Thursday, September 30, 2010


I got up this morning, told my husband that today was a ME day...I was going to sew all day. He said he wouldn't call and bother me but he called three times....hummmm

So...I am doing my daily exercising wishing so much to be in that sewing room.

A friend calls, she has heard of a fabric sale in a friends home...wanted to know if I wanted to go.

What planet is she from?

What kind of question is that....

Sure I want to go....I drop everything...take the phone in the bathroom while I shower waiting for her call saying when she will be by (she had to make sure it was okay to go over).....

I I preoccupied my time with the plans of the day ( exercising was cut short...but hey fabric is involved)!

So...a friend asked me to bind this little wall hanging. So.....I go to take out her pins and they are rusted in...big time. One of the disadvantages of living on this island. So, that goes by the way side.

Thimbleberries sew I finish this wall hanging and decide to give it away in the Fall giveaway that will start Tomorrow...and may add a few more things...who knows?

Finished the baby bib.

Put a border on this quilt...decided not to quilt it just it will be put with the other tops...

Prepped 10 hand towels with applique, and started appliqueing them.

Butterflies from the Go die.

More turtles and a few Christmas (not shown here)...bad picture...sorry... it is late, don't want to take another one...are you worth a good picture...sure you are but am I too lazy...yes...

Cut up the Connecting threads pattern and fabric that my sister sent this week-end.

Made cookies...

This is all that is left...and no...this tater girl did not eat them husband wanted me to make them so he could deliver when he got home, off we went.

Did I ever get to the fabric sale, no but tomorrow morning at seven....I will be there, money in hand ready to haggle..... Oh yes.....momma is gonna get her some fabric....

Momma is doing the fabric dance.

Maybe momma will give some away on Friday? So stay was the ride? To bummpy or boring?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is Amerika Samoa from my porch. Today, the earth shook again, you sit there frozen in time waiting to see how intense the quake will last. Fortunate, it did not last for long and how odd that we would get a quake just a few minutes from the time the quake happened last year.

Below you will see a few pictures of the aftermath of the tsunami.... you will see few traces of it today. Small reminders are still there and an occasional shake will wake up the remembrance of that day.

Often I think about the out pouring off all of my blogging friends, the packages that kept coming, the concern and love all of you had for myself and people you have never met. So once again I want to thank you for bringing light into the South Pacific when the light had been dimmed.


This is the rest of the mail...

If you are sick of hearing about it, well...don't blame you for it.

I purchased some fabrics from Inchworm Fabrics, just the black and white and my sister sent me extra...

I know, that is alot extra....and I just love it.

She spoils me....

but you don't hear me squealing about only hear the squeal I made when I opened the box and saw what was in it......

Sandy sent me this wonderful package....

she saw my orange post and decided to send me an orange package....Oh my....did she ever. I just might have to do another orange slice quilt.
Thanks Sandy!! I just love it all!!! Notice the orange chocolate...ummm ummmmm...

So my reputation of being a tater is out..... I tend to get packages with candy in them...once again, you don't hear me squeal about it except for the squeal of a pig when eating it.

No shame here...tater girl is going to enjoy these goodies, eating and sewing.....


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am always tired on the days I teach class...standing up all day and talking takes alot out of me.

We did get the machines in today...and they are soooooooooooooo awesome. Janome's. They only sell the Brothers here, the low end Brothers and well...they just won't go over bulk fabric and the tension is always messing up. So...Minnie went off island and got some Janome's.....just wonderful.

Now....that was part of the good day. Here is the rest.

I had an awesome mail day. Here is a panel my sister sent, have your checked out her panels from her store? I think I am going to take off the Happy Valetine and make this a fall wall hanging....the debate is still out. Or at the rate I will be going, just make it for Valentines and maybe it will be done by then???

Jennifer sent me this tissue holder and card holder....what a terrific job she did... I am so amazed at everyone's expertise in sewing, I hate comparing but my work is not as good as the items that have been given to me. I need to up my abilities.
Thanks Jennifer.

Then Miss Mary sent me these fat quarters.....for the life of me I was stumped. I could not figure out why until I went to her blog...she had a giveaway a while back and decided to send everyone something that entered. It wasn't a little something either. Thanks Mary.

Why part 1, because tomorrow I will continue my mail day...just too awesome. It seems that the mail is taking forever and when I do get mail, it is in bulk. But hey, who am I to is mail and it makes me soooooooooooooooooooooo happy, just warms my pea picking heart....or is that pea brain? Hummmmm

Friday, September 24, 2010


I think if you were to see this, you would, that is bright. They say babies are stimulated by bright...well...consider the receipent stimulated.

I really wanted blue to take the place of the white in the sashing but don't have enough. Would love a blue border....once again....not enough. will be yellow....

