Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today is the day....get those legs a hoppin.....

First off, this is what I am giving away.....

Five Batik fat quarters and a turquoise bracelet.

To get the low down on this Bunny hoppin giveaway go to Legacy of stitches, you will find more places to pitter patter too.... Enjoy all the giveaways....and good luck!!

All you need to do is leave a comment....easy...easy...easy!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was asked to make two baby quilts in Samoan fabrics. The little gal that is getting this has pink polka dots in her room. So I just thought of dots and more dots in Samoan fabrics. I just love it...the back is the pink border. I need to take off the blue markings and it will be ready. Each quilt has a matching tote.

I was already working on my turtle quilt (some of you have asked for the pattern, this is the quilt for the cover)....but now it is sold. Tweeking the it will be coming to you soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I usually do have a notion about something but today I am going to talk about kelly over at "I Have A Notion".....yep....she is missing a bolt too. If I were to guess, there are alot of us out there missing a bolt or two.

She is having an amazing giveaway. As you look at my post you will see all the wonderful things she is giving away.

Sizzling circles....

Quilt Wizzard....

Thread Carousel....


These are very expensive items. This is her One Year Annivesary giveaway and she just wanted to share it with us.....she is giving away 30 days of things. Why am I blogging about this? sure, I would love to win everything she is giving away..... I am blogging because she is so awesome, she will not only go out of her way to assure you customer satisfaction but she will go out of her way to be a great friend to you.

So go over there, meet Kelly, support her about it...tell your moma, poppa, sista, brotha....and even your dog...just tell someone and give her some quilting love!!

This message was not approved by Kelly of I have a Notion, no extra points will be received or given out......due the the extent of her awesome giveaway someone had to leak to the blogging world the truth!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Did you know....

That there is only one Post Office on the Island of Amerika Samoa? We had a small one but it was destroyed in the tsunami.

Did you know....

That we do not have mail delivered to our no mailman.
We have to go to Pago to the Post Office to pick our mail up.

Did you know.....

That there are only two flights out of Amerika Samoa and only one takes packages?

So if you see that I get alot of stuff, it is just that it all comes in on the same plane...sometimes these packages have been waiting forever to get here. If by some chance they have the privilege of going by will take longer.

So....this is what I got this week.

My friend Barb from Nana Barb Musings sent me this magazine, she said she had two. She also mentioned tutoring someone in trigonometry....HUH????? Thanks for thinking of me Barb....

Did you know, she was one of my first blogging friends? Yep....been almost two years now.

The next is from Quilt Taffy. I discovered that she carries the schnibbles and so I go to her for all my schnibble needs....and while I was there, I found this awesome fabric..... As you can tell, I could not resist.

I won these patterns over at Creativity Amongst Chaos
Thanks so much, I love these patterns....

Next is my friend Janes (she says I can call her friend)....over at Janes Fabrics and Quilts
Now Jane is pretty smart, on her right sidebar she puts some of her fabric she has in her store....and these eyes of mine could not resist so off I went. Jane...get rid of that....too tempting.... I will have to do the 12 step program if you continue.

Then my apologies to my BFF Pat, she sent me some lighthouse panels and I want to show them to you George if I can find them..... I put them somewhere, I was contemplating on making pillows out of them. sorry pat.... That is what happens when I get maybe being a pig is not so bad after all.

Did you know, that I cleaned my sewing room? So hence the problem above is consequences of that act.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


OH YES I DID (hands in the air)

OH YES I DID (buy more fabric)

OH YES I DID (shake a little hip)

OH YES I DID (forgot where I brought it.....)

Finished my round of the Round Robin....a little early because....

I am going to Texas in two weeks (oh yes I am)!!!

Oh Yea...Oh Yea....!!!

I swore I would never leave the island until it was my time to go....

but husband is going to San Antino,Texas

too close to my flying I go.....OH YES I AM!!!

Oh oh .....Oh...Oh.....

The Relief Society Birthday party went beautifully, had enough baskets and flower magnets for everyone. Was a nice evening had by all...least that is what they tell me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I won't fault you......I won't hold a grudge if you say....

That girls lights are on but nobody is home!

That girl has a lose bolt!

She is one card short of a full I won't fault you or have bad feelings...

I know, you are saying, why is this girl going on in such a way.....because of these.....(this is for the Woman's organization Birthday party this Tuesday evening)...yep heard this insanity or what?

I am making 60 of them to make these fridge magnets....I still have to make the cute card with a saying to go in the little magnet for the fridge....what was I thinking?

I am trying to resist making a leaf for each will someone please turn off the lights, return my missing card and tighten that lose bolt...PLEASSSSSSSEEEEEE

Saturday, March 13, 2010


oH MY GOODNESS......I am in love (yes....again...I fall in and out of love so often, how will I ever know the real deal)?

So you are asking, what is she in love with is this!!!

Oh yes....just a few minutes compared to an hour of pinning.....sore fingers....yes...I am in love.

You can get the basting gun here. My new best friend Kelly has different talk about having a hard me....try it just once and you will never go back to pins.... Thanks Kelly for helping me out, you know, she drops everything to help me...I know she is sick of me but what are best friends for? They love you when you are good and they love you when you are a nausiance.

Thanks to my friend Krista for hooking me up with this baby...

Friday, March 12, 2010


My niece designed this can see her version here I made this a table topper, for some reason yellow and black doesn't look good for a baby quilt.

