Monday, April 30, 2012


I must confess that this little topper is soooooo fun and fast.  Really goes fast with the Accuquilt Go cutter but you don't need it....  


My friend Rhonda made this one.  I had some charm packs and so we went to town on the next two.  Rhonda really loved doing this one, said so herself...she is a beginner quilter and was just great for her.

 This one is mine.

I do not have it in Inchworm Fabrics yet, it is in but....while I am waiting for my sister to include this in her store, I will give this pattern away to two people.

All I want is your sweet comment.  Will choose the winner on Wednesday.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

ONE LAST HURRAH!! sewing buddy has left this morning, moving to Arizona. Yesterday we had our last sewing sessions together. She came at nine and left at one....

Here is what we did.

I purchased this laminate fabric a few months ago and yesterday just seemed the perfect day to use it., being the cheap person I am didn't want to have scraps (this laminate fabric is expensive) so I didn't use the measurements the tutorial gave me. We ended up with this square....we both laughed and then I thought....why not a handle. Got my good ole duck take out and one handle was produced.

Next, one cosmetic bag....

I just love this half moon. I did a really small one before leaving Samoa and just loved it. You can get the tutorial here.

Not bad for a morning's my sewing room is quiet, the tools are put away, and my friend has gone. Maybe I will do some FMQ today?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


You will have to forgive me, I can not find the full picture of this quilt for the life of me...and I have no more time to spare at the moment.

I did not forget Thimbleberries sew day.....I worked on this quilt. I am quilting between the trees until I can figure out what to do next.

Well...Julie over at Having Fun Quilting just became a consultant for My Lasy Dazy .... this sounds so interesting and I just thought I would send you over to her blog... Here is her official site. Home parties? Trunk show in your own home? Party gifts? Hummmmmm amazing what people think of....hop on over there and see what you think. This could turn to be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


If you wanted something done find the busiest person to do it!!

Yesterday morning I had a Norwex party (look it up if you are not familiar with it). I just read that and sounds so bossy.... By the way, sorry you couldn't make it but the refreshments were awesome.

Anyways.....while there one friend brought someone I did not know. She is heavily involved with the wounded warriors. She receives shipments of items almost daily that she packs up and sends off. She was explaining that her quilt contributions has diminished. She must have seen my sewing room.....couldn't miss it....right by the refreshments (boy those refreshments were good).

This gal lives just a few miles away from me.... I was thinking, if only I had known.

So I looked at my one friend and the smoke started pouring out of my ears.

She was thinking the same we decided right then that today we would make one.

After the party, I went to Walmart, picked up my glasses, went to the post office, came home made chili for the crock pot, and started cutting out the quilt for today.

I had some fat quarter bundles that would work. Was doing the Yellow Brick road but it is now the messed up brick road.

You guessed it, I took a wrong turn with the rotary cutter and well....(made do)

Then.....I thought oh...I have a some time before Young Women's (which my girls were in charge of the joint activity between the Young Men and Young Women). So I started sewing.

and sewing.

Looking at the clock, thinking of a few more things I needed to do for the activity.

Kept looking at the clock.....and the top done before I had to rush around the house and then leave.

Here is it. I quilted it after I got home. I know what you are thinking, Barb, that looks awfully narrow. is! She said her requirements were 3 feet by 5 feet. These are for wounded soldiers. These will cover the soldiers as they are being transported with IVs, monitors, they need to be narrow as to not get in the way of saving their lives.

Just need to bind it. I want to make a few more before I go. Did you see how I made it longer? I just put strips in between the messed up blocks. Worked out great. So if you have the Yellow Brick Road pattern. You get twenty 9 1/2" squares, giving you 4 across and five down. It meets the requirements for the across but not down, so I put 3 1/2 inch strips on top, in between, and on the bottom of the rows. Worked out great.