This quilt was a snapp to put together. I know that Accuquilt has talked about getting a 8 1/2 inch die, and if they do, this would be even a bigger snap. The appliques were done so much faster than by hand. I am just thrilled.....and you will be too come Friday when you see what Accuquilt is coming out with next! Become a friend on facebook, or go to their site!.

Okay, so I have been harping alot on Accuquilt....but soon very soon, they will be delivering something fun to the public and I just don't want anyone to miss out!

Then we will get back to the regularly scheduled programs...this is just a short interruption.


You might have to click on it to see better but it is "Lark Rise to Candleford", a friend loaned me the first series.... I am dying to get the second from her.

Despite my distraction, I was able to stitch around all the appliques.

and work on the bib, all it needs is the top done...easy....

It doesn't take much to distract me but oh boy, this series is just awesome.
I am hooked.
No matter that while I am watching them, the whole time I am thinking of quilting...

no matter...

no guilt....

no incentive can keep me from this series.....No turning back now....nor do I want to.......

sorry if I have not been around to visit your blog....I want to....plan too but the voice ot the tube keeps calling me back.

Still I need to be ready for the new Accuquilt arrival on Oct. 1st.....Don't you just love suspense?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So........ I get to class...jump out of the truck. Go in the office to arrange supplies before class starts.....I have a young man helping me find things .... We are milling around.... Get what we need. I go to my truck for the items I brought.

Where are my keys???? (yes, I locked the doors knowing I would be back, if you want to know why, just ask but not saying online)

Does anyone know where my keys are?

Are they in the ignition (I truly never have done that)....

Not there.

Go back in the office....

look around.

The young man starts looking for them.

We turn the place upside down.

I got back outside

Look under the truck.

Look on the floor of the truck....thinking If I can't get the iron, ironing board, go cutter and scissors used for paper, I will be toast.

go back in the office....

Go back to the truck and just before I hit the panic button...I think...frisk my self.....back pockets, front pockets.....

OHHH yes yes....this little (big...what ever you want to call me, air head, brain dead, not playing with a full deck...) put the keys in her pocket and never thought to look there first.






I was so embarrassed, I had to go and tell this young man what I had done.

He is probably thinking "Stupid Palagie (white person). and deservedly so.

So...emergency panic avoided....


can anyone find my glasses?

Monday, September 20, 2010


Oh yes, this Palagie (white) girl can dance......and lately I have been doing alot of it. Dancing does burn calories...right?

My husband came home last night from Hawaii bearing these gifts.......ohhhhhhh
sooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely. My goal before leaving the islands is to have a pretty good stash of batiks.

Next on the list is THIMBLEBERRIES SEW DAY. It is this Wednesday.

I forgot about it last month. Well......this gal has trouble remembering what day it is but....

I am going to finish up this wall hanging. OOOOOPPPSSSS AM I BAD....Thimbleberries sew day is next Wednesday (ha!!!)...sorry about that.. Gee...what day is it? I need help....someone help me please.....

Betsy, I have it hanging from the doors of my Armoir (is that spelled right), it hangs really neatly at the bottom. I am also guessing if it doesn't, to just make a sleeve and slide a ruler in the bottom. It has no batting and Betsy was wondering how it would hang.

It is nice having THE MAN home but his snoring doesn't do anything for my beauty sleep. Heaven knows I need lots of it. Makes for a long day in class.

I just had to add this...go to Sew Fantastic and see how she is organizing her stash with Comic book boards.....

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Notice that I did not do all 12 squares. When I laid what I had pluss the one square I completed, I did not and I repeat, did not like the look of it. Not happy.

Sooooooooooooooo I said, "why invest any more time into this quilt"! So, the sewing came to a halt! Laid them all on the floor....went and watched some "Flip this House" and thought about it. Came back...put in the sashing...and

then....went and thought again...more "flip this house"

didn't want to deal with all those 2 1/2 inch strips later on.....and well, that is why I did the border the way I did.

Still don't like it but hey, it is finished top. Another basket empty.

So tonight I am working on a quilt I started 2 years ago, one of my fist quilts I talked about on my blog because I have now been blogging 2 years.....wooooo hooo...who would have thunk it? Don't think I will finish it tonight but....I am going to try to get it done next week. You can hold me to it...


Saturday, September 18, 2010


What do you think?

Not perfect but the top is done..... I squeezed every fiber of material I could to sash in red and to do the black border....barely tweeked by but I made it....

Doing the dance....

Friday, September 17, 2010


Don't you just hate it when you think you have a great idea, but find out someone else has already thought of it?

That is the case with these vases. I used my flower die for the Go cutter to make the vase, thinking how clever I was. Come to find out Darlene mentioned on facebook that there was a video out showing how to make these. Oh well....what is that..."Great minds think alike!"

