Thursday, April 29, 2010


I made this Master's Graduation hood, never made one, never saw one up close but this is what the gal wanted. We can only hope!!

Next, I saw this quilt pattern....

In this quilt magazine.

Mine is made with six fat quarters and about 1 1/2 yards of white fabric. Mine is not as big as theirs and I have repeating patterns....but I love it.

I firmly believe that a person can make this quilt in a day. It took no time at all to do the strips. I just didn't have enough white fabric so I had to wait. Now to stipple it. Do I want to bend down on the floor and pin this puppy? Or do I want to wait until I get home?

These old bones just hate getting on all fours to pin a quilt....the creeking and popping that goes on....I make more noise than an unoiled screen door.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thimbleberries Day Tomorrow!! Who is joinging us?

So I spent some time finding some free Thimbleberries patterns since I am away from my sewing room and this is one I came up with and really think it would be fun to make.

Free Thimbleberries pattern Stars of Hope

We will see if I will be able to work on it tomorrow. If not, please forgive me, I do have a one and a half hour dental appointment....we will see how it goes...

I know, lucky me....anyone want to trade places with me. If so, just give me a call.....the dental chair will be yours.

Don't everyone jump at once!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sorry about blowing up the blogging airways today....but this is hot off the press and I just wanted some of you to know about it. A few of you asked for the pattern and it is now available at Inch worm fabrics

My niece designed this quilt and it is going fairly cheaply....

This is my version of it....I made mine into a table topper...I am sure some of you remembered.

I am just so proud of my niece Christine (Jennifer owns the store), this is her first quilt pattern and she did an amazing job.


Some of you will say, who cares...and that is okay. I might say that about a few heavy metal bands.

I love the background music, the harmonica, the guitars....I just love Wille. I waved at him and I just know he waved back at me. I thought about lifting my shirt to get his attention but didn't want to clear out the park. HA!!!

Actually, we did not have tickets, we were just listening outside the park and when it was about 15 minutes to the end, my friend said, let's just walk me being the coward I am...said you go first and I will follow. Sure enough, she walked right past the ticket counter and the I went (I felt so bad....and it felt good to be bad, is that bad? me, this is as bad as I get and had to have the influence of a friend to get this bad)....that is when I waved at Willie....he may have even winked.....

So now he is on the road again telling all us mommas not to let our boys grow up to be cowboys....maybe the whisky river will take him away? Who knows, but for now....I am going to take my broken wings and fly away to bed....

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last year a few gals wanted to come over and make quillows. I think I had about 6 in all but at different times.

Before I left for Texas this gal below (Christine) wanted to come over and do some more. Well....since I am here and she is there....Krista (you have met her on my blog) had a sew in and Christine did the following quillow. I think Krista worked on her Kalidascope quilt.

Isn't my friend Beautiful? when I leave Amerika Samoa I am going to make a book from my blog and I will have her picture forever in my book. Can't you tell that I miss my friends now and will when I leave?

Don't you just love the Samoa fabrics? I will say that the Samoan fabric is so much cheaper than the fabrics here in the can plunk down a bundle on just a few yards of fabric. That was just a statement, not a gripe (hummmm or was it a gripe and not a statement)?

Friday, April 23, 2010


A cute slug no less...but a slug is a slug.

It is what it is....

I have been coming by your blogs but not commenting.....and today, I have gone by very few. I am sorry.

I have not been sewing much.....I have some commissioned items that I need to get out....but I am just a slug.

Maybe tomorrow I will find my shell and become a beautiful snail?

If you can call snails beautiful....???? I wonder if a snail knows that some people like to eat them? Ulgh!!!! Not I....nothing that slimmy is going down my gullet.

They are everywhere in Amerika Samoa....I do mean everywhere. Not a nusiance but just everywhere.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


As most of you know, I am having a 50,000 hit giveaway...and I am going green!!!

What would be a travel sewing kit without the I made this green bag....Now you men will feel comfortable carrying around this green sewing frills here.

I added another piece of fabric and....found this cute measuring tape...I love it...truth be told, I almost kept it for myself....

This is what will be in the giveaway.....everything you see below (mat excluded).

