Friday, May 31, 2013

Quilt Raffle - Ginger Jars

Some of you may recognize this quilt from a while back.
  I have tried to sell it but I am guessing put to big of a price tag on it.

  They say a person does that when they really don't want to sell something.

  I have loved loved this quilt,

 I have petted this quilt.

  At some point I thought to give it to someone special but thought differently.

Then I saw that a sweet friend of ours and her husband wanted to adopt a baby.

This is where I have to tell you about my sweet friend, I baby sat her and her sister when they were preschool age.  I loved them so much, Kami and her sister were so adorable.  We moved away and I always thought that if we had not have moved that they would have been my daughters for sure.


 Several of her friends had a garage sale for them.

 When I saw this, I wondered what I could do and so I asked if she wanted to raffle a quilt off.  

Apparently, she liked the idea ......

So....this quilt is being raffled off here
I know most of you are quilters and are probably saying that you can just make one yourself
 and you are right there....
but say there was a chance that you could do some good and maybe possibly win this quilt???


  1. soo cool. never seen these types of jars, but like the bug jars.... good luck selling

  2. I made this quilt and loved it too. Now my daughter has it. :)

  3. What an awesome way to help out...on my way over there!

  4. So sweet of you. That will be helpful for your friend.

  5. It is beautiful Barb! No wonder you were secretly trying to hold onto it :*) I have the pattern and plan to make one someday too.

  6. Barb you are so very wonderful. And what a great way for this loving family to raise funds to help adopt a baby. I donated with great delight. I hope this quilt helps them raise money to bring a baby into their family very soon.


  7. Barb you r such a good friend

  8. That is a beautiful quilt, I think that was a lovely gesture but I know that is the sweet person you are.

  9. How sweet of you Barb! Hope they soon have a sweet one to love. My son an his wife are also walking this road now.

  10. I love this way to help raise $$ for your friends' adoption. And what a wonderful thought of the goodness for the winner every time they enjoy the quilt.


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