Friday, May 31, 2013

Quilt Raffle - Ginger Jars

Some of you may recognize this quilt from a while back.
  I have tried to sell it but I am guessing put to big of a price tag on it.

  They say a person does that when they really don't want to sell something.

  I have loved loved this quilt,

 I have petted this quilt.

  At some point I thought to give it to someone special but thought differently.

Then I saw that a sweet friend of ours and her husband wanted to adopt a baby.

This is where I have to tell you about my sweet friend, I baby sat her and her sister when they were preschool age.  I loved them so much, Kami and her sister were so adorable.  We moved away and I always thought that if we had not have moved that they would have been my daughters for sure.


 Several of her friends had a garage sale for them.

 When I saw this, I wondered what I could do and so I asked if she wanted to raffle a quilt off.  

Apparently, she liked the idea ......

So....this quilt is being raffled off here
I know most of you are quilters and are probably saying that you can just make one yourself
 and you are right there....
but say there was a chance that you could do some good and maybe possibly win this quilt???

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three Dudes and Missouri Star Quilt Co (yesterdays post), today's post is the finished top

This is a jelly roll pattern by Three Dudes and video by Missouri Star Quilt Co
As you can see, I used four fabrics not a jelly roll.  I just love this.

As usual, I am doing something other than what I should be doing but I have had this cut out for months....and it just kept calling my name.

Just an added note here, Jacquelynne Steves has moved her blog to this website here She has a lot of fun quilting, cooking, sewing ideas, so if you have time go and take a look see. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I would love to say that I have been busy?

I would love to say that the world is filled with sunshine and roses, daffodils, and poses.

Skipping before I walk,
jumping before I run.

The world as we know it always takes a turn of events that interrupts our various plans and programs.

Say tornados for one. (truly sad with the devastation in Oklahoma)
Sickness for another (hacking and sneezing here)

People have left comments on my giveaway about needing this fabric for the sick and the needy.

  Have explained what good they can do with it.

This I know to be true.

  All of you have the "quilter's heart"

but unfortunately I am not rich and can not shower all of you with fabric sunshine.

The one winner is babscorbit​t (known as Barb)...doesn't that name have a ring to it? 

 Instead of an envelope, I will send a box. I decided that not much can be made from a prepaid envelope.

thanks to all of you who have come by and commented, I did try to respond to you by email and via your blogs.


The one thing I have been doing is working on this quilt.

It is a shame that all of you can not come to my home and look at this quilt, it is soooooooooooooo much more bright, cheery, beautiful up close. 

I would even let you pet it.  This quilt is for a California King bed, my bed is just a standard King.

I have one row of triangles to quilt, that is today's job and then onto the last two borders.  I am so excited to get this done. 

Fourth son has a birthday today, he will be here tonight, third son is coming to visit for a week.  It just doesn't get much better than that.   So I guess you can say that sunshine has spread it's way to my home via my children.

Friday, May 17, 2013


You will have to excuse me because I am going to drop the "F" bomb!

 Because did somebody say FREE?????

Loads of backing fabric..............................FREE!!!
more backing Fabric...........................FREE!!!
Bad picture but too lazy to go back downstairs and do another one....  FREE!!!!
This is about a yard each...   FREE!!!!
Look at all of these panels with their backing fabrics..............FREE!!!!
Fat Quarter size or larger................ FFFFFFFREEEEEEE!!!!!
Sheweee.....did I say FREE??????

I am sorry, that free word may be offensive to some..........

Now keep in mind that I do not need one more piece of fabric but when you have the disease like I just can't help but say bring it on over (blushing as I am saying this).

This gal calls me up, she found out through a friend that I quilt.  She asked if I would like some or all of her fabric since she was just going to take it to Goodwill.

So I am thinking, if she is taking it too Goodwill........I will do the goodwill jester and take it all off her hands.  (I know, you all are thinking what a saint I am)...HA!!

So I have done my good deed for the day!!!

