Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 Christine, Jeanette's daughter, has joined the Inch Worm Fabric team, I think she is going to try to blog for Jeanette.  I am excited, I get to use all the awesome fabrics in the store and Christine gets to blog about them.

I will say that when I was in her store I noticed that she had a fat quarter bundle of "Anne of Green Gables" fabric.   Below are the fabrics ..... aren't they wonderful?

Last year I finished the "Starry Night" top, I was wanting to do some fancy quilting.  I kept waiting and waiting....moving the top from one place to another.  I know all of you out there do not do that....  Actually, I was kinda nervous to do ruler work and also, I knew that it would take me forever and I have so many other things I want to do....was that a whine?

So I decided to swirl it.  Let me tell you, even swirling it took a lot of time and bobbins, I went over 12 bobbins, lost count after the 12.

I convinced my son to hold it up for me.  I sooooo Love it.  I will tell ya, the fabrics look kinda dull but they are not....they scream brightness.

Rainy and cold today.