Monday, May 31, 2010


Because of them we are free. I lost an uncle in WW II, I wasn't alive at the time (sheshssssh, I am old but not that old)....but my grandmother had a picture of him in the hallway. Having never met him, I still loved him. My grandmother had a stroke when she found out he was killed.

Here is my baby in Iraq.....I often think of my grandmother when she got the news and I would think of my son and how devastating it would be for me.

Us mommas love our babies, can't we live in Peace?????

Same son jumping out of planes...This young man was always a daredevil....we never thought he would live to see 3 years old and here he is now flying in the skies.

All I can say is THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Always praying for this young man and your youngins.....too!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I told you I was having company and needed to make a cake....

well....this is what I did while it was baking last night..

I am sorry, I just can't help all know that I am weak!!

So many of you had questions and maybe this will help clear up some as well.

What you see here is the tumblers die...see how I marked it? Also....this is something I figured out...see the long piece of material that I pulled through the other side....this way, there is no cutting of fabrics (except for the loose strands after cutting) I just slip the extra piece of fabric under the roller....

I place the fabric as close to the cut out...

Now rolling it through... Notice that I have the die as far over as possible, this is to allow room for the fabric I am not cutting.

It has come out the other I flip the material(the widest part) over to match the widest part of the tumbler...I pull the excess material through to the other side...and oh yes, there is a little space to do I move my die as far over as possible to allow the excess fabric to fit nicely without bunching, as I mentioned before.

Here is the left over scraps..... I would like to mention that salvage is in there as well...I did not cut it off before I started.

I got 8 squares

36 tumblers out of a yard of fabric...

I think I am going to go and make muffins now!!

Well....I was able to cut out all the tumblers before company came.....and this is the end results after they left. Still needs borders...but hey....not to shabby for an evenings work.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Sorry for the second post today....I have had many comments wanting to know more about the "GO"....

Below are the tumblers I made....yes, it needs to be ironed better.... If you read the post below you will know it took no time to cut out these tumblers and I would say only took about an hour to sew them together...isn't that awesome?

I took some island goodness and finished up the butterflies...

I wanted to finish up the butterfly quilt before I showed it but....I have a husband that needs attention...poor guy. Not only is he competing with Mr. Pfaff, he now has the "GO" cutter to compete with.

Oh...How I want to play.....having company tonight too....gotta make a cake, gotta finish laundry, clean up my "GO" mess....sewing mess.....why do I gotta? Can't I just play?

Lots of videos on the Accuquilt website on how to use the cutter, saving scraps, etc...


So....if you have been reading my blog you will know that I got my "GO" cutter today (FRIDAY)....this will post tomorrow.

So.....(alot of soooooo's today) I went and got my scraps...and began to play.

and play...... and play....with this 4 1/2 square die

which also has the 2 1/2 inch square on the same die... (still playing) sorry for the blurry pictures.

decided to do some butterflies...12 to be exact. Took less than minutes, probably cut these....from scraps ......

........ and still playing.


you guessed it...

another light bulb moment.

I was given some squares before I left to the states...I would guess they were about 17 inches by 24 inches, some smaller. That is why you get the odd number of 93...yes...I made 93 tumblers.....and I timed myself. It took me 23 minutes to make 93 tumblers.....can you do that with a rotary cutter or scissors? I think not....

Then I had scraps big enough to make 2 1/2 inch squares from the scraps of the tumblers....and I got what you see below....

How many you ask? Fifty-seven of those puppies in 17 say that you can go faster by rotary cutter....maybe so if you are cutting from yardage, remember this is have to position the scraps just I think this is awesome. I think it would go even faster if you had more fabric to cut from.

This is the left over scraps.....

my husband was impressed with the amount of scraps or least amount...he said that was good for what all I cut up. I agree with him. I think also, once I become better accustomed with the "GO", I will have even less scraps. are the pros

1. The "GO" cutter is light.
2. Easy to operate (no electricity needed)
3. The "GO" allows you to waste little time.....what do I mean? So you send your
die through the cutter, take your cut material off and you can put material on
right there and send it back through in the opposite direction. No having to
pick up your items and move them to the other side to cut again, so you are
working from side to side.
4. Exact cuts.
5. Fast
6. Fun
7. You can minimize your scraps by placement.
8. Great for multiple projects, like charity and sew groups.
9. What I found too was when I was cutting the was nothing to
just put a new die in and do the 2 1/2 squares. Normally, the scraps would
just go in the scrap bin for another day. It was fast and easy just to do it
at that unnecessary scraps.... Also.....I probably would have thrown those scraps away....they were so odd shaped and really amounted to nothing but....having that 2 1/2 inch die right odd shapes anymore.
10. Easy on the hands, no slipping of the ruler.

