Friday, September 25, 2020


Jelly Roll Twist

52 1/2" x 60 "

My nieces decided they wanted to make this quilt last Saturday.

I joined in.  As it turned out, it was only me and one niece.  No matter.  This was such a fun quilt to make.  It goes so fast.  This quilt is great for a beginner.

I used Riley Blake"s "Root and Wings" jelly roll.  Free pattern on the fat quarter shop.

You really can get this done in one day and even quilt it if  you don't mess around but I took an extra day to quilt it.

Don't you just love this pattern?

I just knew I had to try this pattern!

Below is the Quick Curve Ruler and the 6" Sew wonderful ruler.

Here are two of the blocks.  It took me all day yesterday just cutting out all 42 blocks.  My hardest problem was finding enough different fabrics.  I used Java Batiks from Inchworm Fabrics, and Island Batiks,  a lot of them I purchased from Hancocks of Paducah.

I know you all will find this hard to believe but my hand always gravitated toward the bright fabrics for the corners.  I guess I have a problem with darks and an addiction to brights.

                         Then this is the MOD ORNAMENT

I made this a few weeks ago.

You can get the free pattern on the Sew Kind of Wonderful site
You use the mini curved ruler for this one.
Not only do patterns have curves and twist, so do our lives.  My husband and I put our house on the market.  He spent 2 and a half days bush hogging the property, another day our son and his friend came and helped do a few things around the house.  I started cleaning out and organizing, I took down all of my quilts, trying to make it all a blank slate.  Anways, the twist is, my husband came to me after we got all of this done and before they came to take pictures and said, "Do you really want to sell", I asked him if he did and he said no.  So no we are not selling.  Go figure.   

Friday, September 18, 2020


             Little Miss Muffet

                     BY MOTHER GOOSE
                    Little Miss Muffet
                    Sat on a tuffet,

                   Eating her curds and whey;
                   Along came a spider,
                  Who sat down beside her,
                  And frightened Miss Muffet away.    

I finally got my camera cord in the mail so I can show those of you who do not have instagram or facebook my tuffet.

The fabric is Island Batik "Primo" by Ebony Love.

I was going to paint the legs but when I finally got it all together, I said..."I am DONE!"

Such an easy project but for me it was one mistake after another.  But she is done and that is that.

My sister will show you hers when she has it done.

Little bit on the personal side.  My husband and I have put our house up for sale.
It just happened.  One day we were discussing it, the next day we talked to our real estate friend.  He called with a quote which was so amazing that we jumped on it.

I feel kinda sad, this has always been my husband's dream but he said he lived it and time to move on.  We will see if it sales.  To be honest, if it sales, that is fantastic, if not, I will be just as happy.


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