Friday, February 6, 2009


I just love the Samoan fabrics, these totes come out sooo cute. I have been making these for over a year now to put gifts in. You can make then in any size, you can square the bottom or leave it. You can add pockets, it is great. If any of you are interested in the tutatorial, I can find the site for you. I figured out how to square the ends and when I went back to her site, she had a session on squaring them...I thought, that was my idea...I added pockets and she had put she stealing my idea??? How did she get in my brain? I must admit there is alot of room in there. Actually, if anyone has any knowledge of sewing, they could have come up with all of the above on their own. Some young (I do mean young....I was the oldest) came over to my house yesterday and myself and another gal taught them how to make totes..not the ones above (more complicated) but this week, we are going to teach them the easy way. Lots of fun.


  1. A woman can never have too many bags/totes/purses/satchels etc.

    And I'd like to say that I actually like your 'ugly' quilt. Funny how that works out sometimes.


  2. Yes...we need the tutorial. Any advice you can give on making bags...especially nice ones that are as easy as you say this one is.....will be greatly appreciated!!!

  3. Very cute - and I love those fabrics...

  4. Ooo Barb, I really love that fabric--the totes too, but really love the fabric!

  5. Oh, these are great. Love the fabric you've used!

  6. I can not find where to go to follow your blog..if you can go to my blog and leave me a comment on how to do that I would love it..I am just so duh some times

  7. cute tote bags. I can't believe you made them in 1 hour!


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