Friday, December 28, 2018


I was telling my husband today that having a smaller room means I don't have room to lay out my squares.  Sometimes when I am stumped I will lay out the squares and sometimes they will sit for days while I think.

I will have to find a place, maybe a bed???

So I decided to make a Samoan quilt with some of the fabrics that were sent to me.

Some of the fabrics she sent, some I I am calling it yours, mine, and ours quilt.

It truly looks a lot prettier up close and personal!

I decided to use my "Quick Curve Ruler"....boy I am addicted to that ruler.

I am using four different fabrics for each row and as you can see, actually five if you count the background fabric.  I am using a color for each row so I can use a lot of her different fabrics.  Won't it be nice to have a quilt that depicts a lot of the fabrics she gave away to me?

This picture above did not turn out good at all...that color is green not gray.  Maybe it is the lamp I have sitting on my cutting board that messes with the color?

Orange....ummm ummm good...  

Yellow, this color just didn't do well either...maybe it is throwing the colors back?  Isn't it dark colors that absorb light?

 Purple.  I decided to use some stamped Samoan fabric that I have had for the background fabric.

I have red, and brown left to do.  The red has the Samoan stamp as well.  I don't have a blue background that will go with the rest so there is no blue, not unless I can use aqua?  We will see.

As most of you heard, Craftsy has either gotten rid of some designers or cut some of the patterns out of the existing designers.  My patterns were cut down to 2, my Valentine topper and

                                                         placemats for a round table.

These are my best sellers but I did sell other patterns as well and my free patterns went really good.  I was surprised to see the free patterns go, since they did quite well.

Now to decide if it is in my best interest to just quit or try to find a different venue.

I did do etsy but I have my reason for no longer doing so....I might open up again, things remain to be seen.

I hope all of you have a fabulous NEW YEAR!!!


Gene Black said...

I love what you are doing with the Samoan fabrics. I suppose I need to give curves another try. LOL... in my 'spare' time. z

I don't really have a place to lay out my squares either. If I had a decent sized open wall, I could put up a design board. But I don't have room for that either. So I lay them out on the floor or the bed and can't leave them long.

QuiltShopGal said...

Your Amerikan Samoa fabrics look great in blocks cut with your quick curve ruler. Very interesting. A modern wave on the beach effect ?

works4me said...

Wow, you wasted no time starting a quilt with those beautiful fabrics. It will be a fabulous quilt and a nice tribute.

I am surprised when reading several blogs today. It seems two is the number of patterns Craftsy has kept from various designers. I wonder if this is a way to have the designers "voluntarily" remove their work.

Good luck finding a new venue for your patterns.

Barbara said...

Barb, this will be a stunning project. The colors and curves are so unique!

Shasta Matova said...

Your chains are really pretty. That Craftsy decision has a lot of people thinking about their future plans. said...

Oh those look fabulous. I love that you are constantly using the quick curve ruler.

Snoodles said...

Happy New Year, Barb! Looks like you are starting it out right!

Sheila said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely , can't wait to see it. Sorry the craftsy cut so many of your patterns , I truly don't understand why they are doing this . I sure hope it won't affect the classes I have purchased.

Annie said...

I like the quilt you’re working on. It reminds me of the paper chains we made in school as a garland for the Christmas tree in the classroom. Beautiful fabrics. I don’t know anything about Craftsy, but I sure have read a lot from a variety of bloggers who are not happy about the changes made. It’s confusing to me that someone else controls your items for sale. Good luck.

Needled Mom said...

That quick curve ruler is a great idea to use with those pretty fabrics. It will make such a great quilt.

Craftsy was definitely a Grinch this season. Could they have chosen a worse time to do all this?

Mary said...

I am trying to find your placemats for a round table pattern on craftsy, but I can not find it. Is there anywhere else I can purchase this pattern?