Saturday, October 30, 2010


For Quantico, Virginia....even tho I am excited for the next chapter in my life, I will truly miss my friends in Amerika Samoa and the warmth of the sun.....

To be honest, I am related to lizards, when it gets cold outside I slow down....

and look for a warm rock to lay under.

Wish me luck.... still don't' know when we are leaving, we leave for Amerika Samoa tomorrow and next week will be a week of planning so who knows but I will be sure to check in and hope those that live close to where I am going will check in and maybe we can plan a get together.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was over at Melissa's blog, Ardea's Nest

When she did this post the other day....I said to myself "I just gotta have it", I don't care what I have to do but just gotta have it!" If you click on her link above you will see her take on this vynl and how to use it.

Will be great for diapers bags, cosmetic bags, lunch bags....the list goes on....

Next, I have seen this "lil' twister on several blogs, I sure wish I could remember whos...sorry, I have seen it several times....but seeing again the other day and knowing that I was close to a quilt store...well......I was off and running again. is a site to go to to see some twister quilts

Quilting Fever

Life is a Stitch
Trust me if I was at home, you would have first hand samples from me. be near a machine.

Monday, October 25, 2010



I had forgotten all about this Sun Bonnet Sue quilt until my niece mentioned it below in the last post.

I asked her to send it to me. This too is done by hand. I had forgotten I had made this one. If my memory serves me right, I made three of these at one time but....took forever to get them quilted up.....even with the little amount of quilting it required. What can I say, slacker!!

I don't know if you can see but I took bigger quilting stitches in pink, I wanted them to show up.

I asked her if she had washed it much. She said, are you kidding, after seven years of use and spit ups....

So as you can see the hand blanket stitches hold up with the sands of time.

I must say, I was thrilled to see this quilt after so many years and see that it is holding up so well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have shown this quilt before. This is one of the very first quilts I made. It is one of the first quilts I hand quilted as well.

Why am I showing you this again? This quilt has been washed, drug around, abused by five sons and this is what it still looks like today. This quilt is probably about 14- 15 years old. Around that time I had hand quilted a quilt for my bed, so I am thinking that this is the second quilt I actually hand quilted.

Here is my disclaimer....the names and dates are not accurate because one named Barb did not tag her quilts...but at the best of my memory and knowledge, the statement remains true.

I used that heat bond from Walmart for the Sunbonnet Sue's, and I hand stitched around them with black floss. I used scraps and inexpensive materials from Walmart because we didn't have much money at the time. I wish I had tagged it because I am still unclear on the finish date, I can only calculate with where we were living.

I think one of the caps has come off but other than that....that is about it. I know at one time my mother made a Sun Bonnet Sue and she made her hand stitches around the Sue's really close because she was worried that it would not keep, but here is proof that it does keep with the blanket stitch (hand done). I am ever so glad that my machine does the blanket stitch now...yes, call me lazy, cheater, call me whatever.....or you can call me on the phone and we can chat???

Friday, October 22, 2010


I got an email from Cheryl asking if I wanted some butterflies to do her techinque of raw edge applique on my vacation. I said sure, and was waiting with anticipation to get to my son's where they would be waiting for me.

Little did I know that sickness would take over and the will to quilt would be gone. Now my poor husband is sick and my son just said "I think I am getting sick"! Hummmmmm (I started whistling).

So Cheryl just sent me her tutorial for her version of raw edge applique. I was excited....I took this method to the two classes that I teach since Steam a seam is not available in Amerika Samoa. I was totally excited about this.

So if you have time, take a few minutes and go over and check out her tutorial. Thanks Cheryl, the butterfly pieces are just wonderful.

Have I been converted over......

Let me put it this will have to come and pry my cold dead hands from my Steam a seam before I give it up.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Notion Riddle....

What is white like Angle soft toilet paper?

Not quite as soft as Charmin?

This item has a stick to itness, not like toilet paper where it has wipe away a ness. Don't you just love my new words???

Any guesses? it is, the grand poooopa, the mother load of all loads, and you have heard it here before that I use this stuff like toilet paper.

You guessed it... STEAM A SEAM!!!! My sister ordered this stuff and it didn't even hit her store before I snatched it right up. Oh yea baby..... a whole bolt! (thinking 50 yards)

and when I open the box....

I hear music...."WHAAAAAAAA"....

yes, music.

Can't you hear it too?

So how long do you think it will take me to use this up? I will put a date on it when I use my first piece (still have a little at home that I am using)...and when I finish my last piece from this roll....I will let you know. I know, inquiring minds want to know.

