Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here are a few pictures for all of you to enjoy.

I would like to thank my mother and sister Beverly for sending me a care package each month for the first year and a half I have been here.

A big thanks to my niece Jennifer and sister Jeanette for letting me play in their store and be a part of it's opening.

A huge feeling of gratitude towards all of you who have blogged with me, during the tsunami, during sad times, and the happy times of my life. For helping my stay here even more enjoyable.

All of your creativity is amazing and inspiring.

Last but not least to my AMAZING FRIENDS here in Amerika Samoa, it truly has been some of the best years of my life and I will carry your friendship with me forever.

Seeing this beautiful island just brings a warm since of Gratitude to our Father in Heaven for allowing me and you to enjoy the beauty life has to offer us.

Can you not see His hand in all things?

Does HE not whisper to you that He lives?

What an amazing 3 years....

During this son goes to Iraq, then to Japan.

One son arrives from el Salvador and then leaves again for Hawaii for school.

We became empty nesters when my last son went on a mission to the West Indies for 2 years for our church.

One son just joined the army, so now I have two in.
And...whether any of you knew this or not, some of you were there with me every step of the way....


Friday, November 26, 2010



I just had to post this today, sorry for two post in one day....maybe some of you are asleep and this will be your post tomorrow.

If some of you had been following my personal blog (which is no more) you would already know about my pineapple plantation...yes...plantation.

When we first got here I started planting the heads of my pineapples by the house. About 9 months later the yard man got tired of them by the house and took a few of them (not all) down to the side of the hill. So....when I would buy a pineapple, I would offer the heads to the seller and if they didn't want them, I would bring them home and plant them by the side of the hill.

To my surprise the yard man had a few holes already dug for me. I had about 11 plants...I think I am down to about 7 now, have gone through several yard men., I told my husband that I was going to go and check out my pineapples and guess what!!!!

I HAVE PINEAPPLES!!!! I have two....the other ones are not producing yet. Of course, I leave in two days and will not be able to eat the fruit of my labor (and the yard man (men), he weeded easy is that)?

So let me introduce you to my two pineapples.....

aren't they something? Sure takes a long time for them to produce...but how exciting when they do.

A friend came by the other night and brought me these turtle earrings and bracelets, she said she got them for me because of my love for turtles (my turtle quilts)...aren't they adorable????

Thursday, November 25, 2010


There will be no turkey feast here in Amerika Samoa (not that we haven't been invited, we just need some down time).

So....feast your eyes on my new fabric purchases.

Prices here are going up...and up...

Grabbed some more zippers... at 50cents a pop....who can resist?

This fabric caught my eyes imediately...

Got in the car and my husband goes..."How do you think we are going to get that fabric to Virginia"?.................... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....and I a still going ahhhhhhhh but we will get it there....

Now for the Gifty Feast from FRIENDS....this post is really picture loaded...

I just love these bags...

soooo wonderful....

Now my husband is on earth are we going to get all of these things to Virginia.... I will let him worry about that....I am still going "ahhhhhh"

Lava Lavas

I laughed when I got this Hawaiian air key many times have I flown on that plane????? countless... This is the only plane that comes in and out of the island...



Love this bowl, she gave me a wooden hut too but I can't seem to find the picture...too lazy to go and take another one...maybe later?

Isn't this the cutest door hanger?

Yep...gonna need another suitcase. I went from having very few items from Amerika Samoa (except fabric) to my cup runneth over....will have lots to remind me of the island and wonderful friends!

Hope all of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving day!! We will probably go and take one last walk along the beach.....

A winner has been found for the guessing game below.....she guessed the right thing I was doing, that will be announced tomorrow. Thanks for all of your was fun to read while waiting...and waiting....

Monday, November 22, 2010


Got a call from a friend this morning, she wanted to go to lunch.... I am so busy besides I am such a baby when it comes to leaving my friends that I opted for her to come over for a visit.

I didn't know she was bringing friends.

This is what they gave me as going away gifts.

What is better than fabric...but what is so wonderful about this fabric it is called Elei, it is Samoan way of printing on fabric (yes, I already told you that, sorry).
I am showing each one individually and hope you can see the beauty in it all.

Then they gave me two Samoan plates, they already had it bubble wrapped for me so it would hopefuly not get broken....hope you can see the designs. Just love them.

Then Krista gave me this sewing mat for my pfaff...isn't it gorgeous...I just love it!!! She showed me one she did for herself and I was all over it with envy and wishing I could make me one but...she beat me too it.... Thanks Krista... now you see why I am having a hard time saying goody-bye...not because of the gifts either..... These are some amazing friends.

Then Krista made these templates for me on her cricket...boy....I can't wait to get to a machine...what fun these are going to be.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ole Betsy (yes, I named her after the person who made it for me) has been hanging in my kitchen since I got her. Friends have walked by and commented, I have often stood and stared at her. Yes, I love neutral but with a splash of color and this was just the perfect she has to come down for now.

This quilt just needs a binding .....Monday's work.

I stepped out of my comfort zone (the familiar) and did this binding the traditional way and by hand. Now.....can you hear me screaming at some of is comes...close your ears....


I thought maybe an hour...but this quilt is 102" by 85" and took me all morning....the whole time I was thinking that I have other things to be doing. Truly, I should have known better and calculated my time accordingly.

I think I will go back to my way of doing things...

Still had some time last night so I finished half of the quilt from the other post. Then started on row three and got three of that row done....and what did I see....

a big bunch in the back. "WHAT"!!!!!! I know I said no picking on this quilt but this has to come out...two I just went to bed...will deal with it on Monday.

Looking for a good read....this book is it!