Saturday, March 21, 2020



I am not able to get in to see my mother.

My son and his family are away for 2 weeks.....aahhhhh

Hear that?


You guessed it, the sound of silence.

No baby crying, no child hallaring to have his bohiney wiped...haha...oh yes.....
Come wipe me.

No TV blaring.......

Just plain ole silence.

Don't get me wrong, I love the wee ones and miss them but

I feel like I am on vacation except I can't go anywhere.

Not that that matters

Day 1  - of the quarantine I made Mr Manatee.  I actually thought they were dolphins.  

Then I cut out the below SeaHorses

Day 2 - I completed the Salty Seahorses

Both Manatee and Seahorses were made using Island Batik Scraps.

Day 3 - I made placemats for my sweet grandboys.  There are five of them but the youngest is too young right now.  These are for their Easter.
The above fabrics is Happy Town by Jacqueline Steves - Henry Glass.  For some reason the picture is not quite right but you get the idea.

Now these fabrics are from Inchworm fabrics, I just love these clowns.  These are for my oldest two grandsons which they are four.

Day 4 - I finished all of the Ohio Stars that I had prepped.  I now have 43 of them.  After I work on the items below, I am going to prep some more.

Day 5 - which is today.  Last night I cut and grouped the squares (triangles), today I will sew them together and then, I will have to piece some more squares.  I also ripped out the 6 done squares, they were the ones that were randomly put together.  I like the matching ones soooo much better.

I really should have a lot more done than I have but like yesterday my husband and I drove 40 minutes to a Walmart that had milk (delivered to our car).  It amazes me that we have been asked to stay home and there are people out there shopping....CRAZY

Then in the evenings when my husband comes in from working outside, we sit and watch TV.   I am sorry but it is so nice just the two of us.  We hardly sit and watch TV.  Actually, I am reading while he watches TV but at least we are together.  I am not much of a TV watcher but I sure can go through a book.

I actually like the slow pace, I think that is why I loved Samoa so much besides the beautiful view from our back porch, the ocean, the friends....etc...need I say more?

Here is the line up for next week's Quilt Qwazy Queens making us laugh blog hop!

Monday March 23
Tuesday March 24

If you are coming by to see my hop day, it is here!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Here is the fun line up!!

It seems that this blog hop could not come at a better time for most of us, when the world is going crazy around us.

So...I like making  door hangings for my mother.  When Joan, Moose Stash Quilting, asked me if I wanted to join, I thought what a perfect way to get motivated to do another door hanging.

I spent a few days pondering and gathering ideas, at the time it was getting close to Valentines Day.

So this is what I came up with.

I used a coloring page, Island Batik Fabrics, and my embroidery machine.

It has been hanging on my mother's door for over a month now.

My mother has dementia, as I was bringing her home from the hospital the other day she had asked me if I knew which room she was in.  I told her I did, she asked me if her room had been moved.  I told her no.  Well....when we got to her door, she smiled when she saw the door hanging and said, yes, this is my room.  Something so simple to bring back a memory.

So I thought I would show you some of the other hangings I have done for her.  Some of you may remember and if you are just coming by my blog, well....enjoy!

This was one of the first to grace her door, it now hangs above her bed.  She laughs at this one because she truly does not do mornings, unfortunately, I think I take after her.  You have to give me about 30 minutes to wake up before you talk to me.

I made this one for her last Easter

This was an Island Batik Challenge one year, which I put on my mother's door when it was finished

I just thought this was one of the funniest ones, now hangs by her fridge.

This was one of the very first ones to hang on her door, a few of the residents threatened to steal it, so we took it off and hung it on her wall.

My mother Loves Tweety Bird and she just loved this one.

It has been fun hanging things on her door.  There have been other wall hanging that I have made that have graced her door but these  were specifically made for her with the exception of a the tree and pumpkin.

It was always fun to hear the reaction of the residents when they would see a new door hanging.  I know my mother has enjoyed them and being how she is now, she enjoys them like new every day.

Thank you so much Joan, Moose Stash Quilting, for allowing me to join in.  If there are some of you who haven't been to her blog, you are definitely missing out.  If you want a laugh or to be entertained, her blog will do it.

Thursday, March 12, 2020


I have not been doing much in my sewing excuses here.

Maybe blame it on a scrappy attitude????

Normally, I can get a lot done in a day or even an evening but lately I am just hanging.....

Let me show you what I have done which isn't much.


I have 36 six of  Ohio Star squares done.  I still haven't decided how many I am going to do yet.  Last I showed you I had 26 done.


I have nine of these Ohio stars partially done.  When these are done, I will need to cut out more.


As you can see, I have 18 of these scrappy squares done.  These squares are 11 1/2".


I have made 30 of these which will make 15 of the above square.  I haven't decided how big I am going to make both quilts but I am leaning towards king size.

I do have one project that I am working on but am going to keep it to myself for a while.

Monday, March 2, 2020


Who doesn't love a new sewing machine???

In January one rainy day my husband and I went out shopping for a new sewing machine for me.

I wanted a basic machine, no electrical board but it had to have a long neck and do the blanket stitch.

We went to Longview, which is about an hour away and Low and Behold, they were closed due to inventory.  Pooey.   When we were there last I saw a machine that interest me,  it was on sale at the time so we were going to get that one and were hoping it would be on sale.