My mother and two sisters went to Marshall's the other day, outside of Little Rock, is a wonderful discount fabric place.  As my sister was going, she text  me and said "We are on our way to Marshall's"....wasn't that mean of her?   Rub it in won't ya!!!

Well...Beverly..........who is rubbing now????

Oh yea...oh yea....doing the dance...doing the dance....

So...which leads me to this....I can't just keep all of this to myself....I will put some fabric in a prepaid envelope...just comment and I will chose a winner in a few days.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I spent a good majority of my time working on this you can see it is not finished but is taking shape. The white is really yellow around the middle.

I have just about decided that I am no longer going to do custom quilts, if I happen to have a quilt made up...then yes, I will sell it but for some reason....

when I go to do a custom quilt for someone something is always wrong, doesn't turn out right.

 Like when I have company over, I make the most delicious rolls but if I make them special (made some for my sister when I was at her house) they just don't turn out. What is up with that? If I go to make brownies for others....pooey.

It is like.....I really can cook, I really can quilt......RIGHT????

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


What an emotionally busy few weeks it has been.....

 I wanted to show you this beautiful book mark tatted by my cousin. I will always treasure this and will be a constant reminder of how much I love my cousin.
 Which brings me to this...


 Sometimes I feel like I am "Casting my pearls before swine".

 Remember that is a parable and the people I give things to are not swine.

 Do you think they really appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into it?

 Even if I sell my items for less than what my time and supplies least I know the person really wanted it.


 I do know a person that made this beautiful wall hanging for her best of best friends.  She was so excited to give it to her you think that wall hanging is on the wall?

You are right....NO!!!!

When you make something do you get the proper thanks for it?  Listen, I want to hear squealing.....I want the earth to shake.

Having said that, some people just don't show emotion.  I remember making my mother in law a dress one time.  The only way I know she liked it was when she immediately threw it over her clothes.  She showed no emotion except for that one act.

So.....what do you say?  Maybe fifty percent of all people appreciate what you make for them? for myself, I know what goes into making an item.

My sister in law made me the cutest pillow (she crossed stitched it).  It eventually wore out and I cut out the cross stitch to preserve it...can't find it but I know how much work she put into it.

All I know is that many times I hear bloggers and friends (which most are bloggers) say that they would rather give an item away than sell it for nothing......  WHAT SAY YOU?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I signed up to join Tombow in "100 Days of Tombow" program through sewcalgal.
Which in turn will result in 100.00 product donation to the Council of  Arts Education!!

This is what I received in the mail.....ooooo la la!!!

The markers are my favorite.  They slide and glide.  Dual Brush Pens.

So this morning I went on a quest to find more of these pens and  pencils....  Went to Michaels (their website has them but the store does not).  Went to Office Depot....nope!!  Went to JoAnn's .....again nothing.  I was so disappointed because I want some bright heard me BRIGHT!!  

What is wrong people....these are great products, why are you not carrying them in your store????

Great for Stamp booking, will try that later....
I used this Stamp runner (tape)...and I really like it because the ones I have used before don't cut off easily, you have strands, you have breakage....this just went right over the area I wanted...I had to join these two pieces of paper together.
So, while I was on the quest for TOMBOW and before I started doing this pattern.  I got the phone call that we had a death in the family.

So while I wait I have all of this nervous energy.  So I decided to make a purse for my niece, maybe this will cheer her up some?  Least ways, I am hoping.

So....I will show you the pattern process, mine anyways.  Not very professional but it works.

Got the black Tombow pen (okay...had to change directions, using brown to match the purse in case some gets on the purse).
Tracing around the purse....okay....I warned you that I am not a professional....just a little sloppy.
Need some pockets
writing what I need
more of what I need

I think that about does it... I do love these pens and in fact, I think they are my favorite out of all my pens and will be using them in all of my pattern making adventures.

Yes, the fabric you see is the fabrics I am going to use.  I got this fabric from my mother when I was there last week.

More later, I will be sewing for right now.

Thanks Tombow for allowing me in on your "100 Days of Tombow"