Only a comment will do....most of you posted on the original post giveaway but I decided to let you have another chance just by commenting here.....

I believe this will end Sunday. I had thought I would not have internet this week...I do...and so I will announce the winner on Monday.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I was searching for a project, and came across this pamphlet that goes with my little daddy pfaff....

Take a look at all of the stitches it does....all you have to do is push down the right buttons, turn the knobs for the right numbers and does the blanket stitch.

I was just thinking that this would be the perfect machine if it did the blanket stitch...and it does......

I could not be happier. This machine is old, but it absolutely "ROCKS!!!!"....didn't cost me much and does the same thing that Mr. Pfaff 2058 does....oh just doesn't get any better than this....

Oh by the way, I will be adding to my giveaway real stay tuned.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So my son is starting to curse quilting style...he comes downstairs and sees what you are about to see and says "What the Scrap!!"

Oh...yes, momma has learned to adapt and still make a mess where ever I go. What you see is a small stand that was at the end of his couch. I had asked if I could use it as a sewing see one shelf, the computer goes down there when I am sewing...but below that is another shelf with all my material (ha...ha... gotta love it).

Here is the actual sewing side....have my computer set is great...

So in a few weeks I am sure my son is going to be begging my husband to take me back....funny (no...we are not seperated...I just have some medical issues to take care of...remember the chicken in the ER in Amerika guessed it....and personally " I WANT TO LIVE!!"...

that is why I am husband says I can't come home until I am fixed (meow)......but not fixed in the way you would fix a cat...wouldnt' that be too personal to put on a blog...just had to set things straight...don't want any rumors going around about me.

No worries, nothing major, just a few teeth fixed (meow)...and a few glitches here and there.....will be resolved soon and I will be home in no time. I miss my friends.

I didn't tell you that my best of best friends is here in College Station, we have been friends since High is great....we have the best time together.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I am laughing, you actually thought I finished a project???? Well....not a fabric project, I finished this puzzle......HA!!! I know, I am bad.....bbbbbaaaadddddd to the booooonnnneee!

But I did give Little Daddy Pfaff a work out last night, I stippled this baby quilt....and let me tell you, he was up for the challenge....the stitching on this machine is wonderful. I did have a little trouble with thread breaking but when I just slowed down and not run it a mile a minute, well....little daddy was alot happier.

I did have a binding on it but it looked horrible, I am a starch and iron person...and I had problem, I can frog the stitches out ( I love that phrase, got it off one of the blogs, sorry I can't remember....frog the it .... rip it..., isn't that cute?)... also I don't like the color of the binding, so I may have to go shopping again....hummmmmmm what a punishment.

Friday, April 16, 2010




Come on now....everyone.... OHHHHH OHHH!!!

Louder.....OHHHH OHHHHH!!!

Now hands in the air!!!! You got it going on.....

Why are we singing today...???

Just take a look....

Yes, got it in the mail today....I was at my sons home when it was delivered....


This was made in we are going to call him Little Daddy Pfaff, since my Pfaff at home is younger.

It did receive some damage. The case for it was cracked in the corner and the spool holder is broke...but I think I can make it work???? Gosh this poor machine has been around the world and back (not literally).....

It sews beautifully, it is compact, it has a little drawer at the end of it where the cord is that holds all the accessories..... I could not be happier.


I am just trying to set me up a sewing station in my son's living room....he doesn't will be sew if you happen to come by excuse the mess and if the mess will bother you...don't bother coming by...plain and simple.... No excuses...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


She does a puzzle....

and yes, it had to be an ocean scene.... I am an island girl if I ever saw one.

I did buy a yo yo maker yesterday but can't decide on the fabric ...... if I was home, I would have tons of scraps.....if I click my heels together, you think I would make it home?

Just realized that I never said when my giveaway will end....lets say May 1st...why you ask? I may not have internet next week so we will just leave it for then....

Monday, April 12, 2010


We all know I am a greedy monger when it comes to fabrics, notions and the get out of my way...I am coming through...yes...I will push, shove and mangle anyone who gets in my way!!! Do you hear that?

Why am I so agressive?

This is why......It will be mine!!! All mine!!! If not, I am coming after anyone who wins hear me...MINE!!!

