Friday, November 30, 2012


I have a little friend that wanted this runner but longer it is. I liked it so much that I am in the process of making me one.
Finished up some Christmas towels? Don't know why I made them but surely I will find someone to give them to.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I am so excited....look what came in the mail This awesome Advent Calendar!!!
This yummy tree fabric from Inchworm Fabrics

 Here is a you tube on how to make the advent calendar. (It did not show up so just look on my side bar, you will see it there)


 Here I am ironing and pinning 


 Here it is all ironed down 

 Here it is all finished!!


I chose not to make loops for hanging, I used these hair bobs instead....(yes, you can call me lazy).

Now to make the softies to go in the pockets....

This is lazy signing off for now.

Oh...sorry....but I am sure if you went to Inchworm Fabrics she could have your panel to you by Friday.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Here is what I have so far. This cute quilt panel (given to me from Inchworm fabrics, she has awesome panels in her store) makes a fabulous throw for the couch.

On my kitchen table, this cute round topper!!

Then I have this little runner on my wall with a cute runner on the table.
Then most of you remember the Reindeer games, well this is on the wall in the livingroom.
Everything on the walls are held up by sewing pins....don't want to make big holes in the walls.

 Now if I can just find my Christmas decorations....hummmm...that is one pain that comes with moving so much...never know where anything is.

Hope you all had a fabulous Turkey Day....I wish I had shown what I had around the house for that but was tooo lazy.

Thanks sewcal  and Michelle for this awesome quilt show. Not too late to join us!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Monday, November 19, 2012


Not much to say today but hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving...just in case I don't get back here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Here it is laying outside on the grass.

Here it is inside on the carpet.
You can't see the sprinkles of glitter on it but trust me, this is a fun skirt. The only think I would have done different was when I was putting on the binding, I eased the fabric in so it would turn over nicely. That was a mistake, if I had just sewn without the easing I would not have some fullness. But hey, it is going under the tree. If I find you snooping under my tree to see that presents for you this year! This was so easy... I guess I am in the Christmas Spirit, been prepping more projects today..... Don't forget about the beam n read giveaway below.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I finished this yesterday..... (not a good picture).  There is more sparkle and color than what is showing here.
So...HERE I am swirling away.  I decided to make a tree skirt. 

No pattern...just a round cut out with ruffles....

 I used my method of making the circle here except I did not use paper, I just used the back of the fabric and chalk.

 When I am done swirling, I will cut the opening in the middle and down the side and bind.

 I had to make a trip to JoAnn's (yes....rough trip) today to get fabric for the ruffle.

 Unfortunately, I did not get enough. 

As I was contemplating my dilemma oldest son walked in the room.  Can you see the wheels turning in my head!

 Poor guy!

 It didn't hurt to ask because he went!!!!
  and even gifted me some fabric!

 This gal was swirling!!!! I will make a mental note...send oldest son to JoAnn's more often! 

If you are looking for the Beam N Read giveaway it is here!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


So the other night I was laying in bed and I thought I heard something!

My heart stops…..

I wait to breathe in case I hear something else.

I get brave and force my eyes open and this is what I saw.  Please tell me you can see it!
Okay….take another look!!


Can you see it?????? Oh my goodness….my hands are shaking…but…

Good thing I have my Beam N REad


My trusty gun…. beside my bed.


I yell out…Who goes there!!!  Stop or I will shoot!!!

So I grab my gun, grab my Beam N Read (hoping I would blind whoever was there)…..

and what do I see????


Oh what a relief!!!

  Shewee….can’t figure out how Connie Monkey got on top of the lamp shade…but lucky for my Beam N Read….because I could have blown off Connie’s head or
put a hole in my husband’s suit.

In all seriousness….I love my Beam N Read.  I take it with me when I leave town.  I also like to have it beside my bed because I am so lazy at night, I don’t want to get up and turn the light off or reach over and turn off the lamp.  All I have to do is turn my Beam N Read off and lay it to the side.  Yep…..height of laziness!!!

If you want to know all about the Beam N Read go here!

