Saturday, October 31, 2009


You can find this pattern at McCalls quilting. This is a fairly easy wall hanging to make. I will have to say that I only had an inch wide of fabric for the that was hard...truly.

I also want to thank Judi over at Green Fairy quilts, she did a tutorial on a binding. Well....some people just don't get it....I am one of those people...and she was nice enough to email me back with some answers to a question or two I had about the corners. I like how these turned out but...I was working with such a small amount of material that it made it diffcult.

LITTLE PIECE OF ADVICE: When you don't have enough material.....and you think you are totally out......go look in your scrap bin..... I was looking for some fabric a few days after completing the above project and guess what I found?????? You guessed it.....shessssh

Friday, October 30, 2009


I started this top when the gals came and had a sew day at my house on Monday. I finished it the following day.

I got the pattern from that e-pattern site I shared below.

This was really fun and went really fast. All the fabrics but the basket fabric is from my Niece's store, Inch Worm Fabrics....REALLY!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I saw these mini clamps at a store here and had to have them, just knew I could use them for something quilty.....any ideas? How about borders? Holding two pieces together that need the glue to dry between them? How about clamping to the quilting frame? What else?

Son #4, He is my candle boy.....he always brought me candles...not just small ones either. He is also the one that would notice my being tired and always ask if I needed help and sneek in a hug every now and then. He and his younger brother would always look around to make sure one of the other brothers was not looking or around and sneek me a hug. Now talk about warming a mom's heart....who needs gifts with a hug snuck in every once in a while.

So I have shared with you something about each son....some were objects that ment alot, others were just moments in time that will forever be embedded in my hearts memory. Just like each memeory, each son is just as special. Thanks for indulging me in this.....

Tutorial over at Inch worm fabrics, if you have time go on over and take a look.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was so excited to win this giveaway....isn't it awesome??? Jerre over at fabricartist, she was the one with the wonderful giveaway. Thank you soooooooooooooo much.... I just love the fall colors....!!!

Okay son if you know this young man, he shows very little emotion (takes after my husbands side), he doesn't like to be hugged and he does not give gifts....not much(he is very tight with his money, takes after me). So when this CD came in the mail....I opened it up....and didn't see his name on couldn't figure out who sent this to me, his name was not even in the running. Finally after searching everything, I found a postcard and in it said, "Happy Mothers Day" and his name. I cried.....for 3 years the CD cover and the note sat (we had double sinks and inbetween was a spot for sitting and putting make up on) sat collected was moved and cleaned under but never taken from that spot until we moved here. Every morning and evening that is what I would see.... He just didn't go to a store to get this CD, he had to call or go online and order it and have it sent....took alot of thought and...yes, something he would not admit...alot of love.... He was the first to call and wish me a Happy Birthday this year (yes tears again)...see I don't need gifts.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mail and a Clean Bathroom

Got mail today.....

This package is from Lynda G, From my farm house window.....Thanks so much Lynda.....these clothes, underware, pillowcases etc.....will come in handy...truly.

and...........she sent me some hoodies for my bobbins...whooohoooooo Thanks so much!!

I think I am getting a reputation....Lee. Quilts by Lee, sent me these twizzlers and bath crystals....thanks soooo much...she said I could share????? Hummmmmmmm share? .....still thinking..... no one will will know if I don't!!!! (oh is that the devil on my shoulder?).....

Here are the items she sent!!!!! thanks soooo much.... She sent material....I know someone who would love the material....need to get it out of here before it gets mixed up with mine.....hummmmmmm...

Some more wonderful pillowcases from Melissa, Ardeas nest...thanks so much, these are truly fabulous.

I have five sons, you all know that, so I can't tell one story without telling about each one of them....don't want to play favorites because you know that is what I will be accused of it someone spys my blog and tells.

This son is the oldest, he hates to clean. He gives me plants but this one Mother's Day came and went unnoticed. I was feeling kinda sad and my one son came and said, "Mom, I would have brought you something but I had no money".....I told him that he didn't need money to give a present. I listed off a few things, clean kitchen, bathroom, hug, kind word etc.... So I went to bed but the surprise came the next morning when I went into the middle bathroom (the one everyone always used), it was spotless.....I had tears on that one.....I was totally surprised and will always remember that he said he loved me by doing something he hated to do.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mystery of the Snow Globe

My husband and I had many financial struggle in our marriage due to trying to get his schooling and having five children in the process.

One Christmas his mother gave me a twenty dollar gift certificate to Walmart. I went and purchased me a snow globe. I always loved them...and I truly loved this one, I think up to that point there were not many gifts for me and well....I truly cherished this globe. One day it came up broke.