Next is this Rose of Sharon die....oh my goodness...can't wait to get home to use this. This is the gray mat..but that is okay...from the previous post you will see that I have the opaque mats...whohoooo

Now alot of you are wondering just as my husband is wondering how in Sam Huston am I going to get all these purchases home?

Well.....first, I will personally strap that box of Steam a Seam to my body.

Who cares if they think I have a bomb?

Who cares if I will look strange?

You get my age and you can't help but have a few lumps and bumps in strange places...that is my story and I am sticking to it....

I will just say, let me go through your metal detector...we will see who goes off?

Ain't no bomb,

ain't no toilet paper,

just my handy dandy mother load of Steam a Seam....

and I will be doing the jig the whole way.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


First of all, I am staying druged up on these puppies.

Yes, caught a nasty me, this is nothing new, if there is a bug going around, I will catch it. Lucky me!
Purchased these cosmetic bags at Hilo Hatties....and well....I didn't buy them for me, these will be in future giveaways on this blog....oh is almost partaaaaaa time here at Bejeweled and I am getting the partaaaaa favors ready.

Purchased two of these bundles, 4 fat quarters at Fabric Impressions in Hilo...... I just want everyone to know that I maintained composure and restraint when entering this shop. Knowing that I have two weeks left on this journey and knowing my space in my suitcase.....well.....I was a big girl wearing big girl drawers yesterday.

Here is what was in the bundle.....ohhhhh so nice.....

Pictures speak a thousand words....... from the Macadamia Nut factory...

This is just part of this massive tree we saw.

Now this is handsome son #4 by the waterfalls Akaka.......I dont' know which is more magnificent????

This is Rainbow Falls.

We went to the crater but were not allowed to walk up to it, too much sulfur dioxide. Bummer.
We are headed to Texas to meet up with son #1 and son #2 is suppose to fly in on the 21st but we found out today this might not happen........ I have some superlatives to add to this but I will once again maintain composure and restraint.... It is hard wearing big girl drawers....

Friday, October 15, 2010


FLOWING SILK LAP QUILT from Connecting Threads.....

I know, you just saw this the other day but what I forgot to tell you is,
1) This quilt kit is on sale at Connecting Threads
2) I am thinking of buying that kit and making this quilt larger.
3) NOW THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING......this quilt can be cut out with your Accuquilt Go cutter which you can find at So....which dies would you need?

a) 1- 1/2" strip die
b) 2-1/2" strip die
c) 3-1/2" strip die

it does contain a template but that is to easy and their half squares. I forgot the half square size but I am sure Accuquilt has that as well.

Why am I mentioning this....because because because when I cut out strips with my rotary cutter, I iron the fabrics, fold the fabric just so....and then cut and more often than not I get that little curve in the middle where the fabric was folded.

Pooey....I don't like that, but if you use your dies (which I only have the 2 -1/2 inch die) you will not get that curve....not if you do it correctly.

You say.....but what if I don't do it correctly....and I say...go to and check out their videos. Lee shows how you can just cut from the bolt (no ironing) and lay your fabric on the die and curves..... I am not brave like Lee (I guess I need to take a leap of faith), I have to all know I hate to iron but I bite the bullet and iron my fabrics before cutting (I don't iron my scraps...sorry)...but if I am wanting a perfect cut...I iron and starch....yes, I need to invest in the starch company, as well as the steam a seam and Kelly's "I Have A Notion" store.

I am not affiliated with Connecting Threads but I just wanted to show how you can convert your patterns over to the Go and make your cutting experience fun and fast. If I had all of these dies, I could have been done cutting in lickety split time. As it was, everything was in slow motion to get the precise cut. I cut one evening and the next I sewed this puppy up. With the correct dies, I could have done both in one evening or at least most of it.

Accuquilt has a wealth of information on what to do, what not to do in using your Go cutter. Just takes a little time on your part to get to know your cutter and enjoy the process.

NOW ON TO THE WINNER OF MY FALL GIVEAWAY: CORINNE, WILL YOU COME ON DOWN!!!! She is from Frog Pond quilts. Congrats to her and to all of you who had fun blog hopping. A big thanks goes to Debi for sponsoring this fun event! Yes, I announced early but tomorrow I a going to Hilo.....whohoooooo....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My husband and I went walking on Monday and I saw an ukulele and thought, wow, what a fun idea for a quilt. Well...apparently, others thought so too....and so today as I was out and about, I found this in a quilt shop. She allowed me to take pictures.

Here is another adorable one.

This pineapple one is from a different store. I did ask at other places but they would not allow pictures.

