Monday, May 30, 2011


I know I said I would end this giveaway when my son Amos made contact. Well...he said it would be about four days but.....he emailed me today from of ending the giveaway I am going to add a Samoan Jelly Roll....of course, the jelly roll I do will be different than the picture....yep...haven't done it yet but will...just leave a comment on this post. If you have commented once and would like to again, please do, that will give you two chances.

Today my third son, Amos, left for Iraq. The only way I get through these boys and their adventures is to tell myself "They Chose to do this." Silly I know but it sure helps.

He called yesterday to say good-bye. Won't have contact with him for about four days.

I have another son doing who knows what in the Philipines.

So in honor of their service, my worriness and the service of my own Father and my husband's Father, I am having a giveaway.

Won't you join me?

I am giving away POSH POSIES.....can you guess where I got it? If you guessed "I Have a Notion" you are right! It has everything you need to complete the wall hanging. Tomorrow, I just might add something else...who knows??

Have a wonderful Memorial Day.....

I say..."Let's Bring our Boys and girls home!!!!!"

In the mean time "God Bless America and our MEN and WOMEN!!!"

Just leave a comment, I will chose a winner when he makes contact with us. Thanks!


Saturday, May 28, 2011


The winner of the cats is Cassie....from Birdo Love Moo, thanks to all of you for wanting to take these off my UFO gone...HA!!!!! (that is an evil laugh).

Next Deanna (Wedding Dress Blue, I won the table napkins when she had a giveaway. She included the book mark and pot holders...oh what a fun mail this was. Thanks so much....but I have to confess my most favorite thing of all was a note from her daughter. ask, why am I throwing in the towel. Well...if you have been following my blog you will know that I started a quilt for a contest I wanted to enter. I had taken out this quilt 4 times and the last time was from the bits and pieces I concocted this small quilt. I have enough of the quilt remains to do another small quilt. So I will, in time.
Okay, I know that is old had a Pampered Pooch Jelly Roll from Moda and started to dream again....I got it all out...cut it up...put the quilt together. Mind you, I loved the concept and where this quilt was taking me but....for me, it was poorly executed to put into a contest. But this was my last jelly once again....I rip it up...

I stared out into space for quite a while....hating to admit defeat..... I was just going to hang it all up...never try again. I told myself it just isn't in me. I don't have what it takes. I am not good enough.....

That morning as I am trying to sleep..another idea pops into my don't give up so easily...may be taken down for a short time but I bounce back...and so I bounced out of bed....ran downstairs....and started putting these blocks to another use....I love where it is going and...........................


it is not going to work......

a little more thought....and off I go again.....I am sewing up a storm. I once again feel the wind in my hair and an extra bounce to my chair as I race along. I am doing the sewing dance. It is looking good. So....all I had left to do was a cute little border with the remaining blocks....and life would be good.

I actually thought I was going to make it.

Got up this morning.......determined to finish this husband picked out the accent border.

I get going and.... WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Mis calculated.....I cut the squares up for a border....and to my miscalculated brain....I had too many pieces for a border. Normally it would not be a problem but this was the Moda Challenge, to make good use of a jelly roll. I could have added one more row to this quilt and would have only had two strips of the jelly roll have a whole row out......

This is where the towel comes dry my eyes, to clench in my teeth so I don't scream or hurt someone.

So.....What is that 6 tries and I lose? AHHHHHHH

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Kitten Pattern

Do you remember this? Just click on the highlighted area and it will take you to the older post.

Some of you will not, this was an earlier post. Like April 2009

Well.....I noticed that Accuquilt came out with a Go cutter similar to this design.

When I was in Samoa I cut out all of these cats and was working on them but got side tracked. They were all scrunched up in bag with the fabrics.

Today I am offering you the pattern for free, just email me. You see the pattern and the cats....the cats don't have their tails.... The tail goes on last. There are eight, I was going to applique them on squares and make a quilt.

If you would like the cats, I am not including the can have the cats as well....I have totally lost interest in doing this quilt. So there are eight cats and I have eight white cut outs so you can sew and turn your cats and then applique them on squares.

Just leave a comment for the cats and pattern. You can try to retreive the pattern from my tutorial and free patterns right under the header.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have posted over at Pins and Needles today because the post below the one I did has a fabulous tutorial on my chicken scratch.....go check it out if you are curious.

I am having such troubles commenting on some of your blogs....I am also having trouble getting in and out of my blog. I know it will take time for all of this to be fixed but please know that I have come by..... Thanks to those of you who have sought me out in emails to comment on my post.

