Tuesday, August 3, 2021


I was not swallowed by a black hole..... life just happened.

When Craftsy went out of business, I purchased two fat quarter bundles and gave one to my sister.  We both decided to do this Sew Kind of Wonderful Nine Patch on Point.
91 x 91

Next is the Star of  Bethlehem Quilt.  One block quilt.  My sister, Jeanette, came up with this idea.  She sure gets me into a lot of trouble...  Fits my Queen Size bed perfectly, can't remember how big it is but has a nice over hang.

This purple quilt is a block from Jaqueline Steves sew along from a few years back.


                                       Here is the back with the beautiful Samoan fabric.

Sew Kind of Wonderful Chic Country, now this was a fun fun quilt to make and I will be making another.  I used Java Batiks from Inchworm Fabrics, a few Island Batik, and Timeless Treasure fabrics.

Jeanette and I both purchased Bella Mariposa fat quarter bundle from "Quilt in a day".  I made ginger jars as you see below and another quilt which is not done.  My sister has hers almost done.  My sister is a very busy gal, it is a wonder she gets any quilting done at all.  She has a full time job and a huge yard she likes to garden in when she gets home which is usually late.

I finally finished my king size log cabin quilt.  I was not able to use my longarm because once again we have family in that room, so I did it on my Jazz.  I don't know if you can see but for each row of log cabin I chose a different quilting design...was loads of fun.  Took me three days to quilt up.  I used the Accuquilt Log Cabin die.  I forgot the size, I do know width wide it is 108 because I had to add more to the backing and the backing was one of those 108" backing.  


I made this little baby quilt for a sweet cousin of mine using the Accuquilt 8" Go Cube and the Sunbonnet Sue die as well.

I finally got around to making pillow cases for this quilt.   Decided to put Gene Black pillow on there.  The pillow was his design and I just made it into a pillow.

This is my newest project.  With all of the turmoil going on I can not think of a more appropriate quilt.  I just love our country.  I used the Ohio Star Accuquilt Die and the Accuquilt Alphabet die.

Just have to finish her up.  It is for the Local Republican Woman group here in town to raffle off.

This is for a sweet little friend and her new baby.  Last night I quilted it.  I actually made it all in one day.  I could have finished it up but my machine messed up on me so I had to rip out a whole section....pooey.

                  So as you can see, I have been doing a little quilting since I last posted!   

Sunday, February 14, 2021


Here is the fabric I picked out for my Tree of Life Quilt.  I might change the solid green, we will see.

I did organize my fabrics and found I have way too much red.  I am not a red person so I can not figure out for the life of me why I have so much??????  I also have very little purple and pink, what is up with that?  Oh well...it is nice and tidy.  I wish I had taken a picture but my room has been destroyed since.  Don't ask me how that happened.


Blast those advertisements that come in our hotmail.....Blast!!!!!  

I clicked on an ad for Sew Kind of Wonderful and went to their site.  Blast it all!!

I did a tour of their free patterns and low and behold this pattern pops up.  I don't know what happened...


I had to order the Urban Nine Patch in order to do this  Nine Patch-on-point but I didn't mind.

I guess you know what happened after that????  Yep......the Tree of Life was put in a pile on my table (sorry)

Here is my quick Curve Ruler in action, it is a little unnerving to make that cut because as you know, once that cut is made, there is no going back.

                                                                          Here is the results!!!


If I counted right, there are sixteen curves that have to be sewn and guess what????

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

By the way, I have my sister, Jeanette, to thank  for getting me hooked on this ruler.  I think she is joining me in making this quilt, not sure yet.

We have a little ice on the ground and it is cold cold cold......stay warm and safe!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Posh Penelope by Sew Kind of Wonderful - family quilt

I just wanted to show you the completed "Posh Penelope" by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I did the binding yesterday morning.  YEAH!!!!

Not perfect but I love it!!!

I also want to say since some have asked, I used Java Batiks from Inchworm fabrics, most of the background fabrics and a few of the flowers is Island Batik, and I did use one batik from Timeless Treasures for a background.

Next I want to show you just two squares.  One year, can't remember when but it has been a while, I am guessing six years????  Anyways, several sisters, mother, and nieces decided to pull one name out of the hat each month and then that person got to chose a block.

Then that month we all sent that block to the person's whose name was chosen.

As you can see, I chose the Tree of Life.  Yesterday I spent my afternoon trying to figure out who made which block.  There are twelve blocks.   Just a suggestion, if you by chance do this, put the name on the back somewhere???? Since we all have a group message on our phones it was kinda easy.  Eventually I figured it out and started embroidering  the name and what relation they were.

