Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Here is a candle mat/trivet, made with insul brite.  I made about six similar to this one last week to hand out as gifts.  This one here is just an orphan block.

If you are wondering why I am so quiet lately, it is because of this:
Been very busy, thinking and working on it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Don’t these witches fingers look gross????  I think you would have to be drunk to eat them or hungry.  I made these for the scouts Tuesday night….you can get the recipe here

Now these are yummy.  They are just Ritz crackers with peanut butter in the middle dunked in almond bark……ummmm ummmm good.  I just put the bark in the microwave for one minute, stir and then put it in for another minute.

In November our church is having a day of service, so I was asked to help make quilt tops so the ladies can tie them.  As you see, I got out my trusty Accuquilt Go cutter...

IMG_1248 IMG_1249  IMG_1250
I suggested that we bring machines and have them quilt in the ditch…for some reason tying doesn’t get to my happy side.

Don’t forget Ebony’s book tour, you can see the list on my side bar.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips‏ by Ebony Love

Today is my day for "The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting" by Ebony Love.

We will start off by explaining a little about the book.

What can I expect of the book?

“This book is not a project book.  It is a reference guide for die cutting across the 5 most popular fabric die-cutting systems – the AccuQuilt GO, GO Baby, and Studio; and the Sizzix Big Shot and Big Shot Pro. There are seven chapters which talk about everything from how to choose a die cutter, mats & other consumables, dies, fabric preparation & other materials, sewing & piecing tips, and further resources. The book is sized at 5.5” x 8.5”, is spiral bound so it lays flat, and will number at about 200 pages. It’s not necessarily a book that one would read from start to finish, although it is organized to walk you through the process. There are some photos and diagrams, but for the most part it is a “text” book. “

If you are the type of person that researches items before purchasing, then this is the book for you!

If you are the type of person that truly can not make up your mind about what type of fabric cutter will suit you best, then this is the book for you!

If you want to make the best decision as far as price and performance of a cutter, then this is the book for you!

If you want to know if you can mix and mingle your dies, then this is the book for you!

Ebony had done the research for you.  She has taken the guess work out of the equation for you in making the right decision for you.

I love my Accuquilt Go cutter.  Others have asked me questions about the Accuquilt Go cutter verses the other ones.  I can not answer those questions for you but Ebony’s book can.

Be sure to check out all of the other blogs that will definitely give you a better insight into her book.

Here’s the lineup of tour hosts!

I just wanted to say that I have met Ebony and she is one fabulous person.   She truly knows what she is talking about.  She is creative, ambitious, intelligent, fun, and has more energy then most of us have in our little finger.

To give you a glimpse of what you can do with your Cutter, I will show you my scrap drawer.  These scraps have steam a seam on the back and so I saved even the smallest of pieces.
Got my trusty Accuquilt Go out…and I got this ….
I can not really show you what I am doing with all of these circles but it sure made short work of it.

Here is a project some of you have seen but this is made from scraps from my friends project that I took out of the garbage after she left.
The point I am trying to make is with a fabric cutter you can almost make something out of nothing.  There is only waste if you are not utilizing your cutter.  Ebony’s book can show you how to minimize waste.
Your creativity is all you need to minimize it even more.

So today I thought I would giveaway these precut leaf and acorn shapes.


Just leave a comment telling me how you would benefit from this book.  If you already have a fabric cutter, just tell me which one and why you like it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012




I have been busy with  this fabric.


My Accuquilt Go Cutter has been smok’in…..  I keep waiting for it to go on strike!


I should be doing this…..but nope!


instead I have been using a lot of this!



To make this…..oh…sorry, I cleaned my room last night and it is folded neatly away.



Working with these (scraps)



and working on this…yep…folded up again as well.  I like my room to be semi decent on Sundays….


The Bejeweled sweat shop is closed today!


but I have to tell you!!!!!!  Another one bites the dust!

As of today, I sucked another innocent party into the sewing and fabric world.


All I have to say to her husband is to hang on to his wallet...HA!!!!

Cute Cute (young) gal at church wants to learn to quilt.  While visiting her last month I suggest that she learn to quilt.  Her husband is away during the week and she needs something to fill in the gap.  Here was my chance....

I jumped on this like a piece of thread to my nice outfit!

We plan to go fabric shopping this week.  Did I tell you she is cute?  She has an adorable little son.

All I have to say to that is "CHARGE IT!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Morning my sweet peeps! Yesterday I finished the binding and made two pillowcases.

I learned a long time ago that it doesn't pay to try to make fancy pillows for the bed.  Something about men and more pillows than needed on the bed?  Go figure.

We also do not like large pillows, so this was easy.

Yes, that is exercise equipment in my bedroom.....it got oust from it's original place just recently....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Needless to say that the honeymoon is not over with Gurddie....need lots of practice but.... Here is my quilt finished (no binding yet).
My bed is a king size bed and this quilt fits perfectly.  Has a nice over hang.

This is just a sample of the quilting I did.  Of course, I have to show you the good stuff.

I did learn that.......when the machine pulls and makes ugly stitches (yes....it is the machine), that it is off track.  Duhhhhhh....

Learned that the prewound bobbins last longer.

That before I start stitching I need to check to see how much room I have to quilt....this is a mid arm....not much room and sometimes I would get square head circles.

