Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Making progress!!!!

There are weeks that are so peaceful and quiet and then there are weeks that I don't even recognize because I have too much to do.  It has been that way for a while now but.... the winner of the runner pattern is Lin Marsh.

Thanks to all of you for coming by and commenting on my runner.  It was fun to see it come together.

Here is the progress on the sewing room.

 Here is a little iron (it is really heavy for being so small).  My husband found it out in the small storage shed.  Yes, one more shed to empty.

Have a warm day...it is freezing here.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I don’t know about any of you but Sunday comes and Sunday goes.  Why I mention Sunday?  That is  the only day I know for sure is Sunday, during the week it is “What day is it?”

I kept meaning to show more pictures of my attic finds, this ironing board is one of them.  My eyes popped out of their head when I saw this.  The cover was so rotten and nasty that it had to be
thrown away.
We are having company today through the week-end.  A young family and four kids.  Oh yes, all you grandmas out there…eat your hearts out!!!  I am a gonna have me some babies in my house.

  I call them my kids but have never met them.  My son mentioned that fact.  The young man is a friend of my sons from way way back, he is brining his wife whom I have met through facebook.  I feel like I know her and well….

I made 3 quillows and one self binding blanket.  I am ashamed to say that I did a terrible job on the self binding quilt. 
There has been so much going on this week that just getting these made has been a triumph.  So my reasoning is the baby is only going to pee, poop,and throw up on it.  Gross huh???  sorry (not really).

I went and brought lots of fruit, fruit drinks with little sugar in it, animal crackers, and anything else I could think of.  Here I was in the store looking at labels trying to get healthy snacks I can spoil them on.

Maybe one or two of you are wondering why I didn’t make the baby a quillow.  I did have the fabric but…I read that babies might get their heads caught in the pillow so I opted out of making him one.

                             CONFESSION TIME!!!

Now is confession time.  I didn’t have any children fabrics so I went with my husband and we chose the children's fabric.  I told him that I could probably find backing fabric in my fabrics.

Oh my stinking gosh, WHAT WAS I THINKING?   I wish I had just purchased some backing fabric.  Hunting through boxes, bags, drawers….what a frustration.  In all that frustration I found the backing fabrics in the fabrics purchased before New Years.  Didn’t have to go far but made a mountain out of a mole hill here.

So……………………. old old Bejeweled purchased some fabric.   Hand is slapped and I am back on track.

Now it will be a mad dash cleaning up this house and getting it somewhat baby proofed. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Taking fabric like these (from www.inchwormfabrics.com)


and making something like this!!!!

Inchworm Fabrics is going to give this pattern away through Valentines Day with the purchase of any
fabrics from her store.

What fun it was creating this runner, I am totally caveman when it comes to creating.

I get my large artist pad out and start drawing and cutting….and when I feel comfortable enough

I graduate to material and pray it works.

Hope you like it!  I will give one free pattern away, just leave a comment.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Not a very good picture but don’t make me go and do another one…..(yes, I am whinning).

If you had any inkling of an idea of what it took to get this room to this point you would understand
my whine…and yes…I want some cheese with it…preferably Pepper Jack.

The attic has been cleaned out and filled with tubs of my sons junk!!!

The out building is full to the brim once again but with our things.

The car port looks like a garage sell.  My husband and I are at the point of
“who cares, throw it away.”  We have taken two truck loads of trash from the attic to the dumpster all ready.
Six truck loads from the out building.
Now the demolition will begin!!!

Once when we were cleaning the attic I looked over and saw this one box and thought
oh wow…I can’t wait to see the fun stuff in there, I just saw a glimmer of a few things.  When I finally got a moment I went over there
and low and behold it was my stuff….(so funny…glad I still find delight in my things….my things miss me).

Have not purchased any fabric for 14 days…oh yesss…I was even at Tuesday Morning in Hot Springs, Arkansas on
Thursday and had fabric in my hands…looked over at my nephew and said…nope..don’t need it and back in the bin it went.
Do I feel all of you patting me on the back….!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Ironing board is in the kitchen

Sewing machine set up in the bedroom

Make shift cutting board on table.

Wonderful fabric from Inchworm Fabrics, (last I looked it was still on sale and what a
wonderful sale it is).

It just doesn’t get much better than this.

What am I making? 

Don’t you just love cliff hangers????

Friday, January 3, 2014


I am at a quandry….since I purchased these fabrics last week does that count as a 2014 purchase when I got them yesterday?  Purchased from Connecting Threads, no rhyme or reason to the buy, got it just because I lobbbbed it.

  I had told myself that I was not going to buy any fabric this year except for backings. 

Was that a snicker I heard?

  Not very nice of you.

I can do it…really I can.

I tried this once before and lasted nine days.

My husband told me not to buy this fabric, I think when he goes around the house and sees fabric shoved in all of the closets, the boxes in the other room....  Well….I think he thinks I don’t need any more???

 Don’t ask me what is up with that?  Need no more fabric?  That is a curse word

Anyways….I must have been in a sunshiney mood because most of the fabric I purchased were orange or yellow.
 Did you see the batiks?  Ummmmm Ummmm delicious.
  Reminds me of the sprays when you are peeling an orange in anticipation of the actual slice itself.

I hope all of you are having a good year so far…we are three days into this new year and if all goes like every year we will be whittling this year away into a blurr.

Here is hoping that all of you will have a sunshine of a year but do remember to stop and smell the roses.