None of the boys would confess and so....the mystery of who broke it remained unsolved...........................until our second son got his first job many years later. You guessed it, he brought me a snow globe.....I just had to smile as I opened it. To this day this snow globe brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. I did not bring much with me but I brought the few things that bring me joy and this is one of them.

This is what I am working on today.....we are having a sewing group my house. Yes, the man moved his stuff to his new office.....I am a free woman during the day....yepeeeee my sewing ladies are happy.....I am happy.....and well...when momma is happy everyone is happy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


My youngest son was working for a furniture store and he brought this for me for Mother's day. He took alot of harassment from his co-workers for buying this.

They say pictures speak a thousand words.....this one speaks volumes to me.

Here are my Halloween block swaps which Jane hosted. Thanks them all.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Every since I saw on "That man's quilt", his dishes and glassware he collects, I have been wanting to show mine.

Since I have nothing quilty to show you....been busy but can't show you. I decided to show you my dishes.

Before we left Texas I had to sell alot of my dishes but I kept alot also and all but the following are in storage.

I have collected these dishes for 4 years, got them at garage I have about a 16 place set, only brought 8 with me.

I was told that these are Diamond Shammrock Premiums. For those of you who are really young and don't know what premiums are..... I think the gas stations stopped doing the premiums in the early 70's. Anyways, you buy gas and get stamps and then you redeem these stamps for a dish. Eventually, you would get a whole set. If there is someone out there that knows more about these, I would love to know. I got this information from an antique dealer in Texas.

Aren't they pretty...look at the design on them.

I should have made them look prettier but sickness is going around...and it is all I can do to stand...I function quite well sitting. So I just made due with a quick picture.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I just found the most awesome can get patterns via shipping fees.
So...just click here. So awesome.

Now....I have been so busy doing my Advent swap, making totes for my church (a project we have in mind for the new ladies) and working on my giveaway surprises for you. pictures....sorry...well...I could show you the boring totes....but NOT!!


Went into this little store the other day and this is what I found!

Aren't they wonderful? Cheap too.....

Here is the inside, sorry that it is blurry. The things I can do with these.

Yesterday I was asked to go today with a friend to her grandma's to teach her how to stipple. Am I busy....very...but will I drop everything and go?? Yes, I find alot of enjoyment out of showing someone how to stipple, quilt....even if I don't know much. We spent most of the morning there and part of the afternoon....her batting was so thick that I think it was messing with the tension....does anyone have a suggestion? We ended up with the decision to just tie it and next time get better batting. Now Gene had a wonderful post about batting so I am going to go over there and check out his suggestions.

There are so many of you posting, giving giveaway about the tsunami and needing help. I do want you to know that I do appreciate everything, there are so many of you it is almost impossible to name you all, or thank you adequately enough. I saw a post that kinda bothered me, like I was not showing enough appreciation, if any of you feel that way, please forgive me. If there is something more I can be doing, let me know......words can not express my gratitude and humility I feel as the packages come in. Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I got this in the mail from Ladybelle, that is the only name I have and no blog address. I am sorry ladybelle, I don't know how to get you to tell you that I received your lovely pillowcase and to thank you.

I keep getting emails about people still wanting to help. I am just overcome with graditude to each of you for you "Quilters Heart".

We have Lee over at Quilts by Lee who is having a giveaway of 16 fat quarters for anyone who has and are sending care packages to Amerika Samoa.

Now there is Kelly from I have a Notion is doing a giveaway for the same reason. She is offering items from her store and if I get so many packages, she will up the amount. Go check out her blog and see if she can intice you?

So....yes, there still is a need. I have not wanted to burden anyone by asking for more help but these two ladies have offered and Pat, Kaye, Tonya, Micki, Carin, Darlene and many more of you have emailed me wanting to do more but I have not wanted to burden you again. I don't want to make all of you sick of me but Pat lectured me (in a nice way, what are friends for...they just tell you how it is....

I understand the econmic times we are having, I understand that sending packages are costly, I understand that people are sick, tired, busy...whatever the reason...if you can not, please don't feel you have to.

So here is a list: School supplies
Shoes (most wear flip flops)
Pillowcases, towels, sheets
Hygene products (those went really fast)
simple tote
Once again, thank you so much.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A touching story.....a wonderful blog....a great idea...

I just read on Just about Cindy's blog and so I went to the site she suggested, wow....that is all I can say....go there...check out the site and see if you might want to make some baby mask. I have to go and search for some ribbon....

We just had another earthquake while writing this one.....I think I a ready to go home now!!!