I am sure there are more pros....but for only playing for a few hours, I think 10 pros is awesome...and I will probably come up with even more later....but time is of the essence...we want to get on with the giveaway so one of you can have just as much fun!


I don't have any!!! Really, truly....I have none. I have the 2 1/2 strip die that I have not used yet but it will cut down on binding and name it.

Thanks you AccuQuilt and Carolyn....this truly is an amazing cutter.

Now for those of you who have read this completely (I really don't like doing long post)....I am waiting for Carolyn to tell me when I can do the giveaway. When she will already have one entry for commenting on this post.

Friday, May 28, 2010


We had to "GO" to the Post Office. Took an hour to "GO" there and back.

And look what I got!!!

I know why this "GO" is is the mother load of all devices to make one's life sooooooooo exciting.....expecially for the woman on the "GO". Will cut down cutting time.

Look what else was in the box....

I am tumbling all over the place...back flips, front flips...every where flips (not really but if I was bet ya...I would be out there tumbling around).....

Even the insect world can not keep me from tumbling....My heart is all a flutter over this new "GO" can I ever thank Carolyn and Accuquilt enough?

Now the "GO" will have me stripping, right down to the bare knuckles...this 2 1/2 strip die will keep me down to the bare bone in my stash.....because we are going stash busting and scrap busting.... I just feel like busting....I guess you could say I am busting at the seams with excitement!!!

and there is so much more.....

and more..... I am going to read all of these before I even touch the "GO"....and I suggest that you "GO" over to their website and check out all the awesome dies, they have a studio cutter and this "GO". I didn't know there were two different I do

So....I will have to bid you adeiu.....I am going to "GO" and look at all this info....will be back to show you the results.....did I say how excited I am? Did I say that I am beside myself with pure joy?

Did I tell you that I will be giving one of these away? Oh soon as I do a review....the giveaway will be you can "GO" but do come back soon!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I am out shopping with my husband in Hawaii....and he says, I think we just about have everything we need. I said..."FABRIC".....he continues on....and he says is there anywhere or anything you want before we go back to the hotel. I say "FABRIC"..... (What is he deaf?)

I say BATIKS.....

So we go and look at the fabrics.

I am standing there caressing the batiks....trying hard not to slobber all over the fabrics....

you know you slobber you buy.

So I bat my eyes at my husband (he can't resist that)....and say..

"You won't deny me".....

"Will you"....(bat...bat...bat)...

and this is what I get...


It is not that I was 20 pounds over in luggage and most of it was fabric or swap towels.....It is not that I pay all that money to get my overage to Samoa.....and that I spent a ton of money in Texas.....and yet.....the fabric glutton wants more.

Of course, I take my enabler along (my husband)...bat a few eyes and smile so can he resist....and keep in account that he has missed me terribly....I know when I have it good...I am like a snake, I know when it is good to strike.....and I stuck good.

Actually, my husband is very good to me, even when I am undeserving.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well...the elephant sat on my suitcase (meaning me)...and has come and gone.

I had to pay extra for my poundage...I was 20 pounds overweight (I wish I, myself was only 20 pounds overweight...but that is another story, another blog) I paid through the nose for my really makes me grumpy when I think about I will try to put it out of my mind.

Today, I am in Hawaii....I would continue to grumble about my flight but don't want to bore any of you...but let me tell you, the flying experience is no fun.

Last I heard, the "Go" has not reached my home I grumpy today? Hummmmmm maybe I need to go to bed and wake up again?

Friday, May 21, 2010


Remember this material from Quilt Taffy?
You really should catch them on ebay and see all the fun things they have...

I brought that fabric to make this Orange slice quilt...


Machine is getting packed....

Floor is getting vacumned....

Gonna catch that big bird to Amerika the next humm you hear will be the humm of my Mr. Pfaff. I just know he missed me....


