Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 Christine, Jeanette's daughter, has joined the Inch Worm Fabric team, I think she is going to try to blog for Jeanette.  I am excited, I get to use all the awesome fabrics in the store and Christine gets to blog about them.

I will say that when I was in her store I noticed that she had a fat quarter bundle of "Anne of Green Gables" fabric.   Below are the fabrics ..... aren't they wonderful?

Last year I finished the "Starry Night" top, I was wanting to do some fancy quilting.  I kept waiting and waiting....moving the top from one place to another.  I know all of you out there do not do that....  Actually, I was kinda nervous to do ruler work and also, I knew that it would take me forever and I have so many other things I want to do....was that a whine?

So I decided to swirl it.  Let me tell you, even swirling it took a lot of time and bobbins, I went over 12 bobbins, lost count after the 12.

I convinced my son to hold it up for me.  I sooooo Love it.  I will tell ya, the fabrics look kinda dull but they are not....they scream brightness.

Rainy and cold today.

Saturday, October 23, 2021


I just have to say that my most favorite time of the year is fall.  I love the chill in the air and the smell of fall.

Here is the fat quarter bundle I purchased from Quilt in a Day.  Riley Flake "Farm House Christmas".   I just love these fabrics....Happy Birthday to me.

Next I got a surprise package from Creative Latitude, there were two skeletons but my grandson has the black one tied to his backpack.  There were also some other goodies but my grandson ate those.  She was just sending random people little gifts for commenting on her post.  She is one amazing person and friend.

Winding Ways Accuquilt die....why am I showing you this....because I want it....haha

the reason I would like this die is because of what I am doing at the present time.

The red fabric is Island Batik but I am mostly using Java batiks.
I swore I was not going to start another project until I got a few things done but those Java Batiks from Inchworm fabrics were just screaming at I had to do something.

This is going to be Country Chic by Sew Kind of Wonderful using the quick curved ruler but the winding ways would really make fast work of this.  I will say that my squares are 5",  making a 10 inch block.  The winding ways makes an 8" finished block.

My sister, Jeanette, at Inchworm fabrics has asked me if she sent me fabric would I be willing to make some projects and post about them, kinda like an ambassador.  Who doesn't like free I jumped on that in a heart beat.  My first fabric is coming this week....I am so excited.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Before I show you the awesome goodness, I wanted to show you my Anne of  Green Gables Quilt.
I just love the fabric by Riley Blake.  I actually have all of the squares put together just no borders yet, gonna let my sister catch up some.

Okay, the next pictures are my birthday hall from Inchworm fabrics.  Most of you know this is my sister, Jeanette's store.  I actually purchased some fabric from Quilt in a Day but that has not come in yet.

So without further jabbering I am going to show you Java Batiks from Inchworm Fabrics

Stone Java Batik Bundle
Did you know you can get a 10 fat quarter bundle of Java Batiks for 21.00 in her store?

Rose Java Batik Bundle

 Blue Java Batik Bundle

Green Java Batik Bundle


  Seeds of Glory 5 yard bundle by Stacy West of Buttermilk Basic Designs Co. for Riley Blake

BE STILL MY HEART...... I can not get enough batiks to save my soul

I wanted to tell you about my Juki sewing machine.  I have had it for maybe 3 years.
It actually was acting funny from day one.  It would go slow and then fast, finally it started shutting off.  It was so bad that one night I just knew it was dead.  I was really disappointed because I did not want to purchase another machine and was fairly new, and I was thinking I just ran it into the ground.

Then next day it did run but would shut off again.  So I unplugged it and put it in another socket of my power cord, didn't work.  So I was just going to take it to the shed and  that would be that.  But.....on my way out I decided to try it in the wall socket in the dinning room.  Guess what, it worked.  So I came back to my sewing room and put it in the last plug of the power cord, I guess that is what you call it, the cord you can plug several things into.  It did work but still had issues.  I was talking to my husband and we both decided to just plug it into the wall.  Low and behold it worked and it worked good.  No more slow then more going out.  So all along it should have been plugged into the wall.  I am so happy, it works better than when I got it because it has always been on a power cord with other machines and the iron. sister, Beverly, was telling me  her Juki died, her's was a little older than mine.  I was so excited when I got my working again that I called her.  She called me back and said her machine was working and to this day, it is still working.  Yeah us!!