Okay....I was going to wait and post tomorrow but since I am already here and not to take the attention away from the baby masks....
Lee over at Quilts by Lee, she is offering 16 fat quarters for anyone who sends a care package to me here in Amerika Samoa for the tsunami victims. I thought I would sweeten the pot with two 1/2 yards of my Samoan Fabrics..... She is also including all those that have sent packages into her giveaway. What a great idea....thanks Lee


Here is just a beautiful picture from the place we call Sliding Rock....give you something to look while I bore you...

For those of you that are interested....I have no more boxes....I only have about 12 pillowcases left....isn't that awesome? Friday I went to lunch with a friend and she was telling me of her friend and her family in Tula....this is a village that lost just about everything too. The Red Cross looked them over by mistake. They were suppose to come back to them on Saturday (let us hope so).... The one friend that I was having lunch with was telling me that they had a tent brought over from Apia and that they were taking it to them. I told her to come over and pick through the stuff we have and take to them. She did.....she took one dozen pillow your pillowcases were definitely needed...tonight someone is sleeping on a beautiful clean pillowcase. She also took some hygene least a box full. You ladies & gents "ROCK"!!!!!!!

Something funny....they told their friends that they need to clear off the house to the bare cement so they can put the tent up when they come. All that was left standing was the cement and a toilet....I got a chuckle out of do you say to everyone..."Please look away" or excuse me????? Well....they have discussed making it more private...but I guess if ya gotta go...ya gotta go.

Okay...You read about Saturday.....awesome experience....

Then I was at the store and ran into another friend. Her husband has family in Leone.....and well...there are 15 members in one 3 bedroom house. They too lost everything and have not received tents or supplies...they are living with a family I told her to come over and get the rest of the items. I did keep back about 12 pillowcases. I am having to laugh because there goes the bulk of my service worries...I have a back up plan.....lots of all is not lost.

I just got this message from my friend that took the supplies to her husband's family, thought I would share it with you.

Thanks again for the pillowcases and misc items. Danny's family really appreciated them.....they were VERY excited about the pillowcases, shoes and toothbrushes! You're very thoughtful....please thank your quilting friends for us. :)


Please note all the wonderful giveaways to the left....go by and check them out...totally awesome!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


If you can, it is not an earthquake, it is me dancing all over the house. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I opened this up....I can barely contain myself....slobber rag please....oh...I will need more than one..thankyou!

Can you believe all of this? Can YOU???? I can't!!! My friend Debi from Quilting with Debi sent this to me before the tsunami. Infact, we both were afraid it was lost or taking the slow boat to China to get here. arrived... Thank you...thank you.....

Do you see all of this??? Oh yes....I do have to brag and yes...rub it get ready....

Two Halloween towels.....whoohoooo
One jelly roll.....Specialty Coffee Bistro....(need another slobber rag)
Charm squares....40 of them....called louisa......oh....(need a full sized towel...slobber rag tooo small)
Herbal Tea.......I can just smell it now.
memo pad...she must have read that I forget alot....I do mean alot!
Then some Ribbon....two of them....I have never seen these but they are is Halloween assorted...and the other is Fall Fun collection...where did you get these Debi...they are sooo cute.....

I don't know if my heart can take this.....I may have to go and take a sedative.......

Thanks sooooooooooooo much......

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAIL CALL.......

Well....before I show you what I got in the mail today....I have to tell you a story.

A bunch of us ladies got together today and had brunch for all the ladies that have Birthdays in October....well...remember me telling you about the family who lost everything and that she was to come over today? It is her birthday today and she was at the brunch. Guess what else???? SHE IS A QUILTER, she knows about the walking foot, stippling etc.... I asked her where she had been the whole two years I have been on this island... She said, having a baby and she was gone a while taking care of her dad off island. we were all talking...she said that when she went to find her sewing patterns, machine, material...she said it was all gone and she cried. Her husband said you cry over a machine and fabric and not over the rest of the house. Only a quilter will understand those tears.... Needless to say Mr. Janome does not live here anymore...and that is all I have to say about that.

This is from Kaye over at Nana B follows Nana T. Now I want to tell all of you that sent over little girls clothes....she took most of them, she has 3 little girls...and that blue dress you sent all of you are so wonderful in following your heart.

Next is from Judi and Clint over at Green Fairy Quilts. You all know how much I love their blog and store and that I have been stalking them for months now...obviously they don't mind because they sent over these wonderful pillowcases.

