Thursday, October 29, 2020


If you have been visiting my blog, you will know that I have been working on "Starry Night"

Last week I was not able to sew any, was busy babysitting while my son helped my husband put in the metal post.  I helped with the heavy log post but the metal ones I was not able to help with.  So my son and his family came for four day.  During that time, there was no sewing for me except that I was able to cut out all of the remaining blocks which helped a ton this week.

  Isn't he cute???


I used so many different batiks.  Java Batiks from Inchworm fabrics, Island Batiks, Batiks I have hoarded over the years from Hawaii and Marshalls.

Guess what????  Come on guess????  

The top is done!!!!!!  

I am so excited.  This was such a fun quilt.  

I will show you when I can clear up a space to lay it out or hang it up.  Or maybe when it is totally finished????

This next is the backing for a king size quilt.  I had some left over stars.  You are actually looking at the wrong side of the backing.  I had a time working with all of that fabric.  I was totally pooped when I got it all done and thrown over the machine.  I just need to load it.  I have to tell ya.  I was not happy when I went to my long arm.  Some of the fabrics that are attached to the poles were off.....I have my grandsons to thank for that.  Good thing none of them were around...HaHa

It is a rainy rainy week and cold.  


Thursday, October 15, 2020


I am just too excited not to post.

I finished Joseph from "Starry Night" by Sew kind of wonderful.

Then I went on to the Palm Trees....oh my gosh, this block is so fun to make.  I see a whole quilt with palm trees in my future.

Island Batik Fabrics were used in the palm trees.  In the Joseph and Mary I used Java Batiks (Inchworm Fabrics) and Island Batik Fabrics.  I would say that I am mostly using Island Batik Fabrics.

This was my first full day this week to be able to sew, well, I should say afternoon.  I had some chores to do since I have spent most of my time outside helping my husband setting fence post for two days, by the time we got in I was too sore and tired to do much else.  These old bones aren't what they used to be.

Monday, October 12, 2020


Bear Creek Quilt Company was asking for pillowcases and quilts for the Oregon fire victims.

So I stopped what I was working on (will show you in a minute) to make some pillowcases.

I looked for their address but can't seem to find it, sorry.  If you are interested, just contact Bear Creek Quilt company on facebook.  I tried to find the post, sorry.

more pillowcases

Sew kind of wonderful came out with this pattern.  I may have shown it to you but if I have, just bear with me.  I just loved this pattern.  I purchased the online video and so glad I did.  I am a visual learner and those clases has helped a lot.

This is all I have gotten done.  I was in the zone and going to town.  I had all these plans and then I saw the post asking for pillowcases and quilts.  Then my grandson came to visit (no crying here).

Notice the hair, I am kicking myself for taking things literally.  I wanted her to have brown hair and felt the stable should be brown....I don't want to do it over so I am thinking maybe some quilting in the hair?

Here are the two quick curve rulers, one is the quick curve and the other is the wonderful curve ruler.  The wonderful curve ruler is for the "Starry Night."  The Quick Curve is for the quilt below.

I was actually making headway on this one but got interrupted when "Starry Night" pattern came in.  You guessed it.  I am working on both.

Just a random picture of this catfish that came out of our pond.  No,  that is not me, I wish.

 Then last week, I got the hair brained ideal to make the girls that I have activities with on Wednesday these placemats.  I made six of them.  When my machine was working, at one point I was threatening to trade the machine in.   Anyways, I got all six done and delivered.

You can get the pattern at Applique Market. I get to work in my sewing room.  I ran around this morning doing my chores and running errands and now...ahhhhhh  I am in my happy place.