She used a turnover and part of a honey bun. I had neither, so I had to make my own.

I used my scraps I got from Texas (you remember don't you? Come on....remember?) Oh I used up this scrap bag I got, I truly love the colors but.... I really wanted some reds and greens but didn't have what I I just made do.

I also, made a ton of hour glasses were about an inch shy of what she had so my quilt is smaller...she had not added her border yet either. Trust me, if you have the turnover and honeybun, this would have gone alot smoother than it did for me. At one point I was going to throw it I went and laid up about 30 minutes a book and then back to the grind....and this is what I came up with.

This pattern will be available soon at Inchworm fabrics. It truly is a very versitile quilt.....

I really had intended to finish that Jiffy Jelly roll quilt, I even have a backing for it, maybe tonight I will sandwich it????

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Feature!


A WIN!! Sugarlane Quilts, Thanks so much!!! My mind is just a reeling with ideas as to what to do with this panel....if you all have not been to her blog....go now!!! (I can say, just a just a fixiin.....any Texans out there?)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


From the Moda Cutting Table.

When they said Jiffy, they ment it. This is just one jelly roll...I think it would look awesome with just two colors.

You can slice, dice, mix, remix to your likeing and have it baking in no time.

Started this last night after I got home from Scouts, and spent about an hour on it this morning....and this is what came out of the oven.

You can get this pattern free with any purchase over at Inchworm Fabrics

Forgot to tell you...this was a Portobellow Market Jelly Roll, given to me by Jane over at Jane's Fabric and quilt....this was the first thing I ever won when I frist started blogging...and Jane was one of my first new found friends....go over and check out her store and blog.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yes, that is me looking out at you! I had to change the color of my baskets, ran our of blue worries cos.....I am almost done....5 left to sew up...yepeeee!!

And you thought I was being good all of this time??? HA!!! (that is an evil laugh).... got these at our local grocery store...

When I am bad, I am very very bad....the above fabric is from Green Fairy Quilts

I won the above bag over at "Quilting can be fun". Thanks so much!! Check out her blog if you get a chance, she has alot of old quilt patterns she is showing.

I had to keep up with Tonya.....heheeeee....actually, my friend Krista gave this to me this morning...isn't she wonderful!!!

Won this a while back over at Sew Fantastic. infact you should rush over there now, she is giving away Kona solids.
I just love this tin and the charm pack that is inside, thanks so much!

Then I got Robins Round Robin....and don't let the box of chocolate fool you, there is no chocolate in there...HA!! (another evil laugh).

Monday, March 8, 2010


So we all know that Fabric Junkies don't like to hit up the stash alone.....

so we try to entice others to join us.....

just try it....

just this once...

it won't hurt... friend Krista tried it just once. You have seen some of her creations in the past. (I didn't even have to entice her with free fabric...HA!)

Here are a few more

Don't you just love the Samoan fabrics...oh feels good too....
She blames me for her addiction....

I have broad shouders....(my husband says that her husband is going to stop her from playing with me.....bad should see the fabric she has collected...ummmm ummmmmm good).

This next one is a kalidascope quilt, she borrowed my ruler and just went to town. Now mind you....she just started this probably Friday...she is one fast sower.

If these quilts don't spark creativity, I don't know what will...she is amazing and an amazing friend as well. the way free jelly roll pattern find out how you can get it here!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


They were happy except for one problem, Woman was always cold. The man was unhappy trying to keep the woman warm.

So the man thought, I will build her a fire, then she will be warm and happy.

So she had a nice fire and was happy only as long as she was near the fire. (woman changes with age....what is up with man is unhappy)...

But the woman still froze when she was away from the fire. Woman is still unhappy...

Man has another idea.....

I will go and hunt wild beast make woman happy!

I will make her coats of skin. I will brave the wild, risk my life only to make woman happy (that is what she thinks I am here for anyways)....

(how the man has changed too...this will have to be another post). So man braved the wild beast, made her coats of skin and blankets for her bed. Now woman is happy!! (only for now....there will be other problems that arise but that would take volumes to speak about)....HA!!

So we see how the first quilt was made.....

So March is National Quilting month, Sew Cal Gal is having a "Golden Quilters Award's nominations and Giveaways....go to her blog and vote. I know that Judy from Green Fairy Quilts, and Kelly from "I have a Notion" are in the nominations....and you all know how I love these gals...go and cast your votes for whom ever you think deserves the award in the catagories offered.

I have a notion, does have those turning tubes I posted about below, if you are interested.


Remember my advent swap.....well....I got these.... Fabric turning tubes...

with the wood rods...

This is soooo awesome!!! No more getting a saftey pin and pushing it through for hours (at least it seems like hours) more I tell you.

See that wood is pushing the material la la la....

Still pushing (boy this is hard.....NOT!!!!)

Oh, what is that I see at the end? Do my eyes deceive me? Why it is the right side of the material....

A little pull and a tug...

and a few seconds later....Wallllllaaaaaaa!!!
I am in love, totally in love!!! Where have you been all my life?

I HAVE A you sell these? If so....get ready because I would recommend these to anyone!!

Okay, so most of you have these....there may be someone out there that does not...right???? I didn't, I wouldn't, but I do.....and it is awesome!!!!

Got my green and white no sew swap in the mail this week....don't have time to work on them but got them.....yepeeeeee...Thanks Pat!!