I hate to do post without pictures. This is one of 11 crystals goblets that I purchased (12) before I was married. I had the dishes to match. Unfortunately, the dishes have not made it this far. Eleven of the 12 goblets have made it. One thanksgiving I decided to give my children a lesson on etiquette.....have them use the fine crystal. Well...needless to say one child (will not mention names but it is the same child that pulled my very nice singer sewing machine off the counter) must have watched a James Bond movie or something to where they threw their glasses in the fireplace because when he finished drinking....the crystal went flying...... I just felt that was a lesson learned. We continued to bring out the crystal on Holidays until the matching set of dishes became obsolete.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


On my front porch. Close my eyes.....I can actually transport myself back to here!

The only thing that is missing is the ocean smell.

Cindy gave me an award,

you can click on her name, it will take you to her blog and the award....and tell you what I need to do..

First off...thanks Cindy.

Here are seven things about myself (I will try to chose things that you don't know about me)

1. I am all girl, I love frills, jewelry, foo name it.

2. I am very spoiled...where my husband leaves my sons take up.

3. I have excessive behavior and if I get something in my mind, I won't let up until it is achieved or guilt persues....or the whole cake is all gone (HA!!)

4. I have a tendency to get very attached to people (even if I dont know you)....meaning you.
I am like a lap puppy, very loyal

5. I like to joke around and have fun....and sometimes I laugh at the wrong times and when I am really nervous, I get real goofy.

6. I have a strong desire to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I have my weaknesses and flaws but I truly try to work on them....I know what they are, no need to go into details, some of you wouldn't come back.

7. I have always wanted to live in the same place all my life, same grocery store, same bank, but that has not happened. Just recently I have come to appreciate and enjoy the different places, friends, banks and experiences of life. I am grateful for the opportunities of life and all the experiences that come with it, good or bad.

There you have it, a glimse into this world that I call mine. It would be so hard to chose 15 people for this award. Some of you don't accept awards and that is okay. If you would like this one and are a follower of mine, take it...or at least give us seven things about yourself.

Still working on the contest quilt (that is where the excessive behavior comes in).....won't give up~

Sunday, May 22, 2011


While growing up I heard this a hundred times.

Here are my storage bins.

No longer do I hunt for a rotary cutter or scissors (I guess some of you thought I didn't have enough)? This is so wonderful, it has restored some sort of organization to my sewing room. I am trying to get rid of alot of things....I can't stand clutter......but I can clutter up a space in no time flat.....I guess sometimes I am my own worst enemy.

Today I am going to rat out my husband.....well...not really rat...praise him.

Never have I had to empty his pockets, pick his clothes off the floor. He does not make messes (maybe in the kitchen with crumbs....or dishes).....he does not clutter things. If you were to see his side of the bathroom you would wonder if someone was there...but if you looked at mine....( guess I am ratting out myself....). I will stop while I am ahead.

Friday, May 20, 2011


This is my many pairs of scissors does one person need?

I went to JoAnn's and purchased a storage bin with 10 drawers....therefore sorted through all my sewing supplies.

What a shock it was to find all these scissors.

Here is the Quandary...I have all of these scissors but where are they when I am needing them?

Next is this drawer of needles, pins, and sewing machine needles. How many do I really need?

When I was in Amerika Samoa I was afraid of running out, what is my excuse now?

Next Quandary...... So for weeks now I have been mulling over in my mind, designing and ripping out the same quilt four times. It is for a contest I wanted to enter. Today after the fourth time....I am wondering if I should continue or just quit?

What you see here is the makings of a table runner from the squares I am no longer going to use for this said mess of a quilt!

I told my husband I needed to either quit or go and buy more fabric. He almost chokes on his drink.....More fabric "How can that be".......knowing I have tons upstairs. I was hoping to use the same fabrics you see here. Maybe get my trusty Go cutter out and cut my own strips?

What to do? What to do? So as I was sitting in this Quandary.....I wasted the whole evening watching Netflix....licking my wounds. Should I keep going? What would you do? I have spent countless hours on whole day today and countless others.

There is no making a test block because of the design....there is no block to test....hard to explain.

Oh well....what to do? What to do?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


My pictures are a little like blogger....sluggish. I won't whine about blogger but if I have not left a comment on your blog...that is the sluggish, hard to comment...takes forever....oh....I am whinning....sorry...

said I wouldn't.

I made this dish towel and cozy. Thinking about trimming up the towel.

Finished stitching around all of these turtles for a quilt (see...I am trying to finish up a few things this month). I started this project months ago....

Sandra sent me this cute cute fabric (can you tell it is from Canada)? I was so surprised and happy when I got this. Thanks Sandra!

