Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have a friend that is having a birthday next month so I decided to make her a table runner. I love the colors but I am contemplating embelishing it with some hearts, flowers, something. Any ideas???? I have some big buttons, lady bug and flip flop buttons....does that help? Maybe I will go and make some more table runners??? I have enough for another runner just like this one....we will see. I am feeling much better now...don't know, must have had a bug.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Been busy!!

These are just panels that were given to me to put together (there were five of them) and then come to church and teach the Young Women how to tie quilt. Yesterday, I spent time ironing and sandwiching them and today the girls tied 3 and a half....I don't have the half or the fifth one. I will finsih these and give them back to be handed out to the expectant mothers in our ward. The girls were absoutely amazing. I had to use some of my most coveted batting. The batting that was given to me was no good any looked like a big hunk was bitten out of the middle and when I went to open the batting up, it wouldn't open...what a I had to give up some of mine. My son said it was no big deal. I told him that if I was living somewhere where they sold batting that I would not even blink an eye and just go out and buy it. Since I am living on an island that doesn't have all know, it was hard to part with it but it is okay. My husband is going off island next month and will bring me back some more....was just hard for the few minutes trying to make the decision to give it up. Sorry to be so selfish. If you knew me, I will give anything to anyone but my batting....hummmm well....I don't begrude it, it was just painful for a few minutes. I am worries.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I put together the 12 pillows for the Activities Night for the young girls. All they have to do now is stuff and sew the hole and they will be done( you can see part of the project in a previous post). This took me most of the day. Then I got the wild idea of making a friend a baby quilt, well it is for her daughter. Her son is going off to war and I wanted to do something for her to cheer her up. I think this might do it. This came from the scraps that I cut out the other day. So it came together in a snap, not because of the already cut squares but because just looking at it you can tell it is eazzzzy. Oh well....How do you like the island flavor I put into it??? I hope she likes it. I have scouts tomorrow, so my day will be planning something for them to do. Maybe I will finish this tomorrow night?
Even tho the post says Tuesday, it is still my Monday. Also, I was thinking of a red binding???

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I on the other side of the globe was finshing this:

One UFO done. It will be deleted from my projects (UFO's).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have really enjoyed the Whirl into Winter giveaway and so I decided for the month of February I will be giving away the Ugly if some of you have it in your heart to make a home for this quilt...then be on the look out for the giveaway.
I read in someone's blog about their ugly quilt for the year(can't remember the blog) and that maybe there will be no others. Well, this is my ugly quilt for last year and like the same person said, you can always turn it over. It does have a pretty backing. This quilt was made with the batik from Figi, material from Samoa (the backing) and some in ther front and material from Hawaii.... I redid this quilt twice and finally gave up trying to make it pretty.

If it was your blog I mentioned, I will be happy to make the necessary changes and give your the credit for the blog.


This is my Janome and we have had many miles of stippling together. I taught my niece how to stipple (or what I knew and she went from there) on this machine. The only problem I have with stippling is with some bunching under the quilt. I have found that if I stipple with the back side up that I don't have as much bunching and less pulling out. Anyone have any tips on keeping the bunching out of the equation? I sure hate spending quality time ripping out work I have already done. I also check my work alot to make sure that no bunching happens but for some reason, I still get the bunching. Lots of fun but sometimes lots of frustration. The finished results is amazing. I did do a King size quilt with no bunching (go figure).

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I was asked to help out with a project for the young girls at church during the week. I came up with making a pillow, with a heart in the middle (blanket stitch around the heart) and their picture in the middle. This was suppose to be a Christmas gift for their moms but my husband's mother passed away and well....we just didn't make it for Christmas.

It amazes me how we had about 12 girls, out of the 12, three girls picked this blanket stitch up with ease. One of the girls just flat out refused to do it, another girl never came back to finish hers (so I finished it for her) and the rest, well...they keep trying and that is what it is all keep trying even when it is hard or you don't want to do it. I think they will turn out real pretty. I stippled the materail so the pillows wouldn't have lumps in them, we are using batting scraps because fiberfill is rare on this island. Good to get rid of the quilt batting scraps ... can't seem to throw anything way.

Aren't the girls pretty?