Thursday, October 7, 2021


I know you will be shocked to see that I have posted twice in one week.  I told you I would show you what I have been up too since my last post about a month or so ago.

So....while I was out.

I made this Garlic Knot baby quilt.  I wanted to try this pattern and what better way than with a baby quilt?

I used a Riley Blake jelly roll, had it so long that I lost the tag so I can't tell you what line, sorry.

The baby quilt was so fun that I made a larger one.  Just need to quilt it.  These pictures do not do some of these quilts justice.  The pink is more pink....the colors are more vibrant.  I just need somewhere to take pictures (was that a whine)?

My sister Jeanette and I are at it again.  I loved this Anne of Green Gables Fabric by Riley my sister and I purchased it.    We saw a quilt we loved and found the Spring Star Block in the "Farm Girl Vintage" book by lori Holt and well...the rest is in the makings.


Here is all fourty-two blocks.  I decided to get a few things done before I finish this quilt top.

Here is my school house quilt flimsy.  I have to be honest.  I did not like this.  Every once in a while I do a blooper of a quilt and this was it.  This is actually the twin to the Ginger Jar quilt in about two post below this one.  I made these houses first and didn't like them so I made the Ginger Jar quilt.  I wish you could see the border the fabric and once I got it all together I am thinking, it is not so bad.  I just might like it.  Once again....need a better place to take pictures.

Here is my BOO!!! Quilt by Margot Languedoc.  My grandson loves this quilt.  I have it on a rack in my formal livingroom.

Made this cute baby quilt using my Accuquilt Go Alphabet die and the train die.

As I stated before, this quilt was the accuquilt fan die and I used scraps.  I actually did not meander this quilt.  It spoke to me  and said....Oh are not going to just meander me, so I did cobble stones around the fan and various other designs.  I did meander a little but not much.

 Now this little quilt I am going to make into a wheelchair quilt.....the workings are in my head....I saw various pictures and well.....we are going to wing it.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


We definitely are having internet troubles over here at the Gaddy House.  Drives me insane.
I think we have too many users?  Hummmmm

As some of you know, I have my son and his family living here.  I had cleaned out my huge sewing room several years ago and they moved in for a year.  I did leave some quilty items in the room like my long arm (which I recently sold).

Anyways, I am making a short story long.  I moved all of my quilty stuff out of that room and the little storage room connected to it into my smaller sewing room and our third bedroom.

Now I have another son and his son coming to live with us and there goes the third room.....  I literally thought I could not bring another thing in my sewing room but each day as I clean out that room more stuff comes in.  I am truly amazed with my organizational skills (ha ha).  Believe it or not, I still have room to move around but every nook and cranny is crammed packed.  If I go missing....come look in the crannies of my room I may have fallen and not able to get up.....

Several weeks ago I wanted to show all of you  what I am going to show you now.

Here are three quilts made from the same fabrics.  Java Batiks from Inchworm Fabrics,  I had purchased these fabrics from her several years ago.

I know you have all seen these quilt but I am sure you didn't know they were sister quilts (made from the same fabrics).

This is "Radiant" by Cozy Quilt designs, using the Java Batiks

Same Java Batiks "Penelope" by Sew Kind of Wonderful

Same Java Batiks and a few Island Batik , "Chic County" by Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Isn't it amazing how different these quilts look?  So I call them sister quilts.

Today I went to her store and purchased a bunch more Java is my birthday this week, won't tell you how old I am.   Anyways my husband asked what I wanted and I told him I didn't want or need anything.  He said, well then he would go and buy me some expensive jewlery.  I told him, that I am just not the expensive jewlery type person.  He has brought me some in the past, I do love what he has purchased but I just see no need when the cheap stuff suits me just find.  Did I hear someone laugh????  Ya think I am crazy?   Maybe....  I am actually a cheap wife for him, I hope he appreciates it.  He won't think I am cheap when he sees the bill I racked up in my sister's shop.....

