Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A quilting as I go...

A quilting as I go...

Hi Ho the Merry O the quilting as I go.

I was asked by a very dear friend to make a quilt for a California King size bed.  Sheweeee......should I have thought twice and said NO????

I am not using my mid arm, it does not give me the range of motion I need.  So on my domestic machine I a go.

What was I thinking when I chose to quilt it this way?  It took 2 hours for the top row alone and three for the side row.   ISSSHHEEEE!!  I am trying to get it finished before I leave Friday (family business).  

Here is what the middle looks like....just gives you an idea....

This is the picture my friend  sent (notice I said picture, no pattern).   She said she knew I could do it....hummmmm

 I made the middle longer to accommodate  the California King.

The winner of the Dick and Jane Quilt is Karen!

Karen PropesApril 21, 2013 at 2:41 AM I love it, you did a beautiful job. I just bought a collection of Dick and Jane Books on ebay. I wanted my Granddaughter to start her reading like we did when I was growing up. Love to win, I would give it to her with the books. Thanks for the chance. ncjeepster@aol.com

A HUGE Thanks goes out to all of you for coming by and commenting.  I never got around to your blogs or commenting....I hope I am forgiven!

For right now....

A Quilting as I go......

I hope you all have a Hi Ho Merry O of a day!!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Never tire of this pattern!

Today I made this
I used four fat quarters, the left over  fabric for the binding.

 This is one pattern I really enjoy making.

 If you would like to make a smaller version you can purchase a kit at Inchworm Fabrics


I love practicing my free motion quilting on these smaller projects.

I just had to show you what came in the mail today.

OH.....you should just see and feel this fabric.  Totally fabulous.  My friend from Samoa knew I was pretty bummed about not coming for a visit that she sent me a pick me up.

Ummmmm mmmmmmm good.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I am finally getting around to finishing up these preemie  for Teeny Tears.  I have more to cut out and sew but hey....this counts as a finish right???

I want to tell you what helped with making these.

Gene Black suggested when wanting to do top stitching close to the edge that you use your zipper foot.  Oh my stinking gosh....this is like the greatest most clever idea.  What a help Gene, thanks!!!

I know, I sound like I am harping about this straight stitch plate.....but...

I am here to tell you that it helps tremendously when you want to go around the corners.
I had my regular plate on and couldn't figure out why when I went around the corners that it would get chewed up in the plate.  That is when the AhhhhHA moment came, I switched plates and boy what a difference.

When I was at the store with my husband debating on whether to get this plate (seeing how I was paying a mint at the time to get my embroidery machine out...didn't want the added expense).  I told my husband, what if I forget to take the plate off when I want to blanket stitch.

He said....oh you won't (this is me snorting right now)

Does the man really know me?

Well...time only proved my passing thought right, I went to sew the other day with the straight stitch plate on there and wham!!!  Needle broke.  Hummmm I thought, what is the problem?  Needle must have been bent.

Oh yes...you guessed it, wrong plate.  I suppose I need to tape something on my machine to remind me to check my plate.  But what if I forget to read my note?

Monday, April 8, 2013


Craftsy is running a Surprise Sale today, Monday - 4/8/13 ALL classes are priced between $9.99 and $24.99.  That is an awesome savings.  I am already taking 3 classes, I am wondering if just one more.  Soon it will be just like my fabric, sitting there waiting for me....

so I will try to resist.....(TRY...TRY...TRY), OH...maybe I will just go and look (ha......like the old poem... Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly)

Maybe I will see you there?


So I have my sewing room back....HOORAY for me!!! 

 I will miss this one son but he is only an hour and a half away.
 He was always so sweet to me.
 He would always make me smile when he would go "Who is the best mom in the world".... of course, we know he was blowing smoke but it still made me smile.