Then we went from Longview to Shreveport about and hour and a half from Longview and shopped at all the quilting and machine stores.

One store did have the machine I wanted and it was on sale but you will not believe this...just as I was asking about the machine, the manager took the sale sign off and said...oh...this is not on sale anymore.  She just lost a sale because we were not going to pay full price.

This is the machine I was looking for:

                                                        JAZZ II  Baby lock


Isn't she a beaut??

Look at that long neck....  I think it is twelve inches.

Just a plain Jane machine.  I got it online for half the asking price.  The same price that had been on sale at both stores with free shipping.

I think my husband was more excited than I was but I will be honest I was not in a good place at the time we ordered it or when it came in.

I wanted this machine to be able to quilt larger quilts.

....I am truly making this a long story aren't I????  ha ha

I eventually threaded it and started quilting this quilt....oh my gosh....the back stitches were so loose.  I knew it was the top thread.  I kept trying to get the stitch right.  I told my husband to keep the box because I might want to send it back....still in a very bad place....grumpy grumpy grumpy.  I all are going not you Barb...oh yessssss  Too much on my plate and it was getting to me.

The thought came to me and don't laugh.....WHY NOT TRY READING THE DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO THREAD THE MACHINE

dUHHHHH  .....guess what...IT WORKED!!!

Then the next thought came to me that I should probably sew on the machine awhile to get use to it before doing any quilting on I did.

                                                                              Here is the front stitch


                                    Here is the back stitch....the color is off but you get the picture.


It was a dream, no broken thread, the stitches were great.  I want to now get a high shank foot for the free motion templates I have, I had gotten a low shank but  it didn't work on my juki...I haven't tried it on this one yet but will have to pull it out to see.

So I guess you know where the box went???


This is the only sewing I have been doing if any......  I did quilt a whole quilt, 60 x 60 which worked fantastic with the long neck.  I am wanting to quilt king size quilts on this puppy.  I will show the quilt at a later time.

Saturday, February 15, 2020


Oh yesssss, that is me, I CHEATED!!
You see this fabric here?

Instead of cutting and sewing the squares, I just used this fabric.

I am hiding in the corner snickering like I got away with something.

Here is my Tony the Turtle Blocks # 7

I would say this fabrics works out perfect!!!

Once again, using my Island Batik Scraps.

You can go to Kathleen McMusing blog to see how she puts it together with her tips and tricks!

I did finish this quilt the other day.  I am so excited to get this done.  This was a family venture.  All three of my sisters quilt, some of their daughters quilt, I do have a daughter in law that quilts.  All that being said, one of my nieces put together a facebook page and suggested we do this "Winter Wonderland" by Laundry Basket Quilts.  A lot of us said we would but so far my niece and I are the only ones that finished and I think some dropped out.  Oh well.  Once again using my Island Batik Scraps....will I ever run out of these scraps?  Stay tuned!

More Island Batik Scraps.... Ohio Star

This is what I got done today which isn't much.  I have to tell ya, I think I am part reptile, when I get cold I practically stop functioning and I am down right freezing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

THE 3 "S's - SMAGASBORG - STRIPPING - SCRAPS and a small tutorial.

I have actually been so busy with my mother, in and out of the ER and hospital that when I put this little post together I was amazed at how much I have actually done.

I have actually completed this Autumn Village (that is what I am calling it) here is only three of the four rows.  It is actually Winter Village by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I purchased the pattern at Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I haven't shown you the completed top because I don't like the picture I took and right now I am getting it ready for quilting....YEAH me.

Have you ever seen such a mess?

I am trying to get rid of my Island Batik Scraps by stripping it.  I have been saving my Brookshire  and CVS circulars and cutting them down to 8 1/2" squares.  That is as big as I can get from the papers.

Then I just sew strips and more strips.

After the square is done I cut it in half on the diagonal.

Here is how I put them together.  Although I have decided that I like using two blocks to make the one block instead of just randomnly  using the half squares.  If that makes sense?

Here is the block sewn together,  11 1/2" square.

This should give you an idea of what it will look like when I sew them all together.  I think I am going to love it and the best part...getting rid of all those scraps.  Do you think I can?

Don't ask me why I did this but I have joined the "Words to Grow By" BOM  I saw it on Moose Stash Quilting

I just couldn't help myself!!

I still need to blanket stitch around the items but in time.  You all know how I love to blanket stitch....  haven't done enough of it lately.

Cold and rainy here, you drive around and see water everywhere.  The grass has turned green which means spring is just around the corner.

I have also been hitting the internet and getting all kinds of goodies in the mail....Ummm Ummmm good...  When I have time, I will pull out my goodies and share with you.

Saturday, February 1, 2020


I can't think of a time that I have done a sew along before and actually kept up...ha ha

Here is the 6th block, don't you just love the whales?

This is one of the easier blocks but for some reason I had my seam ripper out the whole time...go figure.

As you see below, I am coming right along with my scrappy Ohio Star blocks.  Using the Accuquilt Go Ohio Star die and my Island Batik Scraps.

I wish you could see some of them better.  I had actually thought that a few of them were going to be UGGGLY but each time I was pleasantly surprised.  This is going to be a fun quilt but I am not rushing myself.  This is one of those quilts I will do when I don't want to do anything else or if I just have a short amount of time and want to sew.  Do any of you have projects like that?