Who is laughing now?

I have been busy in my sewing room ....  maybe tomorrow I will show you what I have been up too....till then!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2021


I was not swallowed by a black hole..... life just happened.

When Craftsy went out of business, I purchased two fat quarter bundles and gave one to my sister.  We both decided to do this Sew Kind of Wonderful Nine Patch on Point.
91 x 91

Next is the Star of  Bethlehem Quilt.  One block quilt.  My sister, Jeanette, came up with this idea.  She sure gets me into a lot of trouble...  Fits my Queen Size bed perfectly, can't remember how big it is but has a nice over hang.

This purple quilt is a block from Jaqueline Steves sew along from a few years back.


                                       Here is the back with the beautiful Samoan fabric.

Sew Kind of Wonderful Chic Country, now this was a fun fun quilt to make and I will be making another.  I used Java Batiks from Inchworm Fabrics, a few Island Batik, and Timeless Treasure fabrics.

Jeanette and I both purchased Bella Mariposa fat quarter bundle from "Quilt in a day".  I made ginger jars as you see below and another quilt which is not done.  My sister has hers almost done.  My sister is a very busy gal, it is a wonder she gets any quilting done at all.  She has a full time job and a huge yard she likes to garden in when she gets home which is usually late.

I finally finished my king size log cabin quilt.  I was not able to use my longarm because once again we have family in that room, so I did it on my Jazz.  I don't know if you can see but for each row of log cabin I chose a different quilting design...was loads of fun.  Took me three days to quilt up.  I used the Accuquilt Log Cabin die.  I forgot the size, I do know width wide it is 108 because I had to add more to the backing and the backing was one of those 108" backing.  


I made this little baby quilt for a sweet cousin of mine using the Accuquilt 8" Go Cube and the Sunbonnet Sue die as well.

I finally got around to making pillow cases for this quilt.   Decided to put Gene Black pillow on there.  The pillow was his design and I just made it into a pillow.

This is my newest project.  With all of the turmoil going on I can not think of a more appropriate quilt.  I just love our country.  I used the Ohio Star Accuquilt Die and the Accuquilt Alphabet die.

Just have to finish her up.  It is for the Local Republican Woman group here in town to raffle off.

This is for a sweet little friend and her new baby.  Last night I quilted it.  I actually made it all in one day.  I could have finished it up but my machine messed up on me so I had to rip out a whole section....pooey.

                  So as you can see, I have been doing a little quilting since I last posted!   

Sunday, February 14, 2021


Here is the fabric I picked out for my Tree of Life Quilt.  I might change the solid green, we will see.

I did organize my fabrics and found I have way too much red.  I am not a red person so I can not figure out for the life of me why I have so much??????  I also have very little purple and pink, what is up with that?  Oh is nice and tidy.  I wish I had taken a picture but my room has been destroyed since.  Don't ask me how that happened.


Blast those advertisements that come in our hotmail.....Blast!!!!!  

I clicked on an ad for Sew Kind of Wonderful and went to their site.  Blast it all!!

I did a tour of their free patterns and low and behold this pattern pops up.  I don't know what happened...


I had to order the Urban Nine Patch in order to do this  Nine Patch-on-point but I didn't mind.

I guess you know what happened after that????  Yep......the Tree of Life was put in a pile on my table (sorry)

Here is my quick Curve Ruler in action, it is a little unnerving to make that cut because as you know, once that cut is made, there is no going back.

                                                                          Here is the results!!!


If I counted right, there are sixteen curves that have to be sewn and guess what????

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

By the way, I have my sister, Jeanette, to thank  for getting me hooked on this ruler.  I think she is joining me in making this quilt, not sure yet.

We have a little ice on the ground and it is cold cold cold......stay warm and safe!