If you would like to do some for my new found friend, it would be most welcomed. I just threw that out pressure, we are all busy and we all do charitable work, most times I like to keep the majority of my charitable work to myself but know, if I can put a plug in for the wounded soldiers, I will. She also says that just because they have pulled out of Iraq does not mean the injuries have lessened, they have actually increased with what is going on now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here is November's calendar wall hanging, no binding yet...but soon...(well....maybe...non committal here).

I got these lovely scraps from Dresden quilter, they are just fabulous and I love them. Thanks so much....why not go check out her blog....she is just wonderful!

My serger had a broken upper looper, you think that is a cheap fix? Think again. Turns out that I needed a new pedal (reason why looper broke, it only has one speed...and that is fast)...another not so cheap fix. I was crying all the way to the bank. Then if some of you do not know this, it was ninety dollars just for the repair person to see it.

I would not have gone because I am so cheap but my husband said..."GET IT FIXED"....why have a broken machine. To be honest, I needed my serger several times since it got wounded.

Well...a month later and a loan against my oldest child, it is back home and is good to have her home. I used her yesterday serging some upholstery fabric.

I didn't want to make this long but I was at JoAnn's (no shocker to any of you to be found there). This lady comes up....psss pssss (like she is selling something illegal). She says, I have all of this upholstery fabric that I am taking to Goodwill, will you like to look at it first and take what you want.

SAY WHAT? Now upholstery fabric is not up my alley, but free is. The first thing that popped into my mind was totes, bags....oh yesss....momma is thinking (get the fire extinguisher...someone head is going to explode).

So to the car we go...and oh my gosh......good thing it was fabric, it caught the drool.

The only problem was it had a moldy smell.....that is where the serger came in. I serged up all of the fabrics and washed them. (what a long story). Tomorrow, are right...getting that upholstery fabric and have a hay day with it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I don't like this new blogger, I can not get to my dash board to read all of your blogs...can someone help me? I don't like change and this change is for the birds.

Okay....I did it...I found where it says OLD INTERFACE and switched back to it...whohooooo

thanks for all of your help and fast response...I am a happy girl now...doing the dance.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"I want to fly like an Eagle to the sea, fly like an Eagle let my spirit carry me" I got carried away with my you all can thank me if you hum that tune all day long. Your are welcome....

I am sure most of us feel like time keeps on slippin...slippin...

and where does it carry me? Hummmmmm I would love to be carried to the sea.

I showed this adorable mini wall hanging the other day but failed to mention the wonderful Betsy from Quilting Fiesta who actually made it. She is one special person to me, I have followed her from day one, she can sure crank out the quilts and projects. Visit her blog, you will see....

Then talk about slippin....this has slipped through the cracks .... these charms have been sitting on my table for weeks now and for weeks now I keep saying I am going to take a picture of them and post. I was so amazed when they came in the mail and do so love them, it was time and my laziness that they have not posted before now. Shari from Mumsy Blossom's world sent these to me all the way from Australia. These are from her stash, I wish you could see them all. Thanks so much. She is another gal that I have been following since Day one of my beginning blogging and she too is well worth the trip over to her blog. time keeps on slipping, I hope you all have an amazing day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I just love hanging these little calendar quilts up each month. I love walking by it, just brightens up my day.
Which leads me to these....

I kept thinking that I should take time out to make the April one....but that is as far as it got...just thinking....

But............... talking with Teresa in Music City via emails (A quilt and a prayer). I read her post here and just loved the wall hanging, not realizing it was from these Calendar quilts.

She emailed me back and well.....

That was just the inspiration I needed. I also got my friend Rhonda involved (I might have mentioned she is moving, her house is empty and well...I guess I have just made it my mission to keep her occupied...lucky her).
This is mine, I will show you hers later and I might add that this picture just doesn't cut it.

So....for the last thirty minutes I have been trying to get you a good picture.

touched this up with the computer..... NOPE!!
This is the best I can do you, even with the shadows on it...gotta is Saturday is running around time.....

