Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is why.......

This is the back of my Mardi Gras quilt....I am using light purple thread and I think the back looks awesome.

Then Friday we are taking a small trip to Apia (Western Samoa), will be back Saturday evening. So...see ya probably on Sunday or Monday.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I learned at church yesterday (no not a sermon) that to create is to take unorganized matter and create something that did not exist before. Don't we all fit that bill? We are all creators. Then I learned that part of being a creator is having compassion. I think all of you would agree that we quilters are some of the most compassionate people around, at least that is what I have seen from all of the blogs and comments. So my thought for us all today is to KEEP ON CREATING....I LOVE ALL YOUR CREATIONS!!! I ENJOY LOOKING AT THEM AND ENJOY YOUR COMMENTS AND FRIENDSHIPS.

On a side note (my computer is giving me fits and won't let me put this on the side bar), Fiber Fabrications is having a wonderful giveaway, why don't you meander over there and take a look at what she is giving away and her wonderful alpaca's.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


How personal is this? Looking inside my purse. Yes, I travel light. I started using this (I think it is a cigarette case) when I started traveling. So...when the gal that won my Whirl into Winter Giveaway showed me what she made....I thought, maybe I can just make one a little bigger than what I use. Believe it or not, I can fit my car keys and my cell phone in that little (I call it a kabota)...but it would be nice to have more room. So I made this:

I think I am going to cut it down a alittle....we will see.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For one, I was not going to be posting much this week because I have to work on these:

I have to make around 20 of these, they are placemats for the scouts for the Pinewood Derby...I am putting their names on them as well.... so I am suppose to be working on them!!!!.....did I say that I am suppose to be working on them!!!! or I need to do one of these:

My sewing group meets tomorrow and I wanted to make one of these so they could see one and decide if they want to make one of these baskets. BUT!!!!!!!! Instead I am making these:

My question to you is.....WHY???? Why am I letting myself get sidetracked with this ruler. I think this is pretty close to how stack n whack's are done...never done one, don't know....all I know is that you get the repetative fabric and try to cut out the same design each time. By the way, I got this fabric at a garage sell a long time ago...cost me pennies. I got a huge box of fabric for $3.00 and this was in it along with some backing material.....how cool is that? So can anyone tell me what is wrong with me. You know what is going to happen, when all of the above projects need to be done, I am going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get them done.....I NEED HELP!!!! someone needs to take my play toy away.


It is amazing what a border can do for a quilt. This quilt doesn't look quite so ugly now, the border brought a different look to it. I will be totally honest, I truly felt this was one of the ugliest quilt I have ever seen. I didn't want it and I couldn't give it away. I am so glad that some of you liked it enough to give it a home.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I call this one Tejas and a little Mexicanna

So I made this yesterday, all it is lacking is the border. I plan to put black with about a half inch yellow (because that is all I have) and then black again.

I would have had this on last night but....for Valentines and for our 30th Anniversary which will be the 27th of this month, he brought me this awesome camera. Trust me when I say that it is way beyond my capabilities. Anyways, my son downloaded the CD into my laptop (so I can download pictures) and then the family computer. My laptop crashed...couldn't get into it at all...just a screen and well.....that is why it wasn't put on last night. During the night the family computer crashed. My husband spent a good part of his morning getting them back into working order... Thank heavens for him. Come to find out that we didn't even need the CD to download the pictures.....hummmm

What is really amazing is that my husband told me he should be buying me diamonds and gold....and I told him that he knows that I really don't care for those things (they are nice but who cares) and that I love the camera. He said I was worth alot more. I should have recorded the conversation for when I get back home to the states and remind him of this when I want that new Longarm machine.......

You really can't tell by the picture but this quilt has a movement in it, kinda like the "Storm at Sea" does.... In fact, this picture does not do this quilt justice either...but once again, this is not something I would normally do, maybe that is why I am having so much fun with this ruler because it is out of my realm.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The top of my Mardi Gras Quilt is finished!

This first picture is taken on my floor and let me tell you that this picture does not bring this quilt justice. It is more stricking in person, I have heard other quilters say that about their quilts.

