Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is the rest of the mail...

If you are sick of hearing about it, well...don't blame you for it.

I purchased some fabrics from Inchworm Fabrics, just the black and white and my sister sent me extra...

I know, that is alot extra....and I just love it.

She spoils me....

but you don't hear me squealing about only hear the squeal I made when I opened the box and saw what was in it......

Sandy sent me this wonderful package....

she saw my orange post and decided to send me an orange package....Oh my....did she ever. I just might have to do another orange slice quilt.
Thanks Sandy!! I just love it all!!! Notice the orange chocolate...ummm ummmmm...

So my reputation of being a tater is out..... I tend to get packages with candy in them...once again, you don't hear me squeal about it except for the squeal of a pig when eating it.

No shame here...tater girl is going to enjoy these goodies, eating and sewing.....



  1. Nice little "gifties" my dear friend. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. Both fabric collections look great!

  3. Wow Great stuff!!
    Enjoy the chocolate!!

  4. Since your mail isn't everyday like ours, your mail days tend to be a bit larger. It's fun when it isn't all bills :)

    p.s. love the little crabs!

  5. Mmmm orange chocolate.... (he squeals like a pig)

  6. I'd rip into those wonderful sticky orange slices and had them stuck all over my teeth!! LOVE those puppies!! You lucky girl!

  7. I'm thinking how great it is to see your relationship with your sister! thank you for sharing the love.

  8. Great packages! Enjoy your candy. I'm glad your sister sent the thread as it reminded me to put thread on my shopping list.

  9. Oh look at those fabrics!! and the thread, and candy!! Man oh Man I love candy too! What a great day, fabric and candy, it just cannot get any better than that!!

  10. Nice stuff you got there! But you're worth it. You could share some of those goodies though. No shame here either. I can oink with the best of them.

  11. Very cool gifts!! Nothin' better than somethin' in the mail :0)


  12. Whooooweeeeeeeeee, there's some great things in those packages, and the fabrics look good too.


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