I know you all want it...I know...because I have seen your is plastered all over blogland....and that makes me very will you all quit it

...I tell you it is mine....

So since I have seen all of your post, you are on my choke out think it was bad with my son.....I call it CHOKE OUT TIME!!!

If there was a way to delete all of your comments, I would do it. Maybe I can bribe Kelly? Hummmm that is a thought.... chocolate maybe? A day at the spa? I will think on that but for now...will all of you just quit it!!!!

Kelly is makine me mad....go see why over at I have a Notion, she knows I want it....and she put it out there for anyone to win it...shame on you Kelly, I thought we were BFF....what is up with that?

So my suggestion to all of you since I am going to win this is to go to her store and buy one yourself....

take yourself out of the running....

and run over to her store.....NOW...(aren't you afraid?) should be.

don't forget about my giveaway below....

Oh one more thing...just so you know, you can have your own AccuQuilt go in a matter of days, Kelly is awesome and ships immediately and well....she will make sure you are totally satisfied and happy even after you receive your wait for the giveaway...just order it today. THIS MESSAGE WILL BE APPROVED BY KELLY WHEN SHE READS IT.....

She has had a month long of will end March hop on over...

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Now keep it clean, I don’t cuss remember, the worst I say is crap!!

What has my panties in a knot this morning you ask?

I don’t know if I have told you but my Bernina broke. That was the only machine I had to take to the non profit or let people sew on besides my Pfaff (and I try not to let that happen).


On eBay I found another machine,an older Pfaff that I felt comfortable in taking it out and about.

So……when I found out I was coming to Texas and would be staying awhile, I had it sent to Texas to my sons.





Fed X tried 3 times to deliver this machine to my son……then my son told them to hold it, he would come by. He never went by…..


So Monday we called, and they said they were closed on Sunday and Mondays….(I can see that you know where this is going)……so…we had to go to San Antonio….

We get back on Friday, call and guess what


They just sent it back to the sender….!!

#@##&!! (remember, keep it clean))

So my question to you is, can I choke this boy out? PLEASE let me choke him out!!!

Good thing he was not home when this all played out…..he would have been choked out no questions asked.

He had two people wanting to choke him out…..!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


The new word is fabriphile

any guesses?


The answer is, one who fondles fabric.

Next new word.......fibrififfer.....

any guesses?

One who sniffs fabric.

If any of you have these problems, (I think you all do)....then I think you are a true fabricholic.

(can you tell I have too much time on my hands?)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today I got up and looked at my blogs, checked the mail and thought....should I just go back to bed....or get busy with my day?

The bed is ohhhhhh so comfy...look at all those pillows. I know, I would have showed you a picture with me in it but that means someone would have to take my picture.....hummmmm hubby is just envision a blond hair, blue eyed, thin....long legged woman (that is me...oh....

maybe that is my husbands dream of me)...HA!!! Sorry can do OOOOO, I am not any of those...totally the opposite...poor guy.

I need to stay away from the stores....I am going to be in the states a while so I need to pace myself....slow and steady wins the race...right!!! a yoga stance....breathe again....Okay...I am ready....or not..

Guess who won out? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Well....I have surpassed 50,000 I really have to get down to bare with me...give me some thinker is sleeping....on vacation....taking a break (not unlike me at nothing rare for the thinker not to be working)...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It is a quilter's heart that binds us all together. It is a quilter's heart that links us all through our blogging world.

How grateful I am to have spent the whole afternoon with two of the most amazing women. I met them through blogging but now we are not just a name on the computer...we are truly friends.

Jarre in the purple is from the blog Fabric Artist, Judy from Sew Fun Quilts. They went out of their way to come all the way to where I am staying. We had a wonderful lunch at the Red Robin...infact it was atleast an hour before we ordered our food, we were chatting so much.

Judy gave me these wonderful fat quarters....cats of course...look at her shirt, that woman loves cats...that is her signature...Love these Judy, thank you!!

Then Jarre, she makes these beautiful hair pins on her embroidery machine. These are so beautiful...I would hope that you go to her etsy store and check them out..truly wonderful. Thanks them!!

