Monday, June 30, 2014


Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co came up with this.  I watched the video twice and passed it up....told myself later.

Then my sister Jeanette (Inchworm Fabrics) was online and said she was having a quilting fest with her daughter and they were doing these Disappearing Hour Glass.  Asked if I had seen it...Of course but please....please.....I am trying to be strong.

She asked if I would join her and her daughter.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

A gal can be strong for only so long.

so...  From Hour Glass

                                                                  to this..................

Here is the video

                                            Enjoy!!!!  Be Strong!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


A place for my Accuquilt Go now has a home....

Hummmm that is where my brush went...
 Working on two projects at once.  I would have shown you more of the  table but I am working on something that I can now show right now.  Which I might add is not going well....two days of working on this project, finally I just folded it all up and put it away.
 My sewing area and lovely fabrics.  I can sew and embroider at the same time.
 Did this last night called Home Tweet Home,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I just have to put the buttons on and I can call this one done!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014


As you can see, I have been very busy.....and this is not all of them, I have given or consumed 11 more jars.  Won't say how many were consumed....hummmmm  Just about anyone who comes to my home goes home with some.

 I have stopped canning and just make the juice and freeze it for canning later in the year.  Maybe Christmas Presents with a nice hand towel?

My son's girlfriend sells Sarah Briggs jewelry and so I made her some snap bags for her really nice pieces.
His girlfriend came down for the week-end to be with my husband and I while our son worked.  I guess she likes us, we spoil her and in turn she spoils us.  She made supper Sat. night, breakfast Sunday Morning and then supper that Sunday evening and even cleaned up the mess.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven except for the extra pounds I gained from her awesome cooking.

I have been working on this one quilt forever and finally got the borders quilted.  Trust me, I am in no competition with "Green Fairy Quilts" but I am sure pleased with the outcome.  Now to just bind it.
I purposely didn't show you the whole quilt so you would not get bored with it.

Those of you who like Connecting Threads, they are having an awesome sale on their fabrics.  I purchased background fabrics (solids) for $2.20....if that isn't a deal I don't know what is.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have made 13 more pints of this plum jelly and I have a confession....I am so addicted to this stuff.
My husband keeps catching me spooning the jelly.... I get a roll of the eyes and a laugh!
To be honest...I don't know if I can make enough of this stuff......OINK OINK!!

 Towels for a wedding.
 Some little snap bags
 When folding my fabrics the question was, what to do with the pieces that were a half yard or smaller but not smaller than a fat quarter.

I love love the solution.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Here is how far along I have come on my folding.....My sister has even come over and folded some more.

 I was asked to show a picture of the desk in relation to the sewing room....only because I aim to please....
 Both ends are the same but you can change up the little cubbie shelves.
 Here is what I did last night.  Plum jelly and Dewberry jelly.  I also am trying to make fruit leather in the over.  I was so tired last night that I just turned it off and went to bed....we will see if I can get it to work today.  Maybe I made the leather too thick?  We will see.

Friday, June 13, 2014

ONE FABRIC FOLDING LESSON FROM MY SISTER......AND I AM OFF.....first purchase for my sewing room....come and see.

My sister Beverly came by last night and gave me a folding lesson......she just eyed her folds but I am having to use a ruler.  I am just you know what I will be doing today!!!

If you walk into Beverly's sewing room all of her fabric is stacked so nice and neatly.  You noticed that I did not show you the rest of the fabrics...maybe when I get them all folded....

 Then we went to Big Lots and this beauty is what I found....oh my gosh.  It was sitting by the front door so you couldn't miss it.  Half husband was even surprised at how sturdy it you my friend

                                                      looking at my new cutting table.  A big shout out to my husband...he is the one that spend all afternoon putting it together....

My sister and mother loved it so much that we went back that evening to get them one..... 

All I can say is that it changes the look of my sewing room ..... Gave me the incentive to get in there and fold, declutter...throw more stuff away...if you are close by....I can throw some stuff your way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


                        YUMMY fabrics from Island Batik

                                        these are called Witches Brew....just in time to get your
                                        Halloween Mack on!!!
                                A sweet sweet friend sent me this book in the mail on Monday
                                       talk about tickling your funny bone....
 Got my Island Batik Fabrics out....mixed and matched them....Latte Foam, Tequila Sunset, Witches Brew to make two adorable wall hangings.  This one is so funny..... Fried Chicken....

                                                 Get it???