All of you were so awesome with your comments....the two winners of the "April Showers topper are:

Katiemaytoo Quilts - Katie

Thanks so much. There will be another topper coming next week. Are you getting you fill of them, Hope not!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I call this topper "APRIL SHOWERS"

This next topper is my friend Rhonda's. She is totally awesome. She helped me work out a little bug in this topper. She is also new to quilting, she did all of the machine quilting on this topper. Didn't she do fantastic?
I had fun with this design. It sat on my counter top for a while, I had to I would walk by it.....think....walk by it again...think some more until I finally decided on the end results.

I am doing the same thing with the New BMB (Bi-monthly block) that Caroll and I are doing in has laid on my dining room floor for months and is still sitting there while I think. You can see our button on the sidebar... "Reindeer Games". the giveaway, I will give away two patterns of my "APRIL SHOWER" topper, just leave a comment and I will announce the winners on Saturday.

This pattern can be found at Inchworm Fabrics, it is on the very last page of her patterns (hummmm does that tell you anything???). Jeanette get me off the last page!!! In all fairness, she is one busy gal and she put this in her store at my request tonight, she was going to bed. Thanks Jeanette!!! She was probably thinking "Sisters!!!!" I have an awesome one.

So...just leave a comment.

Monday, April 9, 2012


My friend received her quilt and shams and was so sweet to send me a picture. I just love how it hangs down the side of the bed. Now to make me one. Why are we always the last?

Today is pattern making day....I have been so busy playing with my friend last week (we went to JoAnn's twice). She helped me tweek the one pattern I hope to have out to you this week. I know, I keep saying that but I keep

IS WORK day!!

Okay..I said it, now you can hold me to it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here is a Quilt I did for my 3rd son right before he went to Iraq.

Here is a quilt my mother machine pieced and hand quilted for my 2nd this would not be accepted in the QOV challenge because of the pink but I love it and I think (not sure) but for each grandson in the military she made a red white and blue theme for them. I tried to copy the quilt she made for son #3 but I could not get it to work???

My mother has over 20 grandchildren (my brain doesn't want to do the math) but she has machined pieced and hand quilted each of her grandchildren a quilt....she has three left. She hand pieced and hand quilted each of her five children a quilt.

She just finished the quilt for my nephew and if you would like to see it you can go here

My apologies, I said I would announce the winner of the QOV blog hop on Wednesday and now it is Thrusday.

Well....Michelle from Michelle's Quilts and stuff is the winner.

I truly enjoyed all of your comments.

My husband got up Tuesday and decided he didn't want to go to work. I had plans for a few friends to come over and learn freezer paper applique. So I called and canceled for the following day.

My husband got up Wednesday and decided he didn't want to go to work. I decided to go ahead and do my little class but only one person came. So...........we shanghighed my husband in to taking us to JoAnn's....whohoooo. What is even better, the one friend was my one sewing buddy that went away for a few months. So it was a glorious day. My husband egged me on to buy more fabric (don't you just love a man like that?) and I egged my friend on.

Tomorrow is the last day of the QOV Blog Hop, the challenge will go on until May 31st. Marjorie will be giving patterns, blocks, and star designs on her blog.

She was also featured in the Accuquilt Go news letter here

Marilyn was today, I hope you went by.

Tomorrow is Marjorie again here

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Last night I got the borders on my QOV quilt, maybe I can sandwich it sometime today?

Remember to visit Gene's blog today. He shows you a great way to make stars and his own design.

I had to squeeze this top in between my dinning room and living room because my Christmas quilt is taking up the other side of the dinning room. As soon as we get a button, we will let you in on the theme of our BMB (bi-monthly blocks).

Yes, I did whack off some of the points...pooey. I tried so hard (yes, that is a whine). Now if you want a wonderfully pieced quilt, My sister Beverly is the gal for you...that girl can piece up a storm. I had to admit, I need more patience and practice.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Life is not without it’s worries and as a mom of men who have gone to war….well…let’s say there was always a prayer on my lips and in my heart. I now have a nephew going to Afghanistan and what a worry to our family. This is his fourth time going.

