Friday, December 28, 2018


I was telling my husband today that having a smaller room means I don't have room to lay out my squares.  Sometimes when I am stumped I will lay out the squares and sometimes they will sit for days while I think.

I will have to find a place, maybe a bed???

So I decided to make a Samoan quilt with some of the fabrics that were sent to me.

Some of the fabrics she sent, some I I am calling it yours, mine, and ours quilt.

It truly looks a lot prettier up close and personal!

I decided to use my "Quick Curve Ruler"....boy I am addicted to that ruler.

I am using four different fabrics for each row and as you can see, actually five if you count the background fabric.  I am using a color for each row so I can use a lot of her different fabrics.  Won't it be nice to have a quilt that depicts a lot of the fabrics she gave away to me?

This picture above did not turn out good at all...that color is green not gray.  Maybe it is the lamp I have sitting on my cutting board that messes with the color?

Orange....ummm ummm good...  

Yellow, this color just didn't do well either...maybe it is throwing the colors back?  Isn't it dark colors that absorb light?

 Purple.  I decided to use some stamped Samoan fabric that I have had for the background fabric.

I have red, and brown left to do.  The red has the Samoan stamp as well.  I don't have a blue background that will go with the rest so there is no blue, not unless I can use aqua?  We will see.

As most of you heard, Craftsy has either gotten rid of some designers or cut some of the patterns out of the existing designers.  My patterns were cut down to 2, my Valentine topper and

                                                         placemats for a round table.

These are my best sellers but I did sell other patterns as well and my free patterns went really good.  I was surprised to see the free patterns go, since they did quite well.

Now to decide if it is in my best interest to just quit or try to find a different venue.

I did do etsy but I have my reason for no longer doing so....I might open up again, things remain to be seen.

I hope all of you have a fabulous NEW YEAR!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and hope that the New Year brings much happiness to you.

It is my good fortune to show you these awesome fabrics.  I have a sweet friend in Samoa that recently had a fifth son, she works, and no longer has time to sew.  

She emailed me and asked if I wanted her fabrics.

You don't have to ask twice.  I was on that like a fly on a cow pie.

What I didn't realize was how much.

What I am going to show you is only half of what she sent and she says she has another box.

Was I dreaming?

Oh....lovely Samoa

Are you drooling yet?

I am working with these beauties right now.

Can you imagine my surprise when I opened the box and saw all of these goodies???

Here is a sneak peak of my Island Batik quilt for the January Island Batik blog day is February 1st....

Monday, December 10, 2018


My sister, Jeanette at Inchworm, told me about these pouches a few months ago.

I have been wanting to make them for my girls that come to Activity Days at church.

Here is the link if you want a tutorial:  

Punkin Patch does a great job in showing how to do these.

I wanted to make mine bigger so I put two skittles together, I wanted them big so the girls could put lots of fun stuff in them.

I used the heat n bond clear vinyl.

This is the back of all of the bags, I have three more to make.  I put the lining so you could see the fabric through the clear parts of the candy wrappers.  I think it looks cute but that is just me.

I think the longest part is in preparing all of the wrappers with the vinyl, sewing them is the easiest part especially the way Punkin Patch shows you.

Thursday, December 6, 2018


Some of you may remember my quilt squares find in my attic when we purchased this house.

I put the squares together.

My sister, Jeanette, quilted the quilt when she was here visiting.

This morning I put the binding on it this and was crying the blues.

I even have a pink room for it to go in.

The fabrics in the butterflies are so awesome.

I really want this quilt but it is going to it's rightful owner.

Did I tell you how much I love this quilt?  Even have pink pillowcases to match it.

Our neighbors are related to the family that lived here in this house.
My neighbor and friend  moved in the house next door because she was really close to her brother and his wife.

The owners of this home passed away and left the house to their son.

The son left an attic, spare room, and a shed full of priceless articles when we purchased this home. These quilt squares were left in the attic plus others.

I was bemoaning my decision after this quilt was finished, not that I didn't want her to have it but it just looks sooooooo good in my pink room.  Poor me (smiling), we all know that I have enough quilts, it is always hard to let a quilt go that speaks to me.  Some quilts I never have a problem letting go.

My sweet neighbor was feeling kinda sad today, she lost a son a while back, and today was just a hard day for her.  I am so glad I took it over and hopefully, she feels a little better.