Saturday, February 22, 2014


Here is the update on my room......ohhhh la la

Do I hear a WOOT???

All that is left is the trim.  Waiting on my son to finish putting up the trim.  He can make fast work of it but between work and traveling he has not had time.  

 So I have taken over the guest room and yesterday I had all day to play and play I did.

Working with this awesome Samoan Fabric.  I can not get enough of it.

Maybe this is a complaint (okay, no maybe about it) but with all my sewing in boxes it is really difficult to work.  I have been spoiled with all of my rulers and tools.  I go on search and rescue missions and end up making a mess everywhere.  I like my things when I sew, makes it so much easier.  Seems like I have gone back to the first time I started quilting...using the bare minimal of things.

Okay....I will stop whinning but my THINGS miss me.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sewing room....

This is a pretty good size room and my poor husband sanded the whole thing.
  I sanded one day but the last mudding he sanded it all.  Then he painted the ceiling while  I worked on painting around the windows, doors, and in the corners to make it easier to roll.    

Now the electrician is here.  There are two lights like this one you see (don't know if I like it, husband picked it out and know what they say about beggars).  The other light is going on the other end of the room with a ceiling fan in the middle.    You can see where one of my sewing boxes made it out to the middle of the anxious to be up and out.
 I got to play yesterday.  I finished up all of the Beattitudes squares and then I did a little machine embroidery.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

If you are interested in winning one of my Valentines pattern, go to Pig Tales and Quilts.  Thanks Thearica for the wonder shout out.  Thearica has a wonderful online shop and you can find it here.

Here are the patterns that I am giving away over at Pig Tales and Quilts

Have a wonderful Sunday....

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I have been wanting to show you some pictures I found at a garage sale many moons before I went to Samoa.

I didn't want to take them with me and since my home in Virginia and Texas were rentals I didn't want to poke holes in the walls.

During this time I often thought of these pictures and how much I loved them and if they would go with our home now.  I truly thought they wouldn't but to my happiness they do go well.

 The colors are more vibrant up close and personal.  Don't you just love the birds??

Then next one reminds me of Samoa.  I have it placed over my fireplace and just love it.

There are two smaller ones that go with these but they are not unpacked yet.  You will not believe the price I got these for.  Get ready to pass out.  I did not even dicker with them....and when I tell you the price you will know why.  I got all four picture for six dollars.  These are originals.  I do not know if the owner was the one who painted these, if so, he under sold himself.

Now for some more patterns, these are doll patterns.

 While my husband is slaving away in the soon to be sewing room.  He is sanding down the joints and ceiling. don't have to tell me that I need to be out rude of me not to be....but I am working on these Beattitudes squares.  I am getting to sew.  He has not complained once....I am ashamed to say that if it was me...I would be grumpy that I was not getting help.....I did make him cookies.....hummmm

It was a dark and dreary morning and I didn't think he would go out and work in the room but later it lightened up and so...he is out there...poor guy.  He is certainly making a mess in my home...instead a one inch of dust I now have about three.  Am I complaining????  Not at all...but I really should be out there....NOT!!!!  Don't I have a good man...there are no loaners either!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Patterns in the attic

This is just the tip of the iceberg of patterns.....

what is weird, I remember wearing some of these....hummmmmm  does that mean I am vintage?

 I truly do not want to throw these out either...gotta find a way to get rid of them....


Don't mind the washing machine in the background ( you all notice it, maybe I should not have said anything).

Here are the hats we found in the attic.  

The owner of these hats must have had a small head.

Here is a funny looking one
Here is the inside of the funny looking one.
This one is all feathers and there is a netting inside.

The one at the top is so funny looking, my husband thought it was a wig....HUH????

I can see Lucille Ball wearing the one on the right.

These are satin.

It was so fun finding these hats, now to find a vintage store that would love to have them.  I personally do not need all of these things.  I am even thinking of selling the quilt squares I have found...yes, I found more.  So if any of you might be interested...just give me a shout out and I will send over pictures.  I will never finish them. leave you with a photo of my sewing room today.  Husband spent yesterday building a temporary chicken coop so my room was on hold....but today I think we are going to put the last mudd on it and we will begin the painting tomorrow.  Did I hear someone Whoop????

Monday, February 3, 2014

Young Women Values

How many of you knew that Riley Blake made fabric for the Young Women Values?

I sure didn't.  My sister Jeanette from Inchworm Fabrics sent me this fabric, I just tossed it aside because I had company coming.  I thought boy that sure is cute.


it wasn't until I sat to do something with it that I noticed that it was the "Young Women Values"

Here are the values if you are not familiar with them.

Choice and Accountability
Good Work and Intregrity
Individual Worth
and Divine Nature.

How awesome is this???  Teaching our Young women wonderful values and Riley Blake was awesome enough to make fabric from them.  I say....OHHHHHH  stinking YESSSSS

Now I took these pictures off my sister's site because I was too lazy to take my own pictures....I will ask forgiviness later (not that she would really care).