Wednesday, August 29, 2018

COMING FULL CIRCLE - - -New Sewing Machine

I was thinking today as I ordered me a new sewing machine of all the machines I have owned.

My first machine in 1979 was a singer sewing machine (was when they didn't have the plastic parts).  It was a graduation gift from my parents, all of 90.00.

My second one was a singer as well but had a lot of stitches and was just a fabulous machine, still no plastic parts.  If I can remember correctly it cost us around 500.00 and at the time thought it was a mint.

That machine lasted me until I purchased a Janome many moons later.  It cost me 275, it was just the basic machine.  The salesman told me that that machine would do everything I wanted.  He was right.  There were no bells or whistles and I literally drove that puppy into the ground.

Next was a Bernina, and sorry, I was not happy with that machine.  It cost a pretty penny but it just didn't feel right.

My sister, Jeanette, introduced me to PFAFF.  Oh my gosh.  This was in Samoa 9 years ago.  I have owned seven Pfaff's since and one Janome Horizon.   I got rid of the Janome Horizon when I purchased another pfaff.

I have a Niche that I purchased at a garage sell that I let my little friends use when they come to sew.

I have a Pfaff, quilt expression 4.0 and have totally loved the longer neck and overall machine.

But....this gal is wanting a new machine.  It is time.

I went to the Janome dealership and said, all I want is a machine that will sew a straight line (which they all do) and the blanket stitch, of course, a longer neck.

So as you can see, I have come full circle, just want a machine that is simple to use and will be a work horse.

To get the longer neck you get the bells and whistles too....or at least most of the whistles.

I went on line.  Ebay, Amazon, the Janome site.  Then.....then it happened.

The heavens opened up and will have to wait to see what I get.....  I have to try it out first to let you know if I like it or not.

Sorry no pictures

Friday, August 24, 2018


I have had this pattern for years, I purchased it while in America Samoa.

I did the center while in Samoa, to give you an idea of how long it has been, I have been gone from Samoa for eight years.   (sorry needs to be ironed)

My husband and I have been keeping our grandson a lot.  While he takes a nap I have been making squares.  I had planned to sew at night but my gosh this one granny is tired when it comes to night time.

The Texas Flag

   This square I cheated on.  I just used a bluebonnet fabric instead of making the actual bluebonnet with needle turn.

                                                   It just isn't Texas without a Longhorn.

                                                   Gotta have a cowboy hat!

                                                                    Cowboy boot!!

This is the block I am working on now.

I am trying to stay focused but I have so many other things I need to get done as well. 

All I can say is one day...ONE DAY I will get this quilt done!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


                                             You heard it....FREEBIES!!

There is just nothing better than free!!

  MOOSE STASH QUILTING  has put together this fun fun blog hop, so a big shout out goes to her.  Thank you!!!

As I was visiting the other blogs for the last two days of the freebies blog hop, I have found some fun fun ideas.  In fact, I have just finished downloading a freebie.

There are so many sites, Missouri Star Quilt company was mentioned on one of the blogs, they in fact have great tutorials.  Most times I will just type in "Free (the item, like halloween) patterns and up will come the patterns.  Craftsy has a lot of free patterns and that is where you will find mine as shown below.

So I am going to share with you some of my freebies favorite patterns (by me) I shameless or what?.

Here is a fun Halloween Scare Crow pattern.

Scarecrow Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder

I have always enjoyed this apple pattern.  You can make a kitchen towel to match.

Apple Applique Hot Pad and Kitchen Towel

This Christmas towel and pot holder  pattern is so fast and fun, you can make several up for the holidays in no time.

Christmas Tree Towel and Pot Holder

Who  loves  MUFFINS???

Muffin Dish Towel and Hot Pad

Here is just a fun 12 1/2" square, you can make it into anything you want.

Love the little squirrel with the fuzzy tail.

Squirrel Pickings

Here is the line up for this fun fun hop:

Sunday, August 19, 2018

TWEETY BIRD WALL HANGING - THE REST OF THE STORY Variegated thread not corigated...ha!!

I finished this yesterday and gave it to my mother yesterday.

I will have to say that she loved it.  The words are made with variegated thread and are darker than they appear here.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Just in case you have not read the other post, when using coloring book pages, I only use them for my purpose.  I do not make patterns and sell them.

                                              Below is my light box...HA!!! HA!!

When making my own pattern, I like to make the patterns in reverse so it matches the original design and is less confusing when trying to put everything together.  So on the back of the printed out pages
I just trace over everything.  

Normally I trace everything on the back but in this case, I am going to do the cage and Tweety separately.  Just seemed easier to do.  The simpler designs I would just do it all on the back.

Here is the cage.  When I took it down, I tweeked up the lines.

I got out tracing paper for tweety.

You can see through the tracing paper but since I am transferring the designs to Heat N Bond I decided to go ahead and trace over the back side so I can see better.  Don't the eyes look creepy???

Here is Tweety Bird all on Heat N Bond.  I put little dashes for you to see what is doing under another piece.  I hope you can see it well enough.  I try to have about a fourth of an inch extra fabric on the pieces that will go under another fabric.  Gotta cover those raw edges.  