Judy said that she didn't want to leave without taking me to a quilt heart jumped for pure joy....slobber started running down my mouth just at the thought of going fabric shopping. They suggested JoAnn's...quite a bit away from where we were...but that didn't matter to Judy..she didn't care...she was a woman on a mission. She wanted to make sure that I got to JoAnn's at any cost.

Now I am not responsible for what you see next. Jarre kept bringing me fabrics and well..somehow it ended up in my basket. I told her I was not going shopping with her anymore (only kidding of course)....

Notice once again my fabric choice...I was even wondering in JoAnn's why I am buying green, that is not even my favorite color, not that I have one but green has never been one to find it's way into my basket....but I looooooooooooooooooooove it...

Love the Polka dots....

Green fat quarters...yes, green again!!!

I can not remember when I had such a fun time, it is not often I go shopping with others, I am one that has spent most of my life shopping by myself or my husband sighing in the background....(he is good about taking me but it is not top on his list of fun)...

Thanks Judy and Jarre for the wonderful day....not only was it fun but the day was just beautiful outside....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kaufman fabrics

The gal I made the chicken quilt for gave me a box of fabrics and in the fabrics was all of these kaufman eyes just bugged out of my head, how awesome is that? Not that my eyes bugged out of their head (that is gross)...but the material silly.

Included was alot of fabric that will be great for totes, I didn't get a picture of them but I was so delighted to get all of the fabrics.

By the way, notice my counter....I am almost up to 50,000 hits....and that means a giveaway for all of you....I will have to think of something wonderful for keep coming by......

and if you have an April Birthday, just let me know...put your name in the pot....have to think on a gift....

lots of thinking...

if you see smoke coming from Texas is not smoke signals, it is my brain....

Monday, April 5, 2010


So you all have heard me talk about my friend Krista....she joined a towel swap with me....I have had my towel from the start because she just lives down the road. I have noticed that others got their towel but haven't seen anyone blog about it so I am blogging for her.

Isn't this towel adorable? She is amazing. She does scrapbooking too and that is how she designed this towel, from her scrapbooking supplies. When she brought over her idea, I just could not believe how awesome it was going to be.

She came over one day with another friend and they made potholders like the trivet below...well..she didn't stop there, she went home and made me this pot holder...I love matches the towel...

Then I went to her home to watch her use her new embroidery machine....and this is what she came up with after I left. I am the happy recipient of this wrist pin cushion....she designed it herself....quilted the bottom with extra batting...isn't she amazing? Shouldn't she do a blog?

Doesn't she spoil me?
She has the cutest husband and kids, her youngest calls me grammie...isn't that adorable....I just love it..and the boys shower me with hugs when they leave me...I truly love her and her family....and since I don't have grandkids of my as well steal hers...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


You can get the pattern for the chicken from fat cat patterns, just click on the cat on my right side bar.

So...I made this pillow for my husbands partner's wife. Why you ask?

They arrived here in January. She was very ill but waited a few weeks before doing anything about it. She decided to go to the emergency room...but when her and her husband drove up to the emergency room a chicken came out of the door. She just said, back up dear, we are not going in there. We thought it was so funny and so my husband and I had the same make her a here is a chicken pillow.

I quilted the front and back to make it sturdier.....and notice the Amerika Samoa embroidered on the bottom....yes Krista my machine can do that... She just got an embroidery machine, Pfaff....and I went over there to watch her learn to use it....went home wanting one....but my pfaff does a little embroidery...hummmffff

So there....actually, I am happy for my friend. She is amazing and in a few post from now I will show you just how amazing she is, even tho you have seen some of her work. I am trying to convince her to do a blog.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Remember when I had the "I must buy fabric moment", I cut out two sets of schnibbles....Kona bay and Moda.. You saw the Moda, well here is the Kona bay, don't have the border done....but hey....getting there!! I just love Kona bay and the Japanese fabrics..

Thanks for all your comments on the previous post. This trip was kinda an all of a sudden trip for me, not my husband. My sons are so close to San Antonio that I just had to come and also to take care of a few things. Thanks for your care and concern.

We left Samoa Thursday night and arrived after four flights in San Antonio this morning. My oldest son picked us up and we drove 2 1/2 hours to College Staion. Needless to say we are sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired and look even worse, probably smell worse but we are here!!!!