Yep, Huston, we have a problem.....

Today I am not really packing but getting organized to pack. Brought a tub for the "STUFF" ..... my "Stuff" to be left behind is getting bigger.....

So does anyone have a loaner elephant? Meet me at my place, 5:00 A.M. Monday Morning...will clear the place of all mice, will have peanuts ready for consumption.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yes, it twirled, twisted, and belched up a mess in my son's livingroom.

This is a picture of his front entrance....believe me, I am making full use of every square inch of the space downstairs....

Remember the stand I had the machine on from a before post. Well....It was way to high to sew on...I did it but I really want to see better, so it is now my cutting board. This is one side of his couch. Notice, I do have a few projects in the works, an Orange Slice quilt and some towel swap...(don't look too close my towel swapping friends).

This is my suitcase and "STUFF" on the other side of his couch.... It will be very intereting to see if I can fit everything in my suitcase come Monday (yes, going home on Monday). That trash bag, is stuff I am leaving behind...(lucky son)

This is his I did clean a little, I just couldn't take it..

This is where I am sewing now, on the dinningroom chair... I can see better this way. I have even been know (in my younger years) to sew on the floor, legs crossed and the one foot on the pedal...yes, it can be done, not now...too many years have come and gone.

Why am I showing you this? Well....Tonya and Pat showed their sewing space and I got such a kick out of it.... Gene is not brave enough.... You chicken Gene??? I am calling you out!!! Show your space for "I Have a Notion" giveaway. SHOW YOUR SPACE GENE!!! BAk Bak...!!

Kelly is giving away an AccuQuilt Go cutter.....and well...maybe she will enter my sister's name, Jeanette, in my place. So if you have not gone...go over and check out the many ways you can receive extra enteries. I have enjoyed seeing those post about their space.

I will be giving away an Accuquilt go in June....don't know when, just depends on when I get mine and get things done.....just stay tuned!!

My son will be so glad when I am gone...but rest assured, I will leave his space better than when I arrived.

Monday, May 17, 2010


So the other day I had to go to the Dr. for an ultra sound on my stomach (no...not a baby ultra thought you were funny)....

On the way out, I gave my dentist a call to make an appointment to fix the bridge he just put in my mouth (I now have mouth bling).

No worries.

Went to the movies with the boys that night so I shut off my phone.

Next day I get up and there is a message on my computer from my husband. Apparently, the Dr. wanted to see me at 9:00 a.m. on Monday. Wow....that was fast..., so fast, something must be seriously wrong....

my mind starts racing.... I will tell you all that I have a very vivid by about thirty minutes into all of this I decide I should make a will.

You ask a will...yes....who is going to take care of Mr. Pfaff?

What about Daddy Pfaff?

What about my stash (this is not all of it)? Who will get my stuff.

You guessed it, by this time I already have my husband remarried.

She is not getting my stash.

That hussie is not touching anything in my sewing room.

She won't want my jewelry, those were tokens of love from my husband.....and yes, he loved me first....I am the mother of his children.

Not unless he marries some young thing and decides to have another family (shame on him, doesn't he know he is tooo old). you see what worry and stress can do.

So....I didn't get to talk to my husband until later that day and he asked.

Did you switch Dr. appointments? I said, I didnt' have a Dr. Appointment....and he said you had one at 4:00 p.m on MOnday and they want to switch it to 9:00 a.m.

A light bulb moment.....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is not Dr. that was a Dentist appointment.

So now....who is going to get the man's tools? His truck? Do you think he will let my next husband have them or do you think he should make a will....???

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am beside myself.....

Do you hear a scream!!!

No worries, it is only me.

Screaming for pure joy!! I am here to tell you, ,,,, if I did not talk to Carolyn myself, I would think I was dreaming.

I actually thought someone was playing a joke on me....knowing how bad I wanted to win the AccuQuilt Go on "I HAVE A NOTION'S" BLOG......and knowing that I threatened the winner....and the winner can tell you that no....I did not show up on their doorstep to play with their AccuQuilt Go.

I should have brought me some depends before we had our chat on the phone...oh yes, I am not ashamed to tell you....that I almost wet myself talking to Carolyn. I wanted to hug her through the phone....I would have too....

but then she would have accused me of stalking. Sorry Kelly, she is my new best friend now.

