Tuesday, January 26, 2021


I don't know what happened to me yesterday.

I work up running.

I cleaned the house at break neck speed.  My husband asked what the hurry was?

I didn't know but I wish I could bottle it for today.


I finished this quilt.  I put the border, quilted it, and put the binding on.

Star of Bethlehem quilt.

39" x 39"

This quilt below, I quilted and put the binding on it.
I used the Hunters Star Accuquilt Go die and Island Batik fabrics.

27 1/2" x 27 1/2"

 This was the first thing I did yesterday morning.  Had started 8 log cabin blocks, finished them up

I decided that it was easier to do it in groups, searching for the right fabric among all of the cut pieces was tedious for one and I just felt it would go faster if I did it for more at one time.

 I have 28 blocks made, here you see 23.  They go really fast, the only thing that takes time is searching through all of the fabric I cut.  I should have figured out a better way to do this but for now, it works for me.  Music helps me stay focused.

I woke up yesterday thinking that it is almost the end of January and I had nothing to show for it, hence the two finished projects.

I also put two borders on a quilt I have not shown, or don't think I have.  It measures 90" square.  I am going to try to have it on the frame today. I am piecing the backing.

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I don't take the time and do some fancy quilting and I believe I said this before, if I did, things would never get done.  I am not out to make a trophy quilt.  That is one reason it took so long to get that one Hunter Star quilt finished, I was planning to do something fun on it.  Finally decided to just get it done and out of the way.  On to greener pastures.

Don't know what happened to that energy today.....I feel like a deflated balloon...haha.


Thursday, January 21, 2021



Recently I have been working with small pieces, like 3/4 inch squares.  My fingers just have a hard time working with that small of a piece.  

So.....Meet my new best friend!!!!

                                                  What a difference these tweezers make.



I saw this book on Amazon and I just love the sewing machines and scissors.  As you can tell, I couldn't resist.  It is not like I don't have other projects I am working on.

.....someone needs to help me from myself!!!!


Here is the first row.  I have to tell ya, I would have had it done sooner but last night I just kept making mistake after mistake.  When that happens a person knows it is time to quit for the evening.

I think I am going to make one log cabin block and then work on a project I started last year.  I think I only need five squares.  I don't know about you but I ask myself all of the time "Why didn't I just keep going?"

Have a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


As some of you know from previous post, I started using my Accuquilt Log Cabin Die to cut up my scraps.  I emptied one tub and one basket.

Here is what I have so far.  Thirteen blocks.  It is great to have them cut out and ready to go.

While traveling 2 hours to see my son and his family I took my fabric with me in their plastic compartments (see post below) and I separated the lights from the darks.  It was taking me so long to get the fabrics I wanted when I was sewing that I took that riding time to do this.  It took me one and a half hours to seperate but I am so glad that I did.

A little note about the log cabin die and the blades coming out.....I have yet to call them.  I did go on their site and leave a message with a picture but I just hate the telephone but I will.....I must get on that phone and call them.

If you are interested in the row by rows that my sister and nieces are doing, Jeanette has the pictures up of hers and a few others that have finished their rows for this month on her blog.

 We have decided that at the first of the month I will post the theme and then Jeanette will post the pictures of the rows when she gets them.  I have to tell ya, these are turning out so cute.

Thursday, January 7, 2021


You would think I could have straightened this row for ya but you get the picture.

This is the first month for our Row by Row.  My sister, Jeanetter, and 5 nieces have decided to join in this.
We set up simple rules.  We are using the Lori Holt books, "Farm Girl Vintage" and                              "Farm Girl Vintage 2".  Actually any bock that is 12 1/2 inches, 6 1/2 inches,
 4 1/2 inches, and 2 1/2 inches.
Jeanette took the first month and she chose these Milking Cans and as you can see, I added the cows and letters.  Two have already done theirs and they used just the milking cans, large and small...super cute.

Made this so simple for everyone.  They can make their row as long or as short as they want.  They can add what they want.  There is a prize for the one who finishes their row first for that month.  Jeanette's daughter Beverly did hers the first day in January....what an over achiever.....

Besides doing this row I have been working on a few log cabin blocks, I have five done.  Too lazy to take a picture....not ashamed to admit it.


Monday, January 4, 2021


I am so excited to show you this post.  I am truly going to try to post more this year. 