 Here is my mother's block, maybe you can see that she did not follow the rules (funny huh)?  I think it was right on the beginning of her dementia....but I love the block anyways.

So this is my quest now, to find a sashing fabric and border fabric.  I am going through all of my fabrics, thinking of organizing them as well...so this project may take a while.

Sunday, February 7, 2021


Here is what I have so far, yes it could use a good iron but for now this is it.

It has taken me a lot of time to get to this point and I am so excited.  I really wish you could see it up close.  I am excited about the side triangles matching up.

No more trimming for me....HOT DOG!!!

I still have to put about 30 more squares together but hopefully by the end of the week I will have the top finished.

I can't think of any other quilt besides custom quilts that I have spent so much time on besides this one.

I think it will be worth it in the end....don't you?

Hope your week-end is going well.


Friday, February 5, 2021


 So as some of you know, I am working on my Posh Penelope by Sew Kind of  Wonderful.

I showed you this picture yesterday.  The reason I am showing you this today is after they are trimmed as you see on the right.  There is another set that the curve goes in the opposite direction and those two are sewn together. to make make the block below.

As you can see this block has already been trimmed.  Yes, more trimming.  

Well...Isn't this block pretty?

You do not want what happened on the right....no point!  Unfortunately, I have a lot of those so far.  Once you make that cut, there is no going back.

 So yesterday I got the bright ideal to mark my ruler with a dry erase marker because this next step can make or break ya.   I have already made full squares and four of them the sides do not line up.  Hence marking the ruler.

This is the stage I am at now.  Trimming again.  This marking makes it so much easier and when I sew the actual done blocks together, hopefully, the corners will match.  
We will see.

As of now I have 48 of these at this point.   I have 72 more to go, including putting the sides and top on and then trim. 

 Then as I was counting my done blocks and the blocks in the makings,  my math was off.  I need to cut out one more block to make 42.  Now call this wishful thinking but I just keep hoping when I have all of these done that that one block will show up????

Babysitting today, I was up this morning at two and thought since I wasn't sleeping I would be productive.  Hope I am not too grumpy today.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


So much has been going on in my sewing room.

So let's start with Posh Penelope.

It took me a day to sew 248 curved pieces, they are shown in the below picture on the left.

The next day I spent trimming them.  How boring can that be?  I had to take a lot of breaks.

This month was my month to chose the theme for our Family row by row and I chose Strawberry Jam.
There are some members that are not too happy about my choosing the jam but hey, they will live.  I did tell them I could choose another but they were sweet enough to endure the block.

Here are my two rows together.  Probably won't be in this order.   If you think it is cute, you should see it up close.  I am just tickled pink.

Now for the true meaning of life.  It does not get any more precious than this.  He is just the sweetest baby ever but he hates to sleep.  I also call him Hoover because he eats anything on the floor.  Before he comes I have to clean my floors real good or he will have a hay day.

He is very partial to his grandfather.  I will do in a pinch but the sun rises and sets with his Papaw.

Just a little up date on my Log cabin blocks.  I have forty done and almost have ten more done.  They have been in the almost stage all week. I keep telling myself I just have two more rounds to get them done.  Sigh....maybe tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 26, 2021


I don't know what happened to me yesterday.

I work up running.

I cleaned the house at break neck speed.  My husband asked what the hurry was?

I didn't know but I wish I could bottle it for today.


I finished this quilt.  I put the border, quilted it, and put the binding on.

Star of Bethlehem quilt.

39" x 39"

This quilt below, I quilted and put the binding on it.
I used the Hunters Star Accuquilt Go die and Island Batik fabrics.

27 1/2" x 27 1/2"

 This was the first thing I did yesterday morning.  Had started 8 log cabin blocks, finished them up

I decided that it was easier to do it in groups, searching for the right fabric among all of the cut pieces was tedious for one and I just felt it would go faster if I did it for more at one time.

 I have 28 blocks made, here you see 23.  They go really fast, the only thing that takes time is searching through all of the fabric I cut.  I should have figured out a better way to do this but for now, it works for me.  Music helps me stay focused.

I woke up yesterday thinking that it is almost the end of January and I had nothing to show for it, hence the two finished projects.

I also put two borders on a quilt I have not shown, or don't think I have.  It measures 90" square.  I am going to try to have it on the frame today. I am piecing the backing.

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I don't take the time and do some fancy quilting and I believe I said this before, if I did, things would never get done.  I am not out to make a trophy quilt.  That is one reason it took so long to get that one Hunter Star quilt finished, I was planning to do something fun on it.  Finally decided to just get it done and out of the way.  On to greener pastures.

Don't know what happened to that energy today.....I feel like a deflated balloon...haha.