Okay...okay enough rambling......but I am just tooo excited.....(and you should be excited too)...this includes one of you....

So....after my walk today I got home and found this in my email.

Dear Barb,

AccuQuilt has been very impressed with your blog! Because of this, we would like to speak with you regarding a possible GO! Giveaway for you and your followers. We would love to send you a free AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter along with three of our top selling dies for you to play with and post a review/discussion about the GO! Fabric Cutter. Once you submit the post to us, we will happily send you another GO! Cutter along with dies to do a giveaway on your website


Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Now you see why I am jumping....Now you see why I need depends?

I get a free AccuQuilt Go....and I will be able to giveaway one to one of you as well....oh.....heart don't fail me now.... I just want to hug everyone...not just Carolyn..... is on its way to my house. I can not get home fast enough.....

Below is one of the dies that she is sending. she is also sending the 2 1/2 inch and the tumbler.....oh...oh .... oh... Thanks Carolyn.

So I went on their site

you can just click on the highlighted..."site" above and it will take you to their site. I also have them on facebook too...but anyways...I went and took a look at all of their fun stuff....and it is awesome!!

If you have not been to their site, do go and check out all the wonderful things they have. They have projects, patterns, a sale on some of the dies...oh they are amazing.

You all know that once I get on something I stay on you have not heard the last of the AccuQuilt Go from me...and...

Stay tuned for my project that I will do with the AccuQuilt Go....and then.....for the giveaway.

I told Carolyn that I did not know which was more fun, me getting a cutter or me being able to give one away.

I wonder if Carolyn feels the same excitement when she is able to give one away. I think she does....what kind of job would that be, giving and giving to people.

Thanks Carolyn......and AccuQuilt GO.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Words can not express how touched I am about receiving this fabric. I have a friend in Samoa that just went to New Zealand and this is what I just received in the mail. I would do the dance but I am so humbled with gratitude towards my sweet friend for thinking of me.

This fabric is awesome...

Totally awesome!!!

Words can not express how I feel....but be sure that I might rub a hole in this fabric before I get something made from it.


I am so excited that I was able to go garage selling after 2 1/2 years of not being able to....and so here are my finds.

Spool holder, now if you had read about my Daddy Pfaff, the spool holder was broken on its way here...this will solve that problem for 25 cents....whohooooo

I think I paid a dollar for this fabric, it is about 2 1/2 yards.

This is about 4 1/2 yards for three dollars...really nice feel to it too.

Here is Mickey on panels....just enough for a nice size quilt for a little one.

I had to control myself because at this moment I am trying to decide how in the world I am going to get all this fabric back with me. I haven't shown you all I have brought. Maybe tomorrow I will get organized and show how bad I have been since I have been here.

My mother and sister spent about 20 dollars and got a boat load of fabric, large pieces for backings. They sure were excited...and I was just trying to control myself in buying which I will confess was soooooooooooooooo hard to do.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I left my mother's on Mother's day....had a nice drive back to my sons and this is what was waiting for me on his stand by the couch.....

Oh....yesssss..... Notice that it is opened....

oink!! oink!!!

He knows the way to his mothers heart..... He has taken his father's place of being my enabler (trying to lose weight)....yes, no one says I have to eat them.

What? Put them on my have got to be kidding!!!

You are kidding!!

And yes, I love sweets....don't judge me!! That is why I am so sweet.

The rest is mail call... when I got back from my mothers this is what was waiting for me.

I purchased this at Piwacket Crafts Store, she was having a wonderful sale of items she no longer wanted in her sewing room.

My poor husband, he probably thought the online buying would stop once I got off the island.....WRONG!!!!!

Mary from Quilt Hollow got me hooked on schnibbles and so I went on line (yes...again)...and ordered these from Quilt Taffy, I hope I can get around to making them.

Then my new best friend Kelly over at I have a notion, sent me the scissor fob and a little something extra from her giveaway extravaganza she had last month....thanks Kelly!!

I talked to one son yesterday and one son in Japan called me today giving me the expectation of getting some Japanese fabric in the mail....I don't know if my heart can take it....the anxiety of waiting for this fabric.

Then my one son is sick but will be over later because we are doing a conference call online to my one son who is in the West Indies serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I sure miss my sons when they are not around.

Isn't it great being a mom?????