I learned that all I have to do is click the poles, I was trying to use the button to release the poles but you just move the pole clockwise and it will release (wish I had figured this out sooner).

I also have an on and off switch (which they call a speed regulator).  This gal has a need for speed and this little guzimo was not cutting it.  So I used the foot pedal and had to move it every time I hit the middle.  Minor inconvenience.

I also learned that my left foot is heavier than my right.....

I am guessing that I spent about 4 to 5 hours if that much quilting.  I only worked on it intermittently through the week.  It took longer to learn how to mount it.

I did do a king size quilt on my Bernina....even with the frustration of the Honeymoon, it was wonderful being able to just sail away.

I was thinking that Jeanette was right, I should have went smaller but.....now that it is done, it will go on my bed.  Won't matter what my husband does to it....or will it????  HUMMMM


I just had to show you this fun scissor holder a friend sent for my birthday!!!

Isn't that the cat's meow????  Matches my fuzzy slippers!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Jeanette told me last night that I should start with something small for my first project on my new toy. I say.......Go Big or Go home!!
Actually, this top I have is one that I don't mind if I mess up....all the other tops I want to do at least a halfway job.  Yes....that is just the backing....took me yesterday to get that far.



When we first moved into this rental house, we saw maybe one roach every few weeks.

 Then it started getting colder and I guess they figure my house is a great place to have refuge.

 I say...think again. I can not stand bugs in my kitchen...or anywhere!

So this morning I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floor and the bathroom floor downstairs.

 You are asking yourself.....what does this have to do with bugs...just spray the nasty critters.

 My answer to that is....now I feel like my kitchen is dirty....the kitchen cupboards are next....

 So...maybe later I will play on my machine or....play a little now and go down and scrub the cupboards later...(I like that idea).
 Least ways.....I can not stand clutter or bugs in my kitchen...those little buggards have to GO....

Monday, October 8, 2012


My son has it set up.....now I am making leaders for it.

I spent some time with my older friend the other day. She was saying what an unhappy life she has had. I was so sad for her because she always seemed so happy to me.

 It got me to thinking....

 This life has not been easy....we were poor college students....and even when he graduated, we were still poor with 2 kids and one on the way. The children were wanted ...yes, we were crazy.

 Then he decided to go back to school.... and then it took about ten years of still being poor to get on our feet. I went to work several times during that. Trust me it was not easy......especially when I wanted to stay home with my children.

 But to say I had an unhappy life? I can not say that.

 We all just do what we have to do and snatch a little happiness and joy in between.

 It is true, life is what you make it. I am sure there was some unhappiness and thinking when will this end....but I can truly say...I had a good life.... would I do some things over? YES....... never switch this life for another one!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


First off I want to say that I took my camera but didn’t take any pictures (don’t hurt me!!).  I even forgot to take it with me to the quilt shops…..what was I thinking?
Debi (quilting with Debi) was so amazing in how she organized this retreat.  I only knew Debi and Quilter Jan for their blogs, it was so wonderful to be able to meet them in person.

Here is where we went, located in Smithtown, Texas

retreat   retreat 2
IMG_1164  IMG_1170  IMG_1180

The Green quit top is a lot prettier in person, the colors are more vibrant…sorry for the poor quality.  This is a technique from
Missouri Star Quilt Co.

What was really fun was another quilter there was doing the same technique but with different fabrics and sizes.
The thread catcher was a kit given to each of us by Kay.
The table runner was a kit given to us by Debi. 
I took  kist for the moon zipper bags.
Strange but I didn’t work on any old projects, I just worked on the new things.


IMG_1171  IMG_1172 IMG_1167  IMG_1174
It was like Christmas….everyone was exchanging gifts.  Quilters are a unique breed, they are so generous and eager to share.

IMG_1165  IMG_1168  IMG_1179 IMG_1178

IMG_1181  These are the things I got from the discard table.  I grabbed the magazines on the way out.  I grabbed the quilt kit before Quilter Jan nabbed them. 

We visited Three Quilt Shops and here is my loot:
IMG_1161 IMG_1159 IMG_1158
Yep, that is it….I loved this frog panel in my sister’s store (Inchworm Fabrics) but she ran out quickly, I was just told that she has a lot of panels still in her store....I truly thought she was out or I would have purchased from her...oh well...now you know where to go..  I am so glad that I found this one, I do have some coordinating fabrics
that go with it.  Then I have the fat quarters of Dr. Seus, so I could not pass this panel up.

I won this playing Bingo….whohooooo
But…we were to bring nine fat quarters for the fat quarter lotto….to say the least I came with nine fat quarters and left with none….(poor me).

As you know quilters are so generous….
IMG_1176  IMG_1173 IMG_1177

Debi was letting me use this little quilt to put under my machine so it would not vibrate so much….well…look who took it home !!!! (Oh…she said I could have it….but trust me,
there were so many wonderful projects that my fingers were getting the five finger itch…but I used control…HA!!)

The Friday before I left, Fiskars was having a giveaway on facebook every 30 minutes.  I had so much fun waiting to see what they were giving away next and low and behold while I was gone, this came in the mail.  Thanks Fiskars!!

Do be sure to come back tomorrow, I have something fun to share with you!