Cindy sent these for "The Things I love" quilt. I just love embroidery machines. I say I won't get one because it will cost me more money...well.....I guess I need to think about what I say because I got a Slice and it is costing me more money. Go figure....maybe if I can get over the initial cost of the machine? Okay, that sounds good....did I save face?

Toni sent me these blocks and such a sweet card.

You sure you don't want to join us?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here is my Mother's Day gift to me...

I have been searching and searching for a good buy and finally I was able to get this half off at Joann's online.
Here is the glass cutting mat, with the sponge and adhesive.

Here is the fabric with fusible on the back, adhered to the cutting mat.

Here are cut outs from card stock.

Here are the cut outs from Fabrics.

I know that all of you would expect nothing but honesty from me so here goes.

I love the slice for all of the versatility it holds. The design cards have so many options in one card. I really like that. You can also chose the size up to 4 inches. I like that.

I think it is fabulous for scrapbookers.

If you like to do applique, it is great for you as well....


I don't like the fact that you have to use adhesive to cut fabric. You have to keep it in stock so you can cut when you want. You also have to clean the glass between each cutting. You have to keep your hands on the machine while cutting. I thought you would be able to start the machine and leave....not so. You have to make sure the adhesive is dry before you cut or you get a mess.

This is great for those that have arthritis. You do get all the alphabets of any size or shape you want.

I will say that I do like the slice and think I will enjoy using it. I am so excited about all of the possibilities it holds. Will this take the place of my Go cutter....not a chance....

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So I have joined Quilting Fiesta, Betsy, who started this quilting with friends group, Cindy, and Toni in "The things I love Quilt."

These are some appliques that Sandy (who recently passed away) sent me, I am very happy I have these to put in my quilt.

Then Joanne from Splitting Stitches

sent me these and I made cupcakes...who doesn't love cupcakes?

These are from my Go cutter....

Then.....these....are from my new slice.......which will be another post in the makings, I have been so busy with company and other things that I have not been able to play much with it but my one son and I played with it briefly and this is what we came up with. It was a mother's day present to me...
I think I am going to love making this quilt and enjoy the friends in the group....if you want to join us...go see Betsy....tell her Barb sent ya. Let's have some fun. Maybe do a RRB....round robin Block, we we each make the same block and send it on? We can do all kinds of fun stay tuned. Thanks Betsy!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


So I have been doing this!!! (pulling my hair out) ...yea baby...don't I look good!

Because of this.......(took out for a third time)

I figured and figured... Brought my one son, David, in the kitchen and had him go over the figures with me.

I re figured....and then it hit me. I remember reading a blog and this person said that sometimes the jelly rolls are off in their cutting. So......I did this... see how much it is off?

So you are thinking I am totally off my rocker. have to have a rocker to be off of it.

You are thinking I am totally nutzzz to go and re cut theses strips. AM I??? WHAT!!!! Can't hear you!!!

Here is another one.

So....I took all nine strips and cut them to an exact 2 1/2 inch strip....and with the shaving I put them together and got this..... every overage adds up.

What a difference this makes. This explains the problem I was having when I went to sew my rows on, they were either a half inch to an inch tooo long. I would get my trusty ruler out and my strips were too wide. How could that be?

Now I am not on a witch hunt? I am not so mad that I am out to get someone or blame someone but maybe just maybe the next jelly roll I get or your get....just to do a little measuring before cutting..... I am just saying.......

So.....after done shaving off all the 2 1/2 inch strips....this is what I ended up with.

Who is crazy now????? It makes a difference, just like a 1/4 inch seams makes a difference.

I am making these....and to be precise I have to have a 2 1/2 inch strip!!!!

Problem solved.....
sons are happy that I am no longer in the kitchen mumbling to myself and pulling my hair out...
I have my pfaff set up on the kitchen table.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Rip IT....RIP IT....but I can guarantee that there was not a smile on my face when I was ripping out for the 2nd time......

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sorry for the second post but Hetty of Crafts and Stuff had her blog compromised and high jacked by someone. She can no longer get into her blog and have control over it.

Her new address is here

If you have time, go to her blog, she will explain what happened....and if you have been a blogging friend....that is her new home.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Krista from Amerika Samoa made this quilt.....she says I helped her get started with it....all I know is I so love these colors and am so grateful for her friendship. She made this for her mother for Mother's Day!

I am actually old enough to be her mother. We have discussed this a time or two and well....sometimes friendship knows no age limit. She is an amazing mother, daughter, and friend.
Didn't she do a splendid job?

Happy Mother's Day to all of you....and to my own mother and sisters out there!!! Hope you all are treated like the qeens you are!!