Saturday, November 23, 2019



I have always loved the look of the Log Cabin Quilt but have never really wanted to make one.  For one, cutting all those strips was daunting to me.

Last year for the month of November the Island Batik Ambassadors were given the challenge of making a log cabin quilt.  You can find the post here

Sooooooooooo not looking forward to cutting out all those strips I purchased the Accuquilt Log Cabin Die.  Yeah me!!  or LAZY ME!!

                                               ACCUQUILT LOG CABIN DIE
                                     GO! Log Cabin-12" Finished Square by Leslie Main Die

Trust me, this made the process so much easier.

After I made the log cabin quilt for the November challenge of last year, I decided to make a King size log cabin quilt for my bed.  I had been carrying around with me for YEARS (I know that most of you never do that) some fabric I had purchased from Connecting Threads, two of the same kit and about four yards of the red fabric that was included in the kit.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough to make a king size quilt but I did get a quilt 100" x 100".


I was not looking forward to quilting on my domestic machine but I am not able to get to my longarm.
Doesn't look so hard starting out???


                                                        Decided to do loops.

                                                Using Aurifil Thread #2870

                      Hobbs Batting Cotton 80/20, did I tell you how much I love this batting?


Getting closer to the middle and is getting kinda crowded under the neck of my machine.
I only had difficulty when I got to the middle width way and length ways, other than that all went well.


                                                   Here it is on my king size bed.

Doesn't look to bad at the end but on the sides it is a little short for my liking but I have a solution and when I finish what I have planned in my head, I will show you.

With the weather being so ugly outside I can not go and lay it out flat so you can see the whole quilt.

Here it is on a double bed and boy am I ever thrilled with it.  Drapes
 so nicely on the sides and back but my husband loves this quilt so much that it only going on our bed.

I can't believe we are already in November.  If I don't get another post up by Thanksgiving, do have a wonderful one!

If you are looking for a fun project, Kathleen McMusing is having a fun "Awesome Ocean" sew along.  Her first blocks came out today!

                               won't you join us?