Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing Gretta Godie and her dog Goochie!!

One day I got this hair brained idea.....and so I started playing around with my Go dies.....

and this is what I came up with. Gretta Go-die and her dog Goochie.

I used the medium circle die for the face, the flower die for the hair, arms, legs, the tumbler die for the dress, the rose of sharon die for the feet and hands. Oh..almost forgot, the scarf is the leaf die in the rose of sharon die. I had such fun dressing Gretta....if you make one, I hope you will come and share with me.

Little Goochie is the doggie die, and I cut his sweater from the dog die as well.... I had thought about doing a whole series but well, just thought I would share it with you instead.

Anyone looking at this could certainly just make one on their own and the enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A few months ago I posted a project I was going to do....I had all of the fabrics and so last night I went to the pile that I had been saving........


I forgot I borrowed the beige fabric.....OOOOPPPSSSSS and I needed 4 2/3 yard of it....well....what was I thinking???? make a short story long

Lately as I pass by my fabrics or go and choose a certain fabric...this little voice I hear......

Barb....what about us???

Have you forgotten we are here?

I just look at the shelve where this voice is coming from and whisper....

"Man I sure do love you" many of you talk to your fabric. I touch the fabric and say...."Someday.... Someday" I was trying to figure out what to do...those little voices came to me again....and here they are....

Oh....such yummy goodness......and I could no longer deny the urge to slice and dice these fabrics.

I know, they are not Thimbleberries fabric....I did audition some fabrics but that little whispering kept calling me back....

So.....I decided on this pattern.....

Started making it with these fabrics.....
Now the problem is......what to use for the border? I don't want it to be tooo wild....but these colors just say fall to me and I just couldn't help myself....I could say the devil made me do it....but reallly??? the project sits....but you have to give me one brownie point for remembering it was Thimbleberries Sew day,


Today is Thimbleberries Sew Day, I will return later with what I am doing....using a Thimbleberries pattern but not fabric.

Winners of yesterday's giveaway

#1 - JoAnna from "Needle, Thread, Happiness

#2 Lucy from "Charm About You"

#3 - Diana (she was number 75), no blog.

What fun to read all of your comments, Thanks for coming by ....

Will be back later!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I did a post at "Sew we Quilt"

but....I am doing a post here as goes hand in hand with the post over please go over and check out my post.

So...this dish towel mathes the towel and pot holder over on "Sew We Quilt". Now when you see the next pictures, you will see how crazy I went with the Fall Medley Die. This Accuquilt die is soooo fun that I just couldn't help myself. the giveaway part...... Here are some leaves, pumpkins, and acrons....this is picture #1.

Next is a medley of leaves, pumpkins, and acorns...this is picture #2!

Now, here are some funky leaves, pumpkins, and Steam a seam on these...this is #3!

Just leave a comment on which one you would like to win....and I will post a winner tomorrow!!!

Madame Samm has been working hard on bringing nothing but fun and awesome prizes and it was so fun to be able to post on the same day that the Baby Go cutter was being given away. So good luck to all of you!!!

Thanks for coming by!!!

Thanks for being a follower!!!

Thanks for Commenting!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am sure a lot of you feel as I do, that you have so much to do that you just chase your tail? So I decided that since I have so much to do....that I should write it down...sometimes the little things get swept out with the threads.

So...that being are three blocks for the Grieving Quilts John a'lee is asking for....go to my side bar and you can get the details. I have more cut out but.......yep....tail chasing again.

I did get this made just in the nick of time for our new little lady that is coming into the Young womens.

My son had a few friends come my surprise... I had my Go cutter out, scraps on the slice out, cardboard and paper cutter...ironing get the picture. I was working on so many things (tail chasing again) that if you were a by stander you would this lady mad??? is hours later, the mess has been semi cleaned and before the night is out, all will be in its place for tomorrow.

Won't you join me on "Sew We Quilt" on Tuesday? You will be glad you stopped by there, I am not saying but I think the giveaway will be so worth a drop in.

Notice my mail for the week on my side bar....I sooooo love mail.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


YOU sure are looking're everything that a big bad wolf could want....OWWWWWL

How many of you remember that song?

Well...I have been singing that song every since I got this fabric in the mail from Quilt Taffy
They have a giveaway every Thursday and this Thursday I was the lucky winner....OWWWWLLL THANKS CORRIE!!!

I am just jumping from project to project...having to get a lot done and nothing to show for it, or at least NOTHING I can show right now...but here is something I thought would be cute for a little Halloween party or to just put some treats in to giveaway at work etc.
Notice it is missing a handle...hummmm in my going back and forth looking for buttons, I somehow lost the other handle...driving me totally insane (now my husband will say that that is not far to go for me)....I am hoping to find it.