I went walking today with my camera because I found alot of inspirational objects, pictures that I thought would make wonderful quilts when walking with husband on Monday.... one word of advice,.....always go out with your camera...when going back to find those inspirations, well..........couldn't find them....pooey...only a few.
I don't take my camera because it is too heavy.
NOW I NEED TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE, SEE THE SIGNATURE BELOW? JENNIFER GIVES GREAT DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO DO THIS......BUT I WANT MINE TO BE MORE PERSONAL LIKE FIONA'S , SO IT IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. But...for those of you who want to do this, please visit Jennifer's blog and then visit Fiona's...both wonderful gals and great blogs.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Aren't they adorable? The one fishing one is a spool for the cute.

The other just reminds me of the ladies of the island....this is coming from a gal that is spread out in a chair, wearing a muumuu, hopeing that I don't spread out in the a long walk is in order for the day.

Notice my counter? It is just a few away from 100,000....oh my...we will need to celebrate! Partaaaaa.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here is what I have been working on.

Jeanette over at Inchworm Fabrics, has these awesome Western Fabrics. So I created a design just for those fabrics and as soon as I have all of the instructions together, she will be offering this free pattern with every purchase of her Western Fabrics.

This is just a flimsy, I will have to find some backing fabrics when I am away.

Friday, October 8, 2010


My sister sent me this pattern and fabric from Connecting Threads. It is called "Flowing Silk Lap Quilt". I had it cut out but started sewing yesterday afternoon and finished last night. Internet was giving me fits so I just went to bed.

Now on to the fun part.....We gonna party because it is my Birthday!!! Actually, I am going to finish up a few projects to get off in the mail, clean house some (notice the some), wash laundry to get ready to leave on Sunday............whohoooooo. Who is dancing now! It just can not get better than a week in Hawaii!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


As you can see, I have given you the owl design. I worked it up real fast last night. Double click and then print. If that does not work, I can email it to you. If anyone knows how I can do this differently and offer the design on the side just by clicking, please let me know, I am willing to make this easier on everyone and myself included. Also please note, owls are all over the internet, this is just a simple pattern put together for you.

Here is the picture you can refer to, especially with the way I did the eyes which is explained in the middle of the owl...just wanted the whole pattern on one page.

I have not been talking about the classes I have been teaching because I thought you all would get sick of it fast. I don't have pictures because I don't want to lug my camera around my neck the whole time. Betsy suggest a desposible camera but knowing myself, I would never get the film developed.

The classes are going well, I have learned alot about teaching and one of those is not to assume anything (Deanna taught me that too). Also, the class that says they know how to sew, I can promise you that maybe only two or three out of the 14 know how to sew. I really need to do the basics with them. Also, alot of them think they know and just take off and then by the end or middle of the class time, it is Barbara, what did I do wrong. I can truthfully tell you that I have had a major headache by the time the classes were over on Monday and Wednesday of this week. My hat goes off to teachers everywhere, to have to talk all day long, stand all day long and repeat yourself for the 100th time.... YOU TEACHERS ROCK!!!! I am glad it is only twice a week and I am glad for my soon to be break. The lady that will be teaching them when I am gone is going to be tough on them and hopefully, teach them better than what I have been able to do.

I do enjoy teaching but maybe in smaller groups and a shorter amount of time....this has been a good experience for myself, I have learned alot..alot....

I just had to say that my other sister Margaret has a quilting blog now, called the average quilter, go by and say hello and welcome her. She just got a new longarm and is going to town.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Occasionally, I get a call from someone wanting a quilt, usually baby quilts and usually more than one. So if you often think to yourself that I do alot of small quilts, that is why.

Well....I got that call on Monday. Lucky me, I had one quilt already finished ( butterflies as well) and this top below. So that is what I have been doing today, quilting this top. She wanted the island flare and you can see, she got it. Butterflies cut with the go cutter and the squares with the 6 1/2 inch die.

I totally love the batik backing.....ummmmm ummmmm good.

Finished my Round Robin, made these owls.

Melissa sent me this package of Americana, I won on her blog Ardeasnest

The panel is just wondeful and wouldn't you know it, the flags were upside the items she sent are backwards...but that is okay, I just couldn't take having the flags upsdie down.

She sent me some magnets, ornament and soap. Whohooooo lucky me, thanks Melissa.

Then I ordered some Western fabrics from my sister and well....she is just too good to me, she sends me more than what I ordered. Yes, there was chocolate sent too but well..... NO SHAME HERE!!!

Have lots to do before we leave on Sunday for three weeks, yes, we are coming back. I swore that the next time I left this island it would be for good (hate to fly) but the love of my sons is greater than my fear of flying. Still don't know where we will end it is as much of a mystery to us as to you.

Stay tuned to find out what I am doing with the Western Fabrics.....