Next is from Lola at ...and sew on Lola, it is a good thing you put a card in there because everything was ripped off the box and I had not a clue who it was from.
And.....consider alot of your stuff gone amazing that you ladies had exactly what she needed.

Now this next is from Julie over at Me and My Quilts-Exploring the Possibilities. All of you sent such wonderful pillowcases and it was really fun to open these boxes up while my friend was going through the stuff that had already been sent. She has some pillowcases picked out and I kept showing her the new ones...she was having such a hard time deciding....putting one pillowcase back to get another and then another...vicious cycle here....but fun!!

This is from Lola again....I gave her the thread and fabric....she asked why give it to her, she didn't have a machine any more....(.I told her not to worry).

This next is from Linda and the Friendship Star Quilters Guild Just more temptation for my friend..... I can not get over the generosity of all of are heart is full!!

A little gifty for me from Irish Muses Thank you Micki, she is from Ireland and she sent me some Irish tweed fabric and the sheep. Ohhhhhhh I just love both....I will always think of your wonderful paradise over there in Ireland by the ocean....thanks...(did I say that already)?

The next is also from Micki, Irish Muses, now...I took these right over to my friend and said, here...take these for you and your husband...she said keep them (I had to say...get behind me Satan....because I really wanted them but to take them...never) I take them I could never, wasn't ment for me.

I had several notes in the boxes from today and the other day...some of you apologized for sending so little but you hoped it would help.....I am here to tell you that it did help in a big way. If you could have seen what was all over my dining room and if you could have seen the big bag she had to take home with her....and if you could have seen the tears of graditude in her eyes when she left. She told me that this was her best birthday ever....and I believe it was. Together all of you made a huge difference especially in my friends life. I can only thank you....and my our Heavenly Father bless each of you for having such a "Quilter's Heart".

Friday, October 16, 2009


When my niece sent me the care package she also sent these wonderful fabrics.......and they are oooooooooo so can find them here

and these fabrics!!!

She is too good to me!!
I can't help but open the fabrics up....look, feel.....and yes...smell....oh....sooo nice!!

I think I am going to become a fabric snob.....

Yes, she has learned that she must send goodies in my package.....she doesn't want me bad mouthing her on my blog (I wouldn't do that.....hummm).

Now....all of you took a vote on what border I should use and so the majority rules in this house (of course, I am the majority here) but most of you voted for #4 and #4 is it....turned out pretty nice.

I was sandwiching it (hummmm I would love a sandwich right now)....and my husband loves it....he could not believe that I will be giving this heard it a few soon as my niece gives the will go to some lucky winner....well....I suppose I had better quit blogging and get sewing...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yes, that is the back of my husbands vehicle......loaded...I would say....

So, I being the selfish person I am....opened my mothers package first....she sent me some material and goodies.....and for Amerika Samoa...Thanks Mom!!

This next one is from Fabrics N Quilts. Her pillowcases are so wonderful...I just know the Samoan people will love them.

Hey Carol, thanks so much for this beautiful pillowcase!!!(Carol, I don't know how to find you to say thank you and I got your package)....sorry.....

Artfully Ooglebloops sent all these wonderful items....

Thanks Jennifer from Inch Worm Fabircs

Michele from With Heart and hands sent these wonderful the fabrics.

My sister Jeanette sent all of these, will definitely help with the hygene kits we are going to make, along with all the other items sent today.
Thanks Jeanette

Thanks Kelly from I have a notion

Kelly again...she thought to send toys...why didn't I think of that? Notice here son'
s card?

Darlene From Sew Cal Gal

She sent me a birthday fun is that? I was doing the jig....thanks so much, I love my pins and the little tin (did you know I love tins? anything with a lid?......oooo)

Carin from Conceived with out regard for reason or reality, lovely pillowcases....

Next is Sew Fun quilts, she sent some totes with her pillowcases. I think I am going to duplicate her design??? Do you mind, if you do let me know. Thanks Judy!!!

Then Judy sent me a few goodies....yepeeeee...doing the jig all over the house....thanks so much Judy. Notice the cat fabric...whoooohooo....I have been trying to win this fabric off her every time she has a giveaway.....yepeeee

Then Pat from A Little of this and a little of Pat, I know your clothes will be so appreciated as well as everyone elses clothes.

Thanks Jocelyn from Happy Cottage Quilter. You all are wonderful!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your concern, emails, sending packages....just for everything.

Just a little side note: I am going to let my one friend that has five kids and lost everything in her home have first pickings.....some of you sent clothes that will fit her kids....she has gotten no help from FEMA or the red cross, she has only gotten help from our church. pretty sad, her home was right by the ocean and she gets looked over...what is up with that????