But....I believe this piece is just 6" x 6", you can make it as big or as small as you want. I got this screen at my local quilt shop.
Some ribbon
cover each end of the screen (my suggestion is that you place the ribbon a little shorter on one side than the other so you can get both sides when you sew)....learned the hard way.
Sew the sides...
Make a triangle at the can see that I really back stitched this sucker up...
Clip..yes, I need clipping lessons...
I covered this end with ribbon...and if you want to get fancy you can do the same to the sides....but no fancy foot work for me today.
Add the handles....and you have a cute little treat bag. When I have a spare few today...I am going to make a bigger bag....I didn't want one as big as the last one I I am going to scale it down.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I was just so excited when I read Stash Manicure's post for today...Nan from Pots and Pins did a turorial on an iron cozy.

Some of you are thinking...yea right...iron cozy...what next!

How many times have we gone somewhere with our iron, used it and then had to wait for it to cool? Raise your hands...don't be shy....

Well..nip over there, she has a great tutorial.

Now...she says not to leave an opening for your cord...I did...because I wanted to....

make it reversible.

She also used a binding for it...I did not...I just took my pinking shears to it. me lazy...(been called worse)...besides "It is my party, I can do what I want"!!

so here is my iron...all nice and cozy....

How fun is this?? Did you notice the flip flops for my ties? Yes, my tie is black, I was going to lie and say it was navy blue...but once party!!!

This did not take long at all, fast and I have time to make more...oh yes...I see a whole slew of cozies in my future.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


The winner is the Quilted Squid, I just looked and it seems she is new to blogging so won't you go over and show her some blogging friendship? Looks like she is going to be a fun addition.

Not accomplishing much today...brain is in thinking mode so beware....

Friday, September 16, 2011


Some of you have seen this Clam Shell runner from a while back. It is made from the Accuquilt Circle die, using the middle circle (3" in diameter)

I am working on this quilt using the circle die again but using the 5" diameter circle.
Trust me, no fabric was wasted, what I didn't use for the large circle, the middle circle was used and what was not used for those two, the smaller one was used...very little waste.

So let's begin. For the quilt...I cut a 5" strip, this strip will be as long as you want your quilt wide. You will need a glue stick.

Lay out your strip. Take your first circle and crease the middle
place the crease on the bottom of the strip, like you see here.
you can see here where it is creased.
Then you just glue the top portion of the circle down on the strip of fabric.
Then you do the same to the next circle, you will place the circle next to each other, crease touching.
You will do this all the way down your strip. In this case I have nine circles, the next row will be eight....then nine on the third row, eight on the fourth etc.
Then you will blanket stitch around the circles to the end of the strip like you see here. As you can see, this is the back of the strip.
Now you will go and trim the back like this.
For your second row, as mentioned above, you will only have eight circles. You will crease the middle and if it is helpful, crease the middle both ways so you can match the middle crease to the top of your quilt (which will be inbetween two of the above circles)...
This is what the back looks like after the second row.
This is what it looks like after you trim off the sometimes the glue has to be seperated from the fabric so you can get a nice cut...but that is not a big deal.

Also, every once in a while I measure from top to bottom on both side of the quilt to make sure I am keeping the same length and width on each side from top to bottom, from side to side.

I have not finished the quilt yet but what I did on the runner was, I cut the sides right down the middle of the circle, and bottom. Added a border to each side and bottom. Then I just did a straight stitch quilting around each circle, that is what gives it the puffy look.

For the quilt, I am thinking of cutting strips for the side and bottom but not cut the circles down the middle...I will glue the circles onto the strip and just blanket stitch around them....that is my plan as of now. I still plan to do the same quilting, straight stitching around each circle.

You will end up with alot of scraps.... This could be considered very wasteful...and you are probably thinking that using the go to do clam shells is a waste of such fabrics....

Take a look at this you think it is wasteful now? It is made from the scraps off the back of the clam shell. I have enough scraps to make more of these runners or come up with something new.

I say...let us try something stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why reinvent the wheel?

Nothing like Homemade French Bread!!! many of you have done this? You are trying to trace that image onto fabric?

I got tired of doing that and moving the paper around to fit in the squares so I could trace...

So I invented this!!! (no one is allowed to laugh when you see this next picture)

Now we are going to play a game....Find the Hidden item!!

Circle the ott light.....(I am sure the ott light was thinking....she expects me to do what!!!! Ain't gonna do it

Circle the plexie table......

Circle the project.....oh perfectly except if you move suddenly, everything can come tumbling down.

Five dollars at Tuesday Morning....priceless

I have already used this light is awesome. Originally was for scrapbooking, embossing...but can cross rules here.