Thursday, June 28, 2012



My sister Beverly came over today, she sewed on the Drunkard’s path and Apple Core cuts I did with my Go

cutter and I finished these three Calendar Quilts.

Other than that, I am just chillin…..tomorrow I will go back to Texas. I plan to meet Cindy from “Just Cindy”

on my way back along with her daughter Lacy and her granddaughter..... Now how fun is that??????

No internet except at the Library for a week…….

Thursday, June 21, 2012


These are free patterns for you to enjoy, every two weeks we will post another one until you have all nine or all eleven if you choose. I am adding something to my giveaway every 2 weeks along with the pattern. I do hope you can join us, it is never too late. I am adding this cute little reindeer to the giveaway package....
two weeks ago I added this reindeer ribbon.

two yards of Christmas fabric.

I do hope you all join us. Every two weeks I will add something else to the giveaway. Be sure to put your blocks on flickr.

I hear that Sew We Quilt is having Christmas in July....what fun it that?

Today's deer of the day is Comet, you can get it here. You can get Caroll's here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday I told you that I would show picture of the items I made with my mother's and sister's here goes...

This is totally from their scraps except for the backing fabric. This is without a doubt the easiest and fasted pattern to make up......( (used Circle go cutter)

More scraps.....except for the fabric the dogs are on and the backing (needs binding). (used doggie go cutter)

The picture you see is what I consider to be scraps....

Found in said mother's and sister scrap bin.....Hummmmmm scraps or non scraps....(scratching my head)....hummmmm I vote for non scraps.

I have been giving them a rash of scraps since I have been digging in their fabric waste and be fair (gotta be fair). My mother has quilts in mind for her grandkids. She has been on a mission and has made 24 tops and quilted all but three so far. You are excused mother dearest from the scraps bash!

Now Beverly on the other hand....she feels if she has messed with the fabrics long enough she doesn't want to deal with them again and.....she is mother's helper. They make baby quilts for every relative and friend around I suppose you are excused too but.... They have no time to mess with the scraps...


Found this fabric and thought of these toppers......

This next one needs some embellishments. Both need binding.
Well...second thought, this is the easiest pattern to make up...nine seams and you have the top done.....quilt and bind...EASieeeee!!

There you have the low down on the scrap saga....scrap or non scrap that is the question.

Monday, June 18, 2012


So if you have been reading my blog, you all know that I am at my mother's. My sister Beverly and Mother (Quilter's Corner) have the most amazing scraps. Yes...scraps!!

Some of you know that I have been using my Go Cutter to cut through some of those scraps. But.....some of the scraps were in yardages.... I would go...are you sure this is a scrap? Some of them I just could not cut


I have made a home for the lost scraps. Anyone for scraps anonymous? I was actually drooling over their scraps, how bad is that?

Now...we all know that I need scraps like I need a few inches added to my behind!! But....home girl is taking home a bag of scraps.

Right now I have several projects I am working on with the scraps. Been up since 5:30 and sewing.....whohoooooo!!! Back in the saddle again!!!

So before I get back to my sewathon (before mom wakes up), I am going to leave you with this picture

This fabric line is called "Are we There yet," my sister blogged about this today but she didn't mention that you can find it in her store, Inchworm Fabrics. I just love this quilt top, her daughter Jennifer and her made this while Jennifer was visiting a week or so ago. I just have to have this fabric (you hear me Jeanette...wink wink!!)

Have a fabulous day, I am back to sewing again and will share picture of the scraps I have been using.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Here is what I have cut out so far.....found it is so hard to be neat when the piles get to high.

Here is Caroll's second reindeer

Here is Prancer
Can you believe that I did these in the car coming from Virginia? Every once in a while my stomach would turn but I was determined.....

Stepped on a water bug this morning....not to happy!! Did the skin crawling dance for a while.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


The whole back of my car was filled with my of those things was the Go Cutter. You think I would have left it for a month. Talk about withdrawls.....I would be having the shakes right now.

When my husband helped me pack the car coming to my mother's, he was in shock at how much stuff I was taking. He didn't see me pack the car when we were moving. He was busy packing his truck. sister and Mother have two of these large tubs...this one is filled to the brim....the other one was only partially.
This is what I did with the one less full yesterday. I get a knuckle clap for this? Only 6 months behind....but I am finally done....whooooawww!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Don't ask me what day it is because I couldn't tell you, all I know right now is my name and where I am at.....(ha!)

I am presently at my mother's in Louisiana. I drove here yesterday. On my way I stopped off in Longview, TX and visited with Lee (her blog use to be "Quilts by Lee"). It was wonderful to visit with her, there was never a lag in conversation. She is in the process of moving as well. It is so fun to meet the person behind the blog. She was a lot of fun and I know if I lived by her we would be great friends.

On to the next story. Once again, I can' t tell you dates or times but we had been staying at my friend's home in Texas. We have known them from day one of being a married couple. They are older and I am sure you have heard me talk about them. Her husband passed away last year this time.

Well...we were garage sellers and this machine is one that we found and he used in his room.

Talk about heavy.... Dot and I pulled it out the other day, we have plans. She wants to make aprons as Christmas gifts for her kids. She can not see well and so my husband brought her a magnifying glass that attaches to the machine. It helps her some.

This is the apron she made. She is 82 and did a wonderful job. She kept saying "Barbara, I know if you were doing this you would be done by now." My comment back was....."Are you having fun?" She would say yes....and then I would say...that is all that matters.

So....are you all having fun out there?

Friday, June 8, 2012


Because I am traveling I loaded the pattern for Prancer but put a closed setting on it. I just wanted to have things ready and...forgot (sorry) to open the setting.

It is now open for those of you who want to download the pattern. If you still have problems, please contact me and I will personally send over the pattern.

Sorry for your troubles. You can find it here

We are now in Texas but will be misplaced for a hopefully, this will be the only mishap but if not, please be patient with me.

thanks so much!!


More Reindeer Games for you. BE sure to go to Caroll's

If you feel you are too late to join, don't be dismayed just look under the header under Reindeer games....there you have it.

Here is PRANCER, you can find the pdf here:

As for the giveaway, I am going to extend it and add more items,

I have some reindeer trim to add (no picture sorry, it is packed).

So enjoy the games and please post what you have made, blog if you chose to...just let me know.

I will make a new post for the giveaway when it comes time but for now...enjoy the games. So...we have 2 yards of Christmas fabric and reindeer trim.....I did order a little something on ebay and will add that in two weeks.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I have been working on this quilt top for the last two days. Can anyone guess who's blog I got the inspiration from? This quilt is headed to Samoa....

The winner of the ugly quilt top is BeeBee.... Thanks to all of you who wanted it...they say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in this case it is so true.