Tuesday, September 24, 2019


This quilt pattern made it into the Island Batik Fall/Winter Catalog 2019

                                                              Free Space

The fabric line is "Whispering Feathers"

I just love these fabrics but I have yet to not like any of Island Batik Fabrics.


I used Hobbs batting (I just purchased a whole roll of Hobbs Batting)...love it!

I used Aurifil Threads  #2315 (light tan) and #2568 (burgundy for blanket stitching)

Notice all of the circles?  At one time I could have told you how many I used but I am too lazy to calculate or go and look it up (that is right lazy).  As you can see there are a lot.

I used the Accuquilt Go Cutter Circle Die #55012.  Sure made fast work of the circles.

I opted not to use any fabric adhesive.  For one, it would take a lot, and then you would need to cut and iron....so this gal is LAZY!!  Also, it would make the quilt stiff in places.

I used elmer's glue and a lot of starch, only putting the circles on when I wanted to sew them on.  Normally if you use fabric adhesive you will iron all of the pieces on and then applique.  I just did one at a time.....I glued the circles, ironed them and then glued them on, as I said one at a time.  Worked out great.

This was a lot of fun but for me stressful because I wanted it to turn out perfect.  Each year I say I am not going to do another pattern for the catalog because I get so stressed but this is my fourth pattern in one of Island Batik Catalogs.  Will I say never....NOPE

Friday, September 6, 2019


The Island Batik Challenge for this month is Child's play using the BOB (block on a board) Accuquilt Go die.  It does not get any easier than this or any more fun!

Here are a few things you can do with this die.

Beaquilter received the same die, if you are interested in seeing what she has done for this months challenge, go here.

Aurifil Threads #2605 (grey) for sewing and #2130 (light yellow) for quilting.

I had originally planned a different border but didn't like how it looked so I opted for this border.  They are sewn together like you would sew your binding pieces together (on the diagonal).

The brighter the fabric the better.  That is my Motto!

51" x 61"

I used Island Batik Foundation Bundle Coordinates - basics and blenders from the recent box they sent to us.  Island Batik White (can't go wrong with white).

The whole time I was making this quilt I kept thinking of crayons. I always loved the beginning of the school year when we had a brand new box of crayons.  I also love smelling them....just like glue, and fabric....ha ha....  yep...I am a crayon,glue, fabric sniffer and proud of it!

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 Black Batting

I have to confess that I had not ever heard of Black Batting before until I received some in my Island Batik Box in January.

I was kinda leary about it.

I used the black batting in this quilt above (my phone takes better picture than my camera, this is a camera shot).

I have had several questions and concerns from others about using black batting.


Several years ago I was teaching the girls at church (ages 8 to 12) how to embroidery.
So far only two have completed theirs, two sisters.

The oldest sister made a pillow out of hers and entered it in the State Fair and won a blue ribbon.

That being said, she came over to my home to make a pillow.  You should have seen the back of her embroidery....  Oh my gosh.  I am not telling you this to shame the girl.  I was so proud of her for completing the project and being a first timer...well...who expects perfection?
We spent a good hour trimming her back.  I attached the heat n bond to the back to keep the stray threads in place so they would not come through.  It is not easy to explain but we got the tangles down to a minimum.

FAST forward to last week.

Her sister comes in and she wants to make a wall hanging.


Trust me, this back looks great compared to the oldest sister.  This is actually not bad.

But.... while I was thinking on this.  I remembered I had some remnants of Hobbs Black batting.

Here is the front.  You can not see a single thread shinning through.

So you see, the black batting hides any colorful lose threads that might be hanging out in your quilt.  Or hides the shadow from the seams that might occur.

It truly is awesome batting and I am so glad I was able to try it out.

My October project is using Hobbs black batting as well.

Have a fantastic day!