I appreciated everyones comments....this picture is on my king size bed, so this top will fit a single bed nicely. I took Linda's advice about the pansy border, I too love the fabric, I have been carrying it around with me for over 5 years and finally found a home for it. I also liked Jane's Fabric and Quilts idea of the green...so I just incorperated them both. I thought the green would just give it more definition.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HERE IS MY MARDI GRAS QUILT!! (Thanks Shelly for the name of the quilt, I used your green)

It took me all week to decide on the corner pieces, now it will take me another week to think about what to put for the borders? There is an awful lot of thinking going on in my house....it is smoking..... Any suggestions?

A side note: This quilt is totally opposite of what I do and I like but it sure was fun.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small Wonder PIN BLOSSOM

Thursday the young gals (I am the oldest) are meeting again at my home to do the one hour totes below, so I decided to have a surprise for them. I decided to make the pin cushion so I could show them how and have it all cut out for them and ready for them to sew. The instructions had you sewing each petal seperately and then sewing them together...hummmm my fingers were twisting this way and that. I was frustrated and knew these gals would be since a few are beginner sewers. I finally got it all together and the bottom looked horrible. I said to myself "there has to be a better way" and there was...sew the bottom together (just like you would in quilting when making a star) then sew the top together and then connect them to the bottom....how awesome is that? So much easier for these young ladies.

If any of you have any projects that would be ideal for this group of gals, would you let me know....I might be running out soon!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Isn't it awesome? The instructions said it would twist in the center and it does. I just love for my back to look just as good as the front (doesn't always turn out that way). I know, no one will see it...but it sure makes me happy when it looks good.

Now to answer some of the comments (which I thank you for)...I am one to visit the site of the commentors but very rarely will I comment, not because I don't want to but because I would be on this computer all day, as it is....I do spend a fairly good amount of time on it. So...I do not know if it is a new technique, the copywright says 1988 (so I guess that answers the question). I got it off ebay...gotta love ebay. I did look at some green material to do the corners with...so I will take that in advisement. It took me all of 2 hours to sew the strips and cut out 8 blocks. Then the next day 2 more hours to sew the blocks (had to make 3 more strips and so a total of 12 blocks) and mess with the corners...it goes way fast and is soo much fun. I sound like I invented this ruler and have stock in it??? Hummmmmm


The hardest part is picking the colors. So you go from this......

Use this 45 Degree Kaleidoscope Wedge Ruler

Then you get this...

I have made tweleve of these. I am stumped. I ran out of the dark purple material (actually I cut out the triangle for the corners the wrong size and now I am out of material). So.....I am puzzled as to what to use now? Maybe I will stew over this tomorrow and finishe up on Monday. I think I will go and work on my Swap Blocks...

Friday, February 6, 2009


OH WHAT FUN!!! WHAT FUN!! This ruler is amazing. This goes way to fast and is sooo much fun. Should I be playing around with a new project? No..... Should I be doing something else.....yessssss! I just could not resist doing this. I saw this ruler on a blog (can't remember which one) and just had to have it. It called my name and spoke to me and said "Buy Me, Buy Me".......... So I did. I got it yesterday and so today it called out to me from my dinning room and said...."Play with me" ............so I did. Any regrets, none, except that I think I am going to be playing all day tomorrow with my new ruler. Oh the trouble we quilters get ourselves into when we just can't resist. I used one of my jelly rolls for these and haven't used all the material up yet. These turn out to be and I am guessing right now about a 17 inch square. Eight of these will make a 40 x 40 quilt. I got my ruler off ebay.


I just love the Samoan fabrics, these totes come out sooo cute. I have been making these for over a year now to put gifts in. You can make then in any size, you can square the bottom or leave it. You can add pockets, it is great. If any of you are interested in the tutatorial, I can find the site for you. I figured out how to square the ends and when I went back to her site, she had a session on squaring them...I thought, that was my idea...I added pockets and she had put pockets...is she stealing my idea??? How did she get in my brain? I must admit there is alot of room in there. Actually, if anyone has any knowledge of sewing, they could have come up with all of the above on their own. Some young (I do mean young....I was the oldest) came over to my house yesterday and myself and another gal taught them how to make totes..not the ones above (more complicated) but this week, we are going to teach them the easy way. Lots of fun.