Friday, January 14, 2022

A New Year......Hopefully, a good one.

 I have not blogged in seems if I was sick my husband wasn't and if he was sick I wasn't.

Then a week before Christmas  we both came down with Covid.  I have to tell was not pretty.  In the 42 years we have been married we both have not been this sick at the same time.  We think our little 12 year old house guest brought it home to us from school.  She was really tired one night and then she started complaining of not being able to taste anything....that is the extent of her sickness.  The not being able to taste for her lasted about a week.

Our son and his family went to see our other sons  a week befor Christmas so we were on our own.  Our little house guest was able to return to her family.

Thank Heavens for grocery delivery.  We had all kinds of cough medicine and easy foods to eat delivered.  Neither of us felt like eating and our smell and taste totally disappeared.  Everything tasted like cardboard.

My taste has not come back and all of you will be shocked that I don't really care for chocolate fact, it kinda turns my stomach.  Strange huh???  It was my staple of life but not anymore.

Well...I am not going to show what I was doing before Christmas because Christmas is gone and I was not able to finish some of my projects let alone deliver them to the intended person,

So I will show you what I have been up to this month.

Country Chic by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I have used Java Batiks from Inchworm fabrics and Island Batik Fabrics as well.  I had started this before Christmas but put it away to make Christmas gifts.

I saw this sewing table around November, it was at Lowes or on their website....It was so inexpensive that I just had to get it.  In fact, it actually adds more room to my room and looks so much better than the plastic table I was using.  Although I have a need for speed and sometimes my table rattles...haha

This next quilt is Jump Rings from Missouri Star Quilt Company "BLOCK."  This was so fun and very very fast.  Very little waste.  One fat quarter can make up to 4 rings, just depends.

Here are the fabrics I used....oh my gosh.  In fact, these are the fabrics that my sister, Jeanette, from Inchworm fabrics sent me to advertise for her.....kinda like an ambassador.  Who wouldn't pass up free fabric and such pretty fabrics.

I hope that my computer will do better this year but I doubt it.  My son called and we were talking about my computer...he said, why don't you just buy a new one.  I said I was toooooooo cheap.  He said, well, I have an old computer in my closet.  Now I have to tell ya....when my son says old, it was probably last years model.  It is probably very very nice, much nicer than one I would buy.  We will see...everyone cross your fingers!!!

Hope all of you have a very Happy New Year.