                                                Fried Chicken....haha.....
 The white fabris is the only thing that is not made by Island Batik but oh so funny....
            Yes, I didn't center the "Chicken a la King"....sheweeeee oh it my humble words.

Monday, June 9, 2014


                                       LATTE FOAM

                                               ISLAND BATIKS

                                                      you can find the whole line here

Just the name itself makes it sound yummy....I think of hot chocolate but I am sure others think of coffee.

                    Yes, my eyes bugged out of their head Saturday when these beauties arrived.......

All I can say is uuuuuuuuuuummm ummmmmm good.

Oh yes, this is me for sure with this fabric.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


See this rooster?


Well you better keep an eye on him if you are out on our farm.....minute you don't


He will jump up and hit you!  No joke!

One day I was just standing there and "WHACK"....right on my calf.... Didn't even know it was coming.

Another day I was headed out to the pasture, paying no mind to things...just as I shut the gate there this rooster was running after me.  Still didn't pay no mind, was just glad I turned around.  That sucker followed me.  I had to swing my cane at it.

Just a few days ago I am walking but this gal has wised up....I keep an eye out for this cocky buggar.  Sure enough he comes running after me but....

the minute I turn around, he turns sideways but still has an eye on me.

I turn my back on him and sure enough....he comes again

I turn around and he turns sideways.

What is up with this cocky pest?

My son says to walk towards him and when I do, he just keeps him telling me to walk towards the light...."Don't wanna do it"!!! day this little chap may find himself in a pot of soup!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

97 Scrappy Blocks on the wall, 97 Scrappy Blocks on the sew one up and pass it around 98 Scrappy Blocks on the Wall

Remember this quilt?  Well...there were a ton of scraps.    I also took my sisters scraps, she did two of these in Marblelicious Fabric

Here are 97 blocks from my sisters scaps
                                                           Here is all that is left....
                      Here are the scraps from my quilt and here is my mess (working on them right now)
                              Here is just a sample of one of the blocks, I have fifteen blocks right now
                                         Been working on some more doggies

I am still trying to whittle my way through projects and these two are next in line to at least get to the top stage. 
 One day when I think about it I will tell you about one of our Roosters....

Friday, June 6, 2014


This is the dog that went missing and the first chance he got this morning he took off again!!!  Bad Bad doggie.  Who knows how long he will stay gone???  If he is not careful....snip snip!!

So......................... one day about four weeks ago my husband and I were walking the pastures, having a nice leisurely walk....thinking all is right with the world.

When this dog you consider to be cute comes running full speed into my leg.  He flips me up and then down on him.  I am sure if I had not fallen on him I would have broke something because this little feller twisted my knee and ankle.  He was yelping so loud (wouldn't you if a two ton elephant fell on top of you)?   (I am sure his nose was the first pain he felt when he hit my that speed..ouch).

So he is yelping and yelping, I am laying on the ground asking about the stupid dog (sorry dog lovers but you get tripped up by a dog and see if you don't call him stupid)....I am in such pain I can barely breathe.

Worried whether I am in a bed of fire ants wanting to get up but my husband has his hand on my shoulder and hip telling me to rest a minute.

So I try to get up with a shooting pain in my back, knee, and ankle.  Trying so hard not to cry. 

Finally, I am able to sit up but getting off the ground is another problem.

I ask my husband to get the car...he says "Try to Walk it out"......I am thinking WHAT...walk it out...oh my stinking gosh is he serious. I try to stand up (lucky for me I have my cane), have him take off my boots...and I start hobbling home..wincing in pain the whole time.  At one point he offers to carry me...and I laugh at that one.  What a sight that would be.
 I make it home to the couch where I do not move for hours....Thinking something is broke because this pain is almost unbearable.  Lucky for me, nothing was broke...Dr. said so.  So...........four weeks later it is somewhat better but now we have a missing bad bad doggie.
 Don't you just love these dogs....I am embroidering a set of them.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


This quilt is called Flowing Silk Lap Quilt by Connecting Threads.  The kit was given to me by my sister Jeanette while I was in Amerika Samoa.  I loved the colors then and I love them now.  Got the top done but finally getting it quilted and bound...whohooooo stinking HOOOOO
Noticed it too late!!!

Made this Tuesday from the scraps from the "Love" runner I did.

All is going good except.....our dog has gone missing.  Where oh where can our little Dog be?

No sooner had I typed this and stepped out the door to find our dog coming up.  We figure he must have been out "chasing skirts", tom catting or up to Tom Foolery....

Was a bad dog to be gone all day and all night...he is one tired dog....looks kinda ashamed of himself.