 Last year was not a fun year for me or for that matter anyone.  As you know, I lost my mother, then I lost a friend of 42 years.  My sweet friend was old enough to be my mother but she and her husband were the first friends we had when we were first married.  She was like a grandmother to my sons.  Then I lost two very very dear friends from Covid and another two church friends who died of covid.  I am not telling you this for you to feel sorry for me but in the grand scheme of things, it is who you love and who you are loved by that makes the world a better place to live in.

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

It is the sweet memories and wonderful examples that bring me peace and happiness.

So.....enough of that for now.

I made a 12 1/2" log cabin block  out of the scraps that I have been cutting up...just for fun.  It looks crooked but I measured the blocks and they are fine.  I think it is that one fabric after the orange, it creates an illusion.

I also looked at all of the colors I have and I believe I have gone over to the dark side....not as much light.  So I thought to myself....I could cut me up some light.  Then I thought it would defeat the purpose of the scraps.  So I am just going to go willy nilly.

I do think I am going to cut that one last 12 1/2" inch strip out of greys.  I have a ton of grey scraps in another bin....yes...another bin...haha.  These scraps are much larger.  Anyways, I think I am going to have that consistent grey through out the quilt and maybe create some kind of design....won't know till I get the blocks together.  I also might make the middle small blocks grey as well.   

Plans change, ideas turn over and then there you have it....something totally different than what you intended.


So Let me show you what I have done.

I showed you in my last post that I purchased the top two compartment boxes from Micheal's.  As I was cutting more out, I knew I needed more compartment boxes but this time I went to Walmart and got the boxes that do not have dividers.  It would be in my best interest if I did have just plane boxes and no dividers because it will suit future projects.    So the top two are completely full to exploding.  The next one is half way full but I still have a few things on my ironing board to cut up...not much but enough.

Next you will see the 4 1/2" squares....This box is almost full.  Of course, you all know that I used my log Cabin die (that is having issues) and my 4 1/2" die from my 8" Qube set.

Next is the most fun.



Was full



Friday, January 1, 2021


 It seems the older I get, the harder it is to stay focused.

Let me give you an example.

The other day:

 I decided to get busy and work on my Posh Penelope Quilt.  Haven't worked on it in months.

Above are the squares I have done.

I had most of the pieces cut out but not all.  I returned to it after Christmas and started cutting the remainder out.  To my displeasure, I had forgotten how and had to relearn.  At the risk of repeating myself, there is a ruler you use.

I am using the top one.  Sew kind of Wonderful ruler.

As I am cutting out my blocks.

My sister shows this Star of Bethlehem block (this is the block I did)

....as you have probably gathered, the Posh Penelope block was put to the side.

Jeanette modified the pattern and I took the pattern and used my Accuquilt Go 8" Cube to make this bock.

My block is 32  1/2 x  32 1/2", hers is smaller.  I was going to add two borders to it.  I wanted to do something fancy but I am running out of fabric.

Anyways, as I had one border cut out...a thought came to me ....

Yes, you get where this is going.   

The thought was, why not get my tub of scraps (should be tubs) and cut out a whole bunch of log cabin blocks.  I have the Log Cabin die, will make fast work of the scraps and will get rid of a lot of scraps.

Now this is where you are to laugh because we all know that cutting scraps create more scraps.


Hard concept for some of us.

Below is my Log Cabin die with the cutting blade out.  Pooey.....
I was finally was able to get the blade back in but other blades were coming out.  I didn't want to wait for a replacement (which I hope they will replace).  Waiting for the holidays to get over.

So I put them back in and now....after each cut I take this ceramic tile and place over the blades to push them back in.

I must admit, it is not the smartest idea to keep cutting and run the risk of getting cut myself but I am a gal on a mission.

My husband and I were out yesterday and I asked him to take me to Micheal's to see if I could get something to store my Log Cabin pieces in until I was ready to sew and this is what I found.

How awesome is this????  I already have it full to the brim.  I have two of these because there are 12 pieces.  The Accuquilt Go die sure makes short work of this.

I need two more of these compartments.....maybe tomorrow I will go back to Micheal's and pick up two more.

I know...some of you are asking how I went from doing a border to the Log Cabin die.  Too much thinking time?  Actually, I wanted to make a king size Log Cabin Quilt for my bed and have been thinking on it.  Thinking is over and cutting time has begun.

As you have probably guess, my sewing room is a pig sty but I will clean it up when I am done.


To all of you.

  Some of you have been my friend since I was in Samoa over 11 years ago, hard to believe isn't it.  Some of you I have personally met which makes it even more special.

I have just posted on Inchworm Fabrics blog if you are interested, showing a quilt project that we worked on.