I made this block with the circle die and flower die. I have added more flowers to give it more balance but was tooo lazy to take another picture. You can look in the picture below. Oh...and these blocks need to be time...just thinking right now...

This is why I am making these blocks. This is a family Round Robin that we did a few years ago. I did the middle applique (see Crispy, I can do needle work). The rest with the exception of the blocks above were done by family members.

I pulled this out when I was pulling stuff out to work on but couldnt' decide....had it on the floor for a while, pulled it it is back on the floor. Husband will be gone and I think this is where it will stay until I decide what to do with it. All the blocks do not have the same measurements..... So....I am in the thinking stage.....

My goal is to finish this RR and get it to the top stage.

Next goal is to finish the Jelly Roll quilt along and get it to the top stage. I don't have enough batting to complete these but soon, verys soon, I will not have a batting problem.

Right now, I am just thinking!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Some of you may remember this quilt. I made it in Texas on Daddy pfaff, called Orange Slice. Got the beautiful orange fabric (except for backing) from Quilt Taffy. I also get all my schnibble needs from her as well.

Now I love love love this quilt...the Samoan fabric for the back is mouth watering. I know, alot of you don't like orange....but oh.....I do. Those chewy orange slices that you eat, they stick to your teeth....or the orange Fanta, or tang? You name it...I am there....candy stuck to my teeth and all.

So...truth be told. I did a horrible job pieceing it. I didn't have a 1/4 foot and well...I have become very spoiled. I told you all that I am a kept woman and extremely spoiled. Yes, I had a hard time without this foot to guide me alot of the squares were eased in. Therefore, I did the swirls to make up for the really sorry workmanship. I think it worked.....well...maybe.

Then I finished this table runner...whohooooo look who is on a roll now. With the M & M's Darlene sent me, I will be rolling out the door if I don't stop eating them. I have to exercise double time (is it worth it.......oh yea!!).

Just got home from teaching those classes...and well....need to get energized before tackling another job...maybe I will just sit back and relax??? Been without internet, need to catch up on sorry if I haven't been by....later....oh...was that an M & M that fell....gotta go find it, 5 second rule....

Oh....if you are interested in the Book Round Robin, see post below this one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


First of all, my sister Jeantte sent me this panel about a month ago or more. I had it wanting to do something with it. She is putting alot of panels in her store this week, so go by and check it out later this week. She says she sent me a package...whohoooooooo hope it is more panels...I know, I am such a greedy monger.

Now....if you thought my room was a mess....I have gone from project to project, pulled out an old RR, pulled out a flamingo panel, the jelly roll quilt along. I actually cut out wax paper for an applique project...that is when I felt a slap upside my "GIRL, what in the world do you think you are doing?" No more projects, NO MORE!!! Find one thing and finish even tho I have all these projects and can't concentrate on a single one...I am going to make myself chose after this post and on Thursday (maybe tomorrow if there is time) and show you one project that I have finished...I will....I will......okay...I am committed or maybe I should have myself comitted??? What ever!!

You see this journal is absoutely gorgeous, I want to wear it around my neck like Kelly was wearing the iron on her blog but sorry Kelly this journal out does your iron any day. This picture does not do it justice. Stepahnie over at Ditch In time Quilts made this...soooo amazing and I am going to be sure to take it tomorrow and show the classes what a little thought and creativity can do. Thanks Stephanie.

Now the fun part, you see this book( you will have to scroll down further).... it was given to me by Sew Cal. I think this gal would give you her right arm if she felt you needed it more than her. I just got two big bags of M & M's...(no weight loss for me this week) and some steam a seam ....lots of goodies ...

Did I get sidetracked....hummmmmm (that is not like me...HA!)

Okay, I asked her if I could give it away after I read it. She said certainly.

Well...I guess you can't call this a giveaway because the stipulation behind this non giveaway which I am calling a BRR (Book Round Robin), I pick a winner, the winner reads the book and passes it on. They in turn have a giveaway. I will write my name in the book, my friend Jean read it and I will put her name in it and so each time, we all will just add our names as we read it. So....if you are game for alittle Book Round Robin, cast in your name...but remember, it is not yours to keep, only pass along. And keeping in the true form of a giveaway, I will send a little pattern with it (will let you choose). must state in your giveaway what blog your this book comes from.

So...from Sew Cal to Bejeweled to you....and in the book, my name with where I live.

Are you ready for some (no not football)....some BRR???

OHHH we need a deadling....lets say Saturday...

Monday, September 13, 2010



I blanket stitched this table runner..... you can find it at inchworm fabrics

Working on the border for this quilt. Something about doing all this blanket stitching that has made my mind go blank...and no desire to post, no desire to sew...just want mindless the blanket stitch is perfect for that.

