Friday, May 31, 2019


This picture does not do the paining justice.

My niece gave my mother this painting.

I have always loved (coveted) this painting and was so happy when it came to live at my house.

So this evening I decided to make a table runner to match/ my painting.  It is 56 1/2" x 15 1/2", was hard to get the whole runner in the frame.  This picture does not do it justice either but I just want to say that I am THRILLED.

I used my 5" Island Batik stash builders, grey Island Batik background fabric.  I had just enough of the 5" strips to make this using just three strips and some of my black Island Batik fabric.  As you can, see I used my 8" Accuquilt Companion set (kite die #15), plus the small circle on the circle Accuquilt die, and grey and black Aurifil Threads

It  takes ten of the kite pieces to make a flower.  If you make one, it might bunch in the middle but you cut out some of the middle so it lays flat when you iron it.  I did not use any heat n bond, I used glue.  I glued the small circle in the middle and I even glued the flowers down.

I sewed the border on before I did the flowers, with the half flowers sewn into the seam at the ends and glued down. 

  I sandwiched my runner, using Hobbs black batting (which doesn't show the fabric under the it). Then I pinned the sandwich only on the outside of the runner.  I found the middle and placed the whole flower, glueing half, place it down, and then glueing the other half.  I put two pins in the flower with pins around the outside of the flower to keep things in place.

Once I had that done, I blanket stitched around the circle, then without even cutting my thread, put it on straight stitch and quilted the middle of each petal.  Then blanket stitched the outside.

Centering the other two petal between the end and the middle flower, I did the same thing.  Saved the end petals for last.

Hope you don't mind my readers digest version of my table runner.  It is so easy.

The background fabric is 53 1/2" x 12 1/2"
 2" Borders - 3 1/2" strips width of fabric
Three 5" Island Batik stash builders (these 5" strips are the width of the fabric) (kite die)
One 5" black strip width of fabric (kite die)
   You need 21 black kites pieces, 19 print fabric for alternating kite pieces.
Four small circles (Accuquilt circle die) - cut one in half
Binding - 3 1/2 strips width of the fabric 2 1/2" wide.
batting and backing pieces larger than 56 1/2" x 15 1/2"

When I cut out my kite pieces I tried to get as much out of the fabric as I could so I cut on the bias and that is a NO NO....only because Island Batik fabric hardly frays but on the bias it does.  After I finished the table runner I had to go back and clip all the little threads on the end of each kite piece that was on the bias.  No matter, it worked, I had enough fabric, and this gal is HAPPY!!

I am doing the dance!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


                   My stack of Stars just keeps growing.  When will I have enough?  Ain't no telling!

Here is all 54 of them!

A while back in January when the Island Batik Ambassadors got the Accuquilt Go 8" Cube, I started using the triangle die to cut up scraps from the projects I was working on at the time.

Yes, it does take more time to do this but, eventually, 

I got this!!


                                                                       Pretty full

It took me a while to sort through them to have light background fabrics and just the regular colored fabrics.  Then counting them all out, eight each....sometimes I would sew nine (someone can not count).

Once that was all done I started sewing these stars in my spare time....while I was sewing the first few I got the idea to get out my  Island Batik strip scraps, sew a few together, use my 4 1/2 square from the 8" Qube set and there you have it...the center of some of the stars.  Since I was using scraps I did need a centerpiece for those that I didn't have a matching center for.

I also had various blocks I had made but never used so I cut squares out of them as well.

I have to confess, I have a hard time not having everything match.  If you notice in the first picture the right hand side, the top right corner.  IT DOES NOT MATCH THE OTHER CORNERS, it is driving me crazy but I have to keep telling myself that THIS IS A SCRAP QUILT.

I have to tell myself this over and over.  I want them all to be like the yellow star but I have to admit that I do love the centers of the others, it is just  I HAVE THIS NEED FOR THEM ALL TO MATCH!!!!

That being said...IT is BERRY season here and it has been raining so much and now that it is not raining this gal has been sick.  I was sick last time this year with allergies and couldn't pick....this year is it a virus plus allergies...yep...NO FUN.  Right now I am on Steroids and am going ninety miles a minute... CRAZY huh?  Why am I telling you this?  These stars are all set up to sew, so sometimes even in my sickness I would sew a few here or there.  This is a great project if you just have ten minutes to spare. 

Oh...I also put a little sticky on the top so I could keep count of the stars, I got tired of counting the blocks over and over when I would add a few.

NOW IT IS RAINING AGAIN....I think we are going to float away.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


For the month of May, as you can tell by my title, is Making it Modern using Hobbs Batting for the Island Batik Challenge.

This quilt was made by using a very large clam shell that I enlarged.  Using Island Batik  Flea Market fabric  and their White (neutral) solid to construct the top and 2  1/2" strips for the middle.

As I was making this quilt, the next quilt was in my head and wouldn't leave me alone.  So...I made most of this top while constructing the first quilt.

I used the Accuquilt Go 8" Companion Set (Angles), the kite die to make the flowers.

Once again Island Batik Flea Market fabric and white solid as well.

Now for the fun part.  As most of you know we were given various batting types from Hobbs Batting.

I have found it very educational in using their battings, we were given a nice little booklet on the different uses and functions of their battings.

The first quilt I used Tuscany and I truly loved this batting but as I learned for this project I should have used a heavier or even the black batting they gave us.  I hear the black hides a lot of the shadowing.  My project in August I plan to use the black and I do see more black batting in my future.

So back to the Tuscany, it is light weight, doesn't have the bulkness or heaviness of a lot of battings.  Great for a spring project.

I did enjoy using it.

The next project, I went scrappy on the batting, I just used a piece of hobbs batting that was left over from a previous project.  

Also both quilts were quilted using Aurifil 50wt. white thread, I even sewed the tops with the same me lazy for not changing threads but it works...and I am ok with being called lazy... (well maybe not to my face).

I have a lot of visitors but very few comments, I am thinking either everyone is too busy to comment, or my blog post are lacking.  Either way, if you comment, I will visit your blog and comment as well...even trade right?

I also know it is so much easier on Facebook and Instragram to comment.  You can find me on instragram at fivesons4barb.

The Christmas Rapping blog hop is still going on...wonderful book, wonderful projects, would be well worth your while to visit, just click on the picture.

Sunday, May 5, 2019


What a wonderful time to start thinking about Christmas and not waiting til the last minute to get a few things done.

Nan (left) and Margaret with their Star of Wonder and Star of Light Vests

Margaret and Nan have come up with this Amazing book "Christmas RAPPing Christmas Quilts Featuring Reverse Applique and Paper Piecing"

YOu can find the book on Amazon  or

I chose "Star of Wonder, Star of Light"

I truly enjoyed this pattern, I will say it made my abilities stretch, I am always up for a challenge and learning something new.

Always read the instructions first, will save a lot of time and energy...don't ask me how I know.

Using Island Batik Fabrics which I purchased online at Hancock's of Paducah (great prices and fast service, Aurifil Thread  great for blanket stitching.

Hobbs Batting, works like a dream.

I would like to thank Nan and Margaret for this wonderful opportunity to stretch my quilting abilities,
and June Taylor, Aurifil Threads, and Island Batik for sponsoring this Blog hop.

Two (2) winners will receive one (1) Bundle of nine (9)Island Batik Fat Quarters + 3 spools of Aurifil thread


Find out what happens when you mix two creative minds together by joining us on this awesome blog hop.

Here is the line up and if you missed some this past week, please do go by and check them out.

  • April 29 - Joan Kawano, Moosestash Quilting,