Thursday, October 21, 2010

Notion Riddle....

What is white like Angle soft toilet paper?

Not quite as soft as Charmin?

This item has a stick to itness, not like toilet paper where it has wipe away a ness. Don't you just love my new words???

Any guesses? it is, the grand poooopa, the mother load of all loads, and you have heard it here before that I use this stuff like toilet paper.

You guessed it... STEAM A SEAM!!!! My sister ordered this stuff and it didn't even hit her store before I snatched it right up. Oh yea baby..... a whole bolt! (thinking 50 yards)

and when I open the box....

I hear music...."WHAAAAAAAA"....

yes, music.

Can't you hear it too?

So how long do you think it will take me to use this up? I will put a date on it when I use my first piece (still have a little at home that I am using)...and when I finish my last piece from this roll....I will let you know. I know, inquiring minds want to know.

Next is this Rose of Sharon die....oh my goodness...can't wait to get home to use this. This is the gray mat..but that is okay...from the previous post you will see that I have the opaque mats...whohoooo

Now alot of you are wondering just as my husband is wondering how in Sam Huston am I going to get all these purchases home?

Well.....first, I will personally strap that box of Steam a Seam to my body.

Who cares if they think I have a bomb?

Who cares if I will look strange?

You get my age and you can't help but have a few lumps and bumps in strange places...that is my story and I am sticking to it....

I will just say, let me go through your metal detector...we will see who goes off?

Ain't no bomb,

ain't no toilet paper,

just my handy dandy mother load of Steam a Seam....

and I will be doing the jig the whole way.


  1. Wahoo! Bet you use it up faster than you think.

  2. too funny ! I just picked up a quilt book about the rose of sharon. Looks like I'll need some of that steam a seam too.

  3. Hello Barb, just read your made me laugh....we have just come home...and I dreaded going through those security checks...not that I had anything to hide...grin.....hmmm yes I think I too have a few lumps and bumps in strange places...Regards Lyn

  4. You crack me up!! You are going to be terrible when you get back state side and not have to worry about "getting things home". lol!!! Hope you are having a good time...besides the plotting of getting that Steam a Seam on the plane.

  5. I see a little more craziness happening...but your still ok in my book LOL.


  6. Do you remember the I Love Lucy show where she wrapped a salami (of some such) in a baby blanket to ride customs free in her lap as her baby? Just a suggestion on how to get the loot home. Happy traveling.

  7. That's a lot of Steam A Seam. I think the Rose of Sharon is a very pretty design. Can't wait to see your's. Let us know how it goes at airport security. lol

  8. I am guessing the Mother Load of Steam A Seam 2 will be gone in 3 months.

  9. Oh my! 50 yards? You're in heaven!

  10. YAY! You know, I had a box like that a few years ago and it didn't last as long as I thought it would. It was sure nice to have and not worry about running out for certain projects.

  11. I've not used this product before. Can't even say that I've seen it in stores :-( hummmmm.......... better get my reading glasses out.

  12. You are hysterical!!!! I would not approach you with all of those crackling bumps!!!! 50 yards??? Oh my goodness.

  13. Still laughing at the image of you with the box of SAS strapped to your body. You crack me up!

  14. Barb, I've been using wonder under from Joann's for years with no problems at all. Then just yesterday I was working on an applique project and the WU wouldn't stick. GRRRRR, frustration sets in, I may have to buy some Steam A Seam 2. Sounds like you're sold on the product.

  15. I'm thinking it will last you about 4 months. Loved your post... it was too funny. I need to go check out the GO stuff at Joanns here, last time I was there they didn't have but a few items left, it was the ones I already have... Happy Steaming and Seaming to you!

  16. I think with 50 yards of Steam A seam you could wrap it around your body and check in to the airline as if you were a Mummy!. Of course you are a mommie who quilts so you may not be the first to do this.

    Great post!


  17. That's a lot a steam a seam but knowing you will be gone in say a month!!!
    Yes strap it to your back say it is a back support... hahaha!!
    This die can be used in all kinds of will enjoy it.

  18. That is quite a bit of Steam A Seam...hope you can use it before it gets icky. :-) I'm guessing with the new die that would be a GO! LOL

  19. God knows with that new die, you will need Steam a Seam 2...Have fun appliquing.

  20. I am so glad that you are happy.

  21. I have not used this yet...does it stay soft? Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog!!!

  22. Barb! You are toooo funny! 50 Yards!!?? How about 3.5 weeks.. or less! Have fun with it! ...Karen

  23. You are TOO funny! I hope you and your box of Steam-A-Seam are really happy.

    As a weird side-note, growing up my mom used to cut the Bounce dryer sheets in half to save money (this really does relate, if only vaguely). Well, when I got married and we got over that being-newly-married-poor stage, I started to use FULL dryer sheets. And I used to put the date on the top of the dryer sheet box to see how long it took me to use them up. I'll be waiting to see how long it takes you to use up all your Steam-A-Seam.

    xo -El

  24. Looks like you will surely be busy using your steam a seam, and hard telling what else. In the blink oif an eye you're off to the races doing something. Thank you for sharing my dear friend.
    Happy Quilting!

  25. You shop like me. Always have LOTS on hand just in case. Can't wait to see your Rose of Sharon. I have that die to but have not used it yet. Keep us posted on your progress.

  26. You shop like me. Always have LOTS on hand just in case. Can't wait to see your Rose of Sharon. I have that die to but have not used it yet. Keep us posted on your progress.

  27. Just clear out some stuff from your suitcase. You don't need all those panties anyway do you?


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