So….to make aware and encourage all of you to make a QOV quilt we are doing this blog hop. I know some of you are already involved in doing this and I know it is so appreciated by those receiving.

Time has been few and far between….so I chose a pattern from this book. Just one block and you are done. This was one of the few books I took with me to Samoa and actually used.


Looks like the swoon blocks doesn’t it? This one measures 50”x50”. So fun and easy. I will have to say that I starched the dog out of the triangles to keep them from distorting.

Did I hear some gasps???? Yes, I use starch like crazy and I know some of you would never.


The suggestion in the book was to open all of the seams. How many of you do this? It is a lot of added work and I find that it is easier to match the seams if they are not opened up, you can just butt the seams up nicely when they are folded over. That is just my thought on that.


Since this quilt is not big enough, I cut out borders, after they are attached the quilt will be 68”x68”, the desired size is 55”x 65”, if you submit a size smaller it will be sold and the proceeds will go towards backing or batting for more QOV


This is the backing….not happy with how the picture came out but….once again…this is a QOV, they only want red white and blue fabrics for the front and back as well.

IMG_0723Why is it when the fabric is suppose to be bright it is dull and when it is bright it is suppose to be dark? This fabric matches the lighter blue in the flowers above. REALLY!!

One more guideline I was told about and that is emblems, please no emblems…..

“This is a country specific blog hop as this is for the USA QOV organization. The QOV mission statement states "The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover ALL combat service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. This foundation is not about politics. It's about people." (note that I discovered that there are also QOV organizations in Canada and the United Kingdom.) (FROM GENE’S BLOG)

That said, everyone is welcome to visit and comment. We love all our worldwide friends.

Trust me, I do so love my international friends and sure hope you understand and support this cause as well.

Now for my prize:

GetAttachment (5)Aurifil thread.....I have used this thread once and it is really nice.

This is what I will be giving away, Wednesday I will pick a winner. I just want you to tell me about yourself or someone you know that has served our country.

The big prize of the Go Baby and five dies will be given to those who actually made squares, a top, or whole quilt and submitted it to QOV.


This challenge goes from APRIL 1 TO MAY 31ST.

Thanks so much for coming by....have a fantastic day.




Tomorrow starts the QOV (quilt of Valor) blog hop sponsored by Marjorie.

I am the first out of the gate so be sure to stop by.


Tuesday 4-3-2012

Gene Black, An Alabama Artist and Quilter

Wednesday 4-4-2012

Marjorie Busby

Thursday 4-5-2012

Marilyn Lewis

Friday 4-6-2012

Marjorie Marjorie is going to post on her blog all kinds of ideas for QOV quilts, sizes, designs, and patterns….so be sure to stop by her blog often. She has already started with a rail fence and a few layouts.

There will be prizes on the blog level and then one grand prize of a Go Baby and Five dies (for those who submit squares, tops, or completed quilts)

HOPE you join us.

Later I am going to release another round topper….maybe by the time I get my fill of these toppers I will have enough for each month?????


This is a big AND…….in May, Caroll from Attic Shop Window ( and I are going to release a pattern for you every two weeks. We are going to call this BMB, bi-monthly block. Caroll is also showing her blocks in redwork...this should be fun, I saw hers and they are awesome.

This is going to be a Christmas quilt so you will need to get some background fabric. My sister has some in her store if you chose ( Nothing too overbearing.

You will also need lots of different browns. I used my scraps and a few fat quarters (which are breeding nicely in my scrap bend)…so no worries about cutting into them.

Maybe a few different colored Christmas scraps would be nice too. The biggest expense will be the background fabric.

My background fabric.

IMG_0720So I lied….one picture…(actually this picture is an after thought).

I also used some white fabric, so I am guessing you maybe need a yard of white (maybe a half yard), just depending on whether you want to put yours together like I have done. You can get that later.

I tried to do a button in photo bucket but it looks good but comes out different on my blog...will work on that and get back to you.