If you do not want to wait to find out if you win you can always buy one at I Have A Notion!

Now for the giveaway!

It would be wonderful if you were a follower or if you went  and Like Beam N Read on facebook....

but I am only going to ask for a comment telling me who you would give the Beam N REad to and why.

That is it, thanks for coming by.

Thanks Bob from Beam N REad for this opportunity!

My side bar has all of the blogs that are giving away a Beam N sure to go by....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Judy from Sew Fun Quilts contacted me last week about making Disappearing 4-Patches for the Sandy Victims.

 Then Pat from Artfully Oogleglebloops posted her blocks on facebook and well....I figured I should get busy and make some. So here are mine.It really doesn't take much time at Can Your Spare some TIME?

As I had mentioned I am helping with the Day of Service this Saturday for our church. Here I have seven fleece blankets, they are cut to size but now I have to cut the fringe.

As you can see, I have one fringe cut already. Underneath you can see the 3 quilts I showed already. I bound them yesterday and the ladies will tie them.
I was going to take two machines and have a few people stitch in the ditch but one is in the shop. Get this, I sent it in for bad tension, he called and asked if the machine was broke. I told him no, just the tension. He said it won't work now, he must have put it back together wrong. I am thinking "WHAT!!!!"   The outcome of this will be interesting to say the least.

Did I mention that I am going to go vote today???  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Self Binding Blanket

I just threw it on the floor and took a picture so it looks lazy to do it again!  Least I am honest!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Friday I cut out this tree by Cherry Blossom. I loved Jeanette's (Inchworm Fabrics) green tree so much that I just had to do me one.

 Don't ya just love it? (just a reminder that Inchworm Fabrics will do the cut outs for you with steam a seam in colors of your choice).

 A little birdie told me that she will be getting in some awesome Christmas fabrics (more choices).

and..... I prepped this round tree topper and started working on it will all of the good intentions in the world to finish it today (Saturday).
The old saying "Stuff Happens"....

well it did and so there it sits on my machine.

 My sweet husband took me early this morning to Hancocks and Hobby Lobby in search of more Christmas fabrics.... He knew I needed some fabric therapy for some bad news I had gotten. So...who am I to refuse him. Did it work???? Kinda!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We all know her as I Have A Notion, well she broke her hand at Market and today, which is Friday, is having pins put in. So...won't you go over there and wish her well, or if you want to send her a card I am sure her address is in her store. If you have a problem finding it, let me know.

I don't know about you but she is my favorite notions person....  I don't think there is a person alive with a bigger heart.


  So I am going to leave you with this wonderful tutorial on the Quick and Easy Drunkard's will not believe it!

NOVEMBER? Some fun things going on here!

I can't believe that November is HERE..... I have just one question to ask, WHERE DID OCTOBER GO?

 Well....on the 11th I am going to be giving away a Beam N Read light so do come by.

 If you want to get a jump on the holidays you can always go to "I Have A Notion", she has some in stock.
Then after you go to Kelly's hop on over to Inchworm Fabrics where you can find this fun and fast topper. You will just squeal with delight upon compeleting it. don't do that? Can't imagine where I got that idea????
She also has some fun  panels that will make your Holiday giving a lot easier and certainly, FUN!
Just a reminder that she has these fabulous cut outs for this Tree by Cherry Blossom, you get to choose what fabrics you would like. Getting these cut outs make this wall hanging go sooooo fast.

 Once will be squealing with delight!!

 Okay...confess...or am I the only one that jumps up and down and squeals?
Now that it is November, I truly wish I had taken advantage of those blogs that promote making gifts and gifts ideas for Dec. through out the year. I guess we all know that I am the grasshopper and not
the ant!


 Nov 2 to 9: SewCalGal

 Nov 3 to 17: A Life Full of Laughter

 Nov 6 to 13: Stray Stitches

 Nov 7 to 21: Caregiver Partnership

 Nov 8 to 23: Pacific Rim Quilt Co

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 Nov 12 to 16: Cotton and Chocolate

  Nov 12 to 18: I Have A Notion

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