Today I taught two classes. I actually did my first trunk was awesome. The first class had 20 students and the second maybe had 12. The second class was those that have sewed on a machine before.

I have decided that whether I am knowledgeable or not that I love to teach....brings me great satisfaction and happiness.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I woke up this morning in a funk......(have you ever tried pepermint oil for the blues)?

I have so much to do and no desire to do any of it....soooooo I started purging.

This whole room blew up in a matter of feels good to purge.

I am not even looking back. I check it once...not twice, just once...gone...and I will not say what has hit the garbage.....I might be stoned to death.

Look at my desk? sheweeeee and yes, gotta have a little chocolate snack to help the purging process.

A whole garbage sack full of scraps....gone!!! No, not to the dump but to a place that will use them... I still have that one basket full of scraps....

Some of you might be the receipent of my purges. If it didn't cost so much, I know that alot more of you would be on the receiving end.

Nothing feels better than a good purge. I have been hauling some of this stuff around for years......gone!!

My husband is getting real antsy to get off this he is making me antsy. He has been known to make miracles happen as far as moving I am going to be ready. Either way, the movers will love me...well...not really but compared to what it could have been to what it is now....yes....they should love me.

As of now, we are looking at Seattle, Washington, Sacramento,and Monteray, Calif, Virginia may be an option for later (who knows...don't you just love not knowing)?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meet my friends......

This is Minnie, she is the person I am working with in the S.O.S program.

I asked her just what was her job title and this is what she told me.

My role....actually, I'm the president of Empowerment Unlimited Inc. This company was created to provide training and service needs to the community, with a focus on the 'at risk' population. This program we're involved in now, is directed at unskilled and unemployed residents of American Samoa. With the loss of jobs, thru the closing of the cannery, the tsunami and the decline of the global, national and local economy, it becomes important to equip this population with skills to help them find employment, improve their employable skills and help them find ways to become and stay self-reliant

Now I just need to find out how that fits in with the Human Resource Dept because that is where her office is.....still alot to know.

Here she is trying the Go cutter....I heard a take in of air when she cut her first piece....and almost a squeal. That said it all right there. She called a few people in to view the process. She was just so excited.

That was on Wednesday!!


Thursday the W-Cap group (non-profit) came over. They came last week to learn hexies.

Here is one gal using the Go cutter...she didn't want to stop.

Here she is with the hexies she made during the week. She wants to make a bed cover...very ambitious for her first project.

Another gal using the Go cutter....making more hexies for the week. This gal made picture frames out of her hexies. She didn't bring them to show but her husband was sure impressed with them.

Friday, September 3, 2010



SHE HAS CREATED ANOTHER WONDERFUL PATTERN FOR US. IT IS IN PDF FORMAT, so instant gratification. It will be at sold at INCHWORM FABRICS. Ooopsss, I noticed that she does not have it listed yet, I also know she was having computer if you would like it, just leave a comment and I will get back with you....the price is really inexpensive.

So all that being said.....Here is my version of her pattern (mine is not quilted or the blanet stitch around the stars and scallops).

I used my Go cutter for the stars, so they are differnt than hers. I used some of my Crazy 8 honey bun (instead of cutting strips or using I also used Steam A seam like no body's business. I also will use the blanket stitch where she used a beautiful running stitch on her stars and the scallops.

Two different women, two different techniques, ending up with two awesome table runners.

Thanks Jean for this fun, easy pattern!!


Wacky Woman won the pattern,Marilyn's Maze, all I need now is your address and I will send the patten out to you.

Thanks to everone that came by and left comments. Your comments are the highlight of my day.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This quilt was put together by me but my sister Margaret did the blocks.

I was so impressed by the back of her blocks....I know you thought I was going to talk about my backside beauty (ha!!...don't want to gross anyone out there)... Trust me no one but my husband watches me walk away....and I guess after 31 years of marriage and he still watches me walk away...not too bad.

Okay...I know, it always ends up about me...lets get back to the back side of this block. Look at what great care she took in ironing it...just amazes back side never looks like me.

Which brings me to this Samoan goodness.... But...gotta be looks pretty but the fabric is not the best.

I changed needles twice to try and get the right fitting for the material. My thread would break.... I am pretty sure this is not 100% cotton like the gal said, it has some rayon in it...

My tip on doing this drunkard's path is

you already have your "L" sewn to your pie.

I decide which "L" color I want on the bottom.... I usually go for the light, the red "L" or dark is on top. I will always flip my light seam down, which makes the red seam they butt up against each other to make your line intersect just right.

See how one seam goes up and one want every one of your seams to point the same way. So for me, light seams down, dark seams up. Takes all the worry out of it....

If you just remember this one tip, your block will look like this on the back side. Everything laying smooth and flat. If I have confused you...sorry....just remember...light down, dark up....