Saturday, May 28, 2011


The winner of the cats is Cassie....from Birdo Love Moo, thanks to all of you for wanting to take these off my UFO gone...HA!!!!! (that is an evil laugh).

Next Deanna (Wedding Dress Blue, I won the table napkins when she had a giveaway. She included the book mark and pot holders...oh what a fun mail this was. Thanks so much....but I have to confess my most favorite thing of all was a note from her daughter. ask, why am I throwing in the towel. Well...if you have been following my blog you will know that I started a quilt for a contest I wanted to enter. I had taken out this quilt 4 times and the last time was from the bits and pieces I concocted this small quilt. I have enough of the quilt remains to do another small quilt. So I will, in time.
Okay, I know that is old had a Pampered Pooch Jelly Roll from Moda and started to dream again....I got it all out...cut it up...put the quilt together. Mind you, I loved the concept and where this quilt was taking me but....for me, it was poorly executed to put into a contest. But this was my last jelly once again....I rip it up...

I stared out into space for quite a while....hating to admit defeat..... I was just going to hang it all up...never try again. I told myself it just isn't in me. I don't have what it takes. I am not good enough.....

That morning as I am trying to sleep..another idea pops into my don't give up so easily...may be taken down for a short time but I bounce back...and so I bounced out of bed....ran downstairs....and started putting these blocks to another use....I love where it is going and...........................


it is not going to work......

a little more thought....and off I go again.....I am sewing up a storm. I once again feel the wind in my hair and an extra bounce to my chair as I race along. I am doing the sewing dance. It is looking good. So....all I had left to do was a cute little border with the remaining blocks....and life would be good.

I actually thought I was going to make it.

Got up this morning.......determined to finish this husband picked out the accent border.

I get going and.... WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Mis calculated.....I cut the squares up for a border....and to my miscalculated brain....I had too many pieces for a border. Normally it would not be a problem but this was the Moda Challenge, to make good use of a jelly roll. I could have added one more row to this quilt and would have only had two strips of the jelly roll have a whole row out......

This is where the towel comes dry my eyes, to clench in my teeth so I don't scream or hurt someone.

So.....What is that 6 tries and I lose? AHHHHHHH


  1. So glad you liked your little package. Daughter is still sewing away and has finished the blocks for a pinwheel quilt using the tropical print squares. It is looking, well, very tropical, which is perfect on this cold, grey day.

  2. LOL You will get it figured out. Tell yourself to dream about it tonight. Oh, and tell yourself to remember your dream.

  3. Nope, you don't lose! One day you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and you try again! Remember it took me 30 years to complete those pillowcases, and I'm even using them! I have a quilt that's the first one I started after my first piecing class. It's not good at all but I squared up the blocks, even cut off some star point to get the block square, and decided to finish it up. I've been looking for the right sashing and haven't found it yet. But you bet your bootie when it's done I'll be sending it to the quilters and using it! It won't be a show quilt or anything but I promised myself to use up fabrics and not have unfinished projects when I started quilting (like I did waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times with making kids clothes and crafts and with counted cross stitch floss and patterns!). We're always harder on ourselves than others are.

  4. Arrrgh!
    oh, wait, Barb
    extra hugs.

  5. As I always tell my students a mistake is a beautiful creation waiting to happen.

  6. Barb, you are certainly good enough! You are a beautiful quilter!

  7. Or as I always say when those seeming unexpalinable things happen, Girl, God is trying to tell you something!

  8. Barb it looks great! good for you for sticking with it.

  9. Oh Barb you made me laugh. You have such perseverance! I did the very same thing. Thought I could make a pattern with a jelly roll. But in the end it would not work :-( Keep trying.

  10. Oh..... sometimes quilting is just not as relaxing as it should be! Hope it sorts out for you!

  11. I love the quilt! I think you need try again maybe on a smaller scale. Work out the kinks and then you can go larger.

  12. Aaaaarh... Barb you have so much more patience than me..... lovely parcel to brighten your day....

  13. Sorry Barb, I had to laugh, because you sounded like me this week. I have been trying to make a baby quilt to send to Alabama and it was just one thing after another. First I tried machine quilting, turned it over half way through was such a mess on back I had to take seven hours to pick it all out. Then I forgot how to cut bias binding now how could I do that I have been quilting for at least 10 years. Am I getting to old for this or is it just all this rain playing with my brain. Anyway I persevered and did finish it finally but not happily. I hope this baby isn't pickie. keep on trying I know you can do it. Blessings Sandra

  14. Arggh I feel your pain Barb! And I agree with Jackie, you ARE a beautiful quilter! xo

  15. Could you put the extras into a pieced backing?

  16. The point is Barb, is that you DID keep on trying. Never ever say you aren't good enough!! We all know that is not true!! You have come up with some super fantabulous original designs. I say blame it on jelly rolls that the manufaturer can't cut exactly 2.5"s.


    PS a great evil laugh is bwahahaha LOL.

  17. Back to the drawing board? By now I bet you have thought up a way to make this work. good luck!

  18. You have the patience of Job but sometimes one just has to get on with it!! I love the results...I know it's not what you wanted but ... Bigger and better is on the way!

  19. I've had many of those days and you kept on going like a true quilter will. I did this with a bed runner I made for my in laws and did what QuiltSue suggested and put the extra (in my case a 12" block) in the back design. Everyone thought I'd planned it that way all along...:)

  20. This was quite a trial of a quilt! Hope you can enjoy what it turned out to be. It is cute!

  21. I have a few quilt tops that just didn't work out right. They are sitting in a drawer/box waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Sometimes you just can't force things.

  22. You made me laugh Barb, you have discribed it perfectly. Know the feeling. I hope you get it all done.

  23. That is a great description of sewing with the wind in your hair etc...really enjoyed that....thanks so much for putting a pic of the earrings up on your blog and all your wonderful support always....
    Yes we are pretty tickled with the followers...working non stop to try to build up business...

    Which earrings are your favourite?
    Will post a pair off to you
    with love from south Africa....


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