Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Here is the fun line up!!

It seems that this blog hop could not come at a better time for most of us, when the world is going crazy around us.

So...I like making  door hangings for my mother.  When Joan, Moose Stash Quilting, asked me if I wanted to join, I thought what a perfect way to get motivated to do another door hanging.

I spent a few days pondering and gathering ideas, at the time it was getting close to Valentines Day.

So this is what I came up with.

I used a coloring page, Island Batik Fabrics, and my embroidery machine.

It has been hanging on my mother's door for over a month now.

My mother has dementia, as I was bringing her home from the hospital the other day she had asked me if I knew which room she was in.  I told her I did, she asked me if her room had been moved.  I told her no.  Well....when we got to her door, she smiled when she saw the door hanging and said, yes, this is my room.  Something so simple to bring back a memory.

So I thought I would show you some of the other hangings I have done for her.  Some of you may remember and if you are just coming by my blog, well....enjoy!

This was one of the first to grace her door, it now hangs above her bed.  She laughs at this one because she truly does not do mornings, unfortunately, I think I take after her.  You have to give me about 30 minutes to wake up before you talk to me.

I made this one for her last Easter

This was an Island Batik Challenge one year, which I put on my mother's door when it was finished

I just thought this was one of the funniest ones, now hangs by her fridge.

This was one of the very first ones to hang on her door, a few of the residents threatened to steal it, so we took it off and hung it on her wall.

My mother Loves Tweety Bird and she just loved this one.

It has been fun hanging things on her door.  There have been other wall hanging that I have made that have graced her door but these  were specifically made for her with the exception of a the tree and pumpkin.

It was always fun to hear the reaction of the residents when they would see a new door hanging.  I know my mother has enjoyed them and being how she is now, she enjoys them like new every day.

Thank you so much Joan, Moose Stash Quilting, for allowing me to join in.  If there are some of you who haven't been to her blog, you are definitely missing out.  If you want a laugh or to be entertained, her blog will do it.