redo Judi's, block frustrated. I would just throw it all away but I love the colors sooooooooooooooooooooooo I am quiting for tonight. I am going to read my book....toot tal loo!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

HUMMMMMMM What to do? What to do?

Hummmmm, what to do, what to do tomorrow? I need to work on my jelly roll quilt along, got behind when in Texas. Want to work on my Texas quilt? Want to do some more drunkard's paths.......have to do up my patterns.....hummmmmm what to do ....what to do? husband is going to Hawaii tonight (Sunday), he has a list for me, on that list is Batiks. He asked how much.....???? I bat my eyes and say softly, well........what ever you think. He starts to laugh....(I don't get it...what is he laughing at)

He says...that whenever I bat my eyes and talk in a soft tone, that means to get alot.....

I have one question for did he figure me out? Is he reading my blog? How dare he!!

He says we women are all alike, a few bats of the eyes, sweet smile......and wham.....we have them in our grips. If he knows all of this, why does he fall for it every time? Why?

I can't be that cute...can I? Ha...HA!! I can't wait for him to come home.....

My son in Japan is sending me some fabrics from the Philipines....I am so excited.....I might need that doggie paper by the door???

The winner of the "Guess how many shells" was Mandy from "Fell 4 U Crafty Stuff"....she was the only one that guessed 78.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I am playing around with the drunkard's path and this is what I came up with...I never knew that this pattern was so is amazing. I just love it and you know when Barb loves something she keeps at it until you and I both get sick of you will be seeing more of these.
If anyone has the stop button, will you push it?

In the light of my passion for doing a pattern over and over..... and over and over....

I have some extra of these blocks, I know there are atleast 16 blocks, to make a pretty good sized quilt.(to lazy to count, maybe even more)...either way it is up for let me think...... What can I do?

OH...I know...will be right back...hang on...









My husband and I went walking along the shore around the airport on Friday and we gathered shells...

Here is a lovely one my husband found.

I found this clam shell in one piece.....not such a good picture...

Here is the back of it....gotta clean it up some.

Here are the shells....I am trying to clean them.

So....if you would like the drunkard's path blocks....guess how many shells we collected on Friday. Counting the two I showed you. The first one to guess right, I will send the blocks to. I don't know about you but I sure like these guessing games better...because either you are the first in the comment list or papers, no generator..... AHHHHHHHH I love it!!