Friday, November 30, 2018


This is what our challenge is for this month.....


I have always loved the look of a log cabin quilt and the versatility of it is amazing.

Now was my chance....Island Batik makes me step out of my comfort zone.

So when this challenge came up my sister asked me if I ever saw this ruler.

I said no, but was up for the challenge.

Here are my log Cabin squares.  I used a lot of scraps but I wasn't thinking, I've got my large scraps and didn't think at the time about how big I wanted to make it.  If I had thought this through, I would have just made it scrappy instead of each square the same..   Unfortunately for me, I ran out and was only able to make a baby quilt.  My sister, Jeanette, made a much larger one and I am so glad.  This quilt is so pretty and just knew it would be amazing bigger.  Just click on my sister's name and it will take you to her blog.

Isn't it adorable?????

It took me months to cut up my log cabin squares with the ruler, I was so afraid of making a mistake, even tho I had done a practice square out of random fabric scraps.  It wasn't until my sister, Jeanette, cut in to hers that I bit the bullet and did so myself.

Here is the You Tube we used.

Then I quilted it with Aurifil Thread.  I think this is my favorite color because I have another one similar in color and it is almost gone as well.

Well...this is a long winded post today. 

Taking a breath..... I am tootaling along, I came across this fun fun you tube.....and yep...I just had to do it.

I had a Crystal Cove Island Stack (equivalent to a layer cake but Island Batik Fabrics).

This works up really fast using the Island Batik Stack.  It is always fun to work with Island Batik fabrics because as I am cutting I think...oh....I love this fabric, no, this one....

I had taken pictures of the process but can't seem to find the pictures, same with the other quilt above.   

Well, nothing like posting the last day of the month.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


What do you do when it is cold outside?

Yes, it is cold here in Texas, seems the cold has come early for us.  Last week there was frost on the ground for several days.

This gal stays inside as much as she can, I am an island girl.

Well..Yesterday I made four of these cute dish towels.  If you are interested in this design, you can go to Embroidery Library  They have the cutest designs.

It took me four days of almost complete sewing to get this quilt where it is.  It is lacking two borders.  It is laying on my kingsize bed.  Thanksgiving came and I stopped.  This month Island Batik Ambassador challenge is the Log Cabin.  This log cabin is not Island Batik fabric but doing the challenge (haven't shown what I have done yet) has inspired me to do more log cabins. 

This week is the virtual cookie exchange hosted by Carol, Just let me quilt.  As you can see, my day is Friday.  I am so excited to share with you a recipe that I have been using for 30 years.  At this house we can not have a holiday without it.  I am more than excited to see what everyone has done...hope you join us!

November 27

November 28

November 29

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I saw this video on facebook and just had to make a square 

You will have to forgive this first video, I couldn't get it off my want the second video.

Simple Pineapple block is what you want.

I didn't stop with just a square, I kept going as long as I found fabric big enough to keep going.

As you see, I used my Island Batik Scraps.

This turned out to be a 38" square

The next is the quilt I made with the curved ruler using Paisley Dots fabric by Island Batik and 
various fat eights for the squares by Island Batik as well.

                                                       If you want to know more, go here:

Now I am working on a Charity Project.

I used the Cancer Ribbon format by Craftistitch - these designs are free.

Once again I used Paisley Dots by Island Batik

I used the Island Stacks

Island Stacks are equivalent to the Layer Cakes but Island Batik makes these.

I love how they have turned out.

My only problem is, how I am going to put them together?

                                             I suppose I will have to think on it for a while.

            In the mean time have a fabulous day and stay is in the 30's here in Texas.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


There is a little gal at church that wanted to learn to do a rag rug.

It has been a while since I made one, so I wanted to refresh my memory.   When I was a teenager,  I made one for a boyfriend for his birthday.  He probably looked at it and went...oh, thanks!  

I am sure if he knew the amount of work that went into it he would feel differently?  Maybe...ok, maybe not!

Anyways, when I made mine, I tied all of the strip ends together so on the back you would have like a shag rug, but sparsely shagged.  That was a lot of work tying all those knots.  Then crocheted it.

This one, I sewed the ends together.  I found some 108 inch strips left over from backings, some pieces I cut off of my finished quilts.

I have to tell ya, this little rug sucked up a lot of fabric.

I cut 2" strips the length of the fabric, I did not care if it was straight of grain or not, just longer the better.  Then started crocheting.  There are many you tube videos out there on how to go about doing this, if you are interested.

I got some ugly fabric (if there is such a word), less favorable fabric from my stash, it is the red, black, and gray.  The outer border is from about three yards of fabric.

I need to learn to tie off better but otherwise I am very pleased.

This rug is 32" in diameter, it looks small in the picture but it is a nice size rug.

I do have to tell you that my hands started hurting part way through, then my lower arms and upper arms.

I went to bed last night with bio freeze rubbed all over my hands and arms.

This morning they ache some but not to where I am miserable.  So...

can I consider that exercise?

Then I am blanket stitching around 12 reindeer (Accuquilt Go Die).  I have four left.  I should be done by now but well....
you know, something else came up.

The reindeer is the "Check It Out" fabric by Island Batik.

I also have cut a bazillion 1" x 7" strips for my girls at church Activity Days, we are going to make wreaths this next Wednesday.  Took me about 3 days doing that.  I used up my Christmas Scraps. 

If some of you are reading this and think, wow, Barb has gone through a lot of scraps....

I can truly say I have but they keep multiplying.  Do you have the same problem?

Can you believe it is November already?  I can not!