Monday, November 28, 2016

WINTER WONDERLAND - Island Batik Ambassadors


                                                Better late than never right???

Did I tell you that the Island Batik fabric hardly fray?

Totally wonderful to applique with...raw edge or needle turn....

So I decided to make this bunting.

I love to sit and look at the fabulous fabrics.

I chose the lazy way out when I made these.

                                                 Folded my fabric to the length I needed

                                        Got my trusty triangle ruler and marked around it

                                                         see the markings

                          Then I pinned it in a few places, then used my pinking shears and cut around it.

Looks like this when unfolded but you are going to leave it folded.
I sewed a seam with my sewing foot next to the edge of the pinking part and then a seam 5/8 from the top for the ribbon to go through.

Then I blanketstitched the lettering onto the fabrics.

                                        Did I tell you that Island Batik fabric hardly fray?
                                                                 Of course I did!!!

    I love making hand towels and I love it even more when I go in my friends home and find it hanging on the stove handle.

To show you how much I love making them.....(that is an understatement)

I have a collection here:

You can tell I have been didgging....

A collection hanging here:

Some more here!!!

Great for a fast gift.

But I wanted to make some more Christmas ones

                       I just love this reindeer....if you have been to my blog you have seen him before.
                                                  One day I will make myself one.

I truly loved using my Island Batik fabrics for each of these projects.

I also love using my Accuquilt Go cutter

There will be more later....looking for my Santa one but can't find him.....

It is raining here in Texas......time to take a book and hide somewhere.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I can not begin to tell you what a month November has been so I won't.

Needless  to say there has not been much sewing until a few days ago or in between family crisis and issues.

I did get my sewing machine back, only cost me an arm...they let me leave with my leg.

Glad to get her home.

I had originally thought to buy another machine, downsize but then as I was looking at the machines and talking to my husband I noticed one thing I had forgotten about

............................... the longer neck.........................

for me that is a must I am sticking with my Pfaff  Quilt Expression 4.0.  She is now purring so you won't hear a complaint from me (least ways not any time soon...hopefully).

We did drop off my Embroidery machine and decided that it was cheaper to fix it than to get a new if you see me know they took my leg this time.

During all of the goings on here I had failed to mention that one of my patterns is on page 50 of the Island Batik Fall/Winter Catalog 2016.

I was really excited about this.

Right now I am working on a project for Island Batik

If  you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving...hope you have a wonderful one with friends and family....remember to turn your scales back ten pounds.