Here is the cage, I debated on whether to make the cage one piece or do the bars separately.  As you can see, I chose to do one piece.  I really didn't want to waste fabric and if I had thought about it ahead of time, that blank space in the middle, I would have cut that out before ironing the heat n bond to the fabric.  Sometimes a gal can't think of everything!!

Now to choose the fabrics.  Of course, no thinking there!!!  I decided to use my Island Batik Fabrics.  Ummmm  Ummmm Good!

Notice how I did not cut the Heat N Bond designs out on the line?  I just go around the design so that when I put it on the fabric I have a better line to cut on and I am only cutting details out once.  Saves time and energy.

Cutting time!!!

Here he is!!!  Ta Da!!

I do have a pressing sheet that is used for applique.  You can even see through it so you can put your design underneath it, your background fabric on top of that, then you can see where to place your applique pieces.  It only works if you have a light background.  In this case, my project was too big for the pressing sheet.

I am in the process of blanket stitching it down.  I have a few hours this morning before I need to be out and about.  The floors are clean, laundry folded.  I have time...YEA ME!!

Hopefully, today I will be done and can show you tomorrow the results.

Have a fabulous Saturday.  Some of you stay is stinking hot out there!!

Friday, August 17, 2018


First off I want to say that when I use a coloring book page, I make it for my own self, not to sell as a pattern, unless I get permission.  Don't want people coming after me telling me that it is violation of copy right laws.  It is for me and me only.  

I thought it would be fun to show anyone that is interested in doing this how I go about enlarging my coloring book pages and later will show how I prep them for blanket stitching.

It certainly would be easier to just take your picture to the printer but sometimes a gal just wants to get busy.  Besides, to me this part is just as fun.

So I have chosen Tweety Bird.  This will be for my mother to hang on her door at the assisted living home.  She loves Tweety Bird.

                             When I printed the one above, I put  setting on full page.

Folded in into fourths.

Placed it on the printer and then went into options and hit full page.

I can't show you how the page came out because I had this already taped together.

I did this to all four quarters of the page.  It gave me four sections which I taped together as you can see.

You see the little section here.  The hand was missing

So I went and folded my paper like this and printed it as shown above, then

cut and taped it into place.

Now you are going to say that it doesn't look clear enough, there are some misalignment.

For it, it doesn't matter.  I can just fix it as I go.   You will see later.........

When I tell you the rest of the story!!

Sorry, this is as far as I have gotten.  As we all know, Life Happens.


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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

VICTORIA AND ALBERT!!! Let's have a picnic!

This month's Island Batik Ambassador challenge is "The Great Out Doors!"

Can't you just feel the cool breeze on your face, the fresh air?  There is nothing more healing or peaceful than to be outside.

My line of fabric is Victoria and Albert, just click on the name and you will be transported to some awe inspiring fabrics by Island Batik!

Aren't they yummy????

The first thing I thought of when given the challenge was going on a picnic.
So I made some baskets.

62" x 68

The above picture is my inspiration, I just tweeked the pattern just a tad.

Used Hobbs Batting light, this quilt truly is a spring or summer quilt.  Light as a feather.


Next was the decision of what thread to use.

Decided on Aurifil #2850

For the border I used this 5" Half-Hexagon which I got at Missouri Star Quilt Co to make the braid.

Beautiful Day out side with the wind blowing.

What a wonderful day for a picnic!

Then I decided to make a table topper.  I had found this geometric shape online that I loved.

It is so fun to make a matching topper to  a quilt.  Adds a bit of color to my dinning room.

Here is the fun fun part.

My daughter in law, Maria, is staying with my husband and I while her husband is away at a military school.

She is also expecting.

She also needed something to do.


She wanted a dinosaur quilt.

I thought it would be fun for her to do it herself.

She has never quilted but this gal is a natural

Trust me I tried to gear her away from my Island Batik Fabrics (yes I am selfish), but she loved the Victoria and Albert line so much that I relented (not without whining first).  Let's face it, it is for my fourth the whining did not last long.

We printed off her favorite Coloring book pages of dinosaurs and re sized them.

I showed her how to place the pieces under this piece or that piece, just once.

I showed her how to blanket stitch, just once.

I told her how to do the sashings and border, just once.

I don't think I have ever seen anyone learn that fast but she did.

Then she chose Aurifil #2902 to quilt it and yes, she did the quilting.

We got a practice piece for quilting but it just took a few times and she was ready.

I could not be more proud of her and I know she is tickled to have this quilt for her new baby to be.

I have to tell you that the only problem she had was with the machine, she may have come to me once or twice with a question but that is it.  I was totally shocked but quite pleased.

Was that bragging?  

So now is time for the giveaways!!!!

If you knew how much I love Aurifil threads and my Island Batik Fabrics, then you would know how hard this is for me to give these away.  I feel so sorry for me.

Here are two pieces of fabric, bigger than a fat quarter and some Aurifil threads.

Just leave a comment.

Island Batik is giving away a Jungle Cruise Strip pack!

a Rafflecopt er giveaway

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