Sunday, September 28, 2014



But TWO  (this one is not ironed)


Have any of you ever done this?  I even drew it out on paper...went looking for my crude  drawing but couldn't find it.

As you can see, these are only half square triangles.  EASY!!!!

You can use one charm pack of white for this and then depending on what you want your dominate colors but for the sake of a picture.  In this picture the dominate color is you will need 24 five inch squares and 16 yellow.  
Mark a diagonal line across the back of each white and then just sew 1/4 from the line on each side of it and then cut down the line.  Giving you two blocks...yep this is where I messed up....I counted the squares I needed and then skipped over the fact that when you place the two squares together and sew and cut you have two squares instead of one..thus giving me double the blocks.  Am I making sense or just driving you batty?

This makes a 34" x 42" baby quilt and if you want to make it larger, just add borders.  I think I am going to pass on the borders.  I have a cute backing I want to make and will show that to you when I am done.

This is the family block this dimensions....I was so afraid to do this one but once I got going it took no time at all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


First off, I wanted to show you the finished quilt!  YEA ME!!!   I had originally done a middle but didn't like the shoes, looked to babyish as you see in this picture.  

For some reason I just couldn't continue on with this quilt because it is not a baby quilt.  So it sat for a few weeks while I thought....and thought...

Finally I took it out and came up with these shoes and I must say I am so much happier.  Quilt has been folded up, forgot to take a picture when it was finished, therefore wrinkles.

 We will get to these Lapel sticks in a minute.

 Finished this baby quilt using the panels and last border from Inchworm Fabrics.  I am not really a fan of panels and w  I cut them apart, added the sashing and the rest is history.  My sister Beverly gave me the ABC's and I found the ABC border in my stash...whohoooo  that was a true happy dance (did you feel the earth quake)?  Now I feel differently about panels...I went in search of more in my stash...

I had not heard of these sticks before until Gene posted on his blog about them, once again....just hit his name and you will be transported to his take on the sticks.  I was so interested in his post that I contacted Gene about these sticks.  Then he hooked me up with Keith, president, of the company who makes them and he sent me some to try.

Here is my take on the sticks.  I use the glue stick to bind my quilts, I sew the one side, glue the other and then sew...makes is to easy

Here is what I found:
1.  Don't use steam with the Lapel Stick.  I use steam with my glue sticks, found it works best that way.  So the Lapel Stick goes easy on the steamed needed.

2.  As far as mess, the lapel stick wins hands down....usually when I use glue sticks I have a mess all over the fingers I am using.  With the Lapel Stick I have less mess and it takes me less time to wash up or if I have to wash up at all.  I know, there are some of you out there that are not messy...pooey on you (smiling)....I can't do anything without making a mess so this is an issue with me.

3.  I really wanted to try this product because I go through a lot of glue and am always up for a different type or something that will make my life a little easier which I have found that these Lapel sticks are a pretty smart idea.  

Thanks Keith for allowing me to try this product and Gene for introducing them to me.

Friday, September 19, 2014


This is what I am working on today.  Just got it pinned, now ready to quilt.

I know you are asking me what does this quilt and me quilting today have to do with war.

I remember growing up at the tail end of the hippie era, wasn't old enough for Woodstock but young enough to wear bell bottoms (ha!!).

Well...I have a son visiting.  He is in the army and I am afraid he will soon have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan much to my displeasure.  I do keep thinking of all the wives out there who have children that will be missing their fathers and so to comfort myself I say....he only has me to be sad he is gone, I don't have children at home missing their dad.  Oh, I am sure there are family members that will be sad and will worry but right now it is all about ME!!  One minute they are babes in your arms and the next they are grown and going to war.  Why not make love instead of war.  I say put some of us moms at the head of this country (Hillary doesn't count)...and we can send everyone to their own corners and not come out until they are happy.  Don't ya wish it was that easy.

So....he is outside with his dad and I am going to get me some quilting time.  YEA me!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Here is my new pattern using Island Batik fabrics.  The background fabric is from the Latte Foam line.  I even flipped to the wrong side of the fabric for the candy corn tips.  One of the many reasons I love batiks.

The main line of fabric is Witch's Brew.  Can I just say how much I love these fabrics?  The colors are so vibrant and fun.

This pattern was actually fun to make from start to finish.  

You can go online to Island Batik and find the store locator and it will tell you the nearest store to you that sell their fabrics.  

Have a fabulous week-end, it is finally raining here which cooled things off here in THE GREAT STATE of TEXAS!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014



 and these Inchworm Fabrics

to this!!!

 For two days now I have had some gals come over and sew.  The first day they worked on some things but the second day only one showed up and we made this ten minute runner.


Thursday, September 11, 2014


What is inside this box? I just love these boxes at JoAnn's, fits so well in the cubby of my desk!

As I was looking around my room the other day before I had a few sewing ladies in.....I noticed my piles of projects, here and there...and the.......THE SCRAP BASKET!!!! (did you hear the creepy msic?)

So after we played in the sewing room I was determined to do something with my overflowing scrap basket.

Went to the hall closet (yes...I have scraps everywhere).  Pulled out the (I am so ashamed to say this....but) FOUR
tubs of scraps.  Interject sobbing here...... I didn't realize it was that bad.  I truly didn't.  I just discovered them the other day when I was looking for scraps.  Truly....I just didn't know.

Now....what to do with the scraps in the basket....NOT ANOTHER BIN!!!

So...true to form.

I am always doing the thing I shouldn't be doing and not doing the things I should.

Got out all the scraps...and started whacking away!!

THREE HOURS later and I have this.  A cazillion 2 1/2 inch strips!!

Filled the bottom of my box and started on a second layer

Then........................... I got this pot holder pattern in the mail from my Sister Jeanette!!

And these beautiful Halloween Fabrics from her.....  Inchworm Fabrics....they are awesome...won't you go by and take a look see?

I forgot to show you a picture of my hungry basket......I keep telling it not to will soon be overflowing with breeding scraps!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This quilt was purchased at Hancock's 
It is called Sea Breeze quilt Kit.

I think I have made a few kits quilts before.  I have to say that I so love this quilt.
It goes so fast and is easy easy easy.  Took no time at all to make this.

The only problem I had was my needle going through the white on white.  For some reason my needles didn't like this fabric.  You heard me, I said needles.  I was using Schmetz  size 9, then  size 14, then  16 and finally I used an Organ needle that I use for my embroidery machine.  My thread kept breaking when I was trying to quilt.  Drove me insane.  Once I put the Organ needle in my thread only broke once.  

I really couldn't blame it on the thread because the thread I used to quilt is Sulky white 944-1001, I have to say that this is my most favorite thread to quilt with. far as the quilt, the instructions were clear and well...sometimes it is just nice to have someone else make the decision as to what fabrics to use.

Back to the question, kit or not kit?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Are your engines Revved? 

Seems that mine has pootetered out.

I made 48 of these blocks beginning of last week.  I just keep moving them from place to place.

 Got two bindings ready...there they sit.

 Got the center of this one quilt finished.....yep...there it sits...

 This quilt needs a binding....huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Maybe today?  Maybe!!!

Oh...I went into bloglovin to read is even worse than it was before, no wonder people have stopped reading blogs or even blogging.....  I need to go into blog lovin and pull out all my favorite blogs and post them on my sidebar, I was doing that but got sidetracked...and it is a lot of work.  Frustrating!!