Sunday, May 31, 2009


Here is the center block. I dont know what is wrong with my camera but it is taking dull pictures....I will have to take time out and find out what the problem is.
I decided that I am going to take my time on this quilt, no pressure....and a welcomed UFO just as long as I stick to a plan,

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is what I have done with my nine blocks. A big thank you for Jen from Reanna Lily Designs for putting this swap together and to all the wonderful ladies that did an awesome block for me. I decided to make it a kids quilt. I am disappointed in the picture because the border is a rich, bright green and it looks dull in the picture. Oh is bright...and I love it.

This was not suppose to post today....what is up with this?????? Hummmm Oh well...I lost the picture twice and so I guess I should be glad it posted.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was tagged by Pat over at her blog, I asked her if she was punishing me....and if she saw smoke coming from the island of American Samoa, not to worry because that was only me thinking.
8 things I look forward to
1. Visiting my sons.
2. Seeing my 4th son in Hawaii in a few weeks.
3. Seeing my last son who is serving a mission for the LDS Church in two years.
4. Having grandbabies (won't someone get married????).
5. Seeing each of my sons happy in life and successful (happiness is success)
6. Getting a long arm machine.
7. Doing more for others ( I know that sounds corny but I just need to do more)
8. Having 100 acres so my husband will fulfill his dream.

8 Things I did yesterday....since for me at the present time was Sunday and I have to look back in time.
1. Went to church
2. Sweated like a pig at church....sweated all day..sounds gross but it is hot and humid here in American Samoa.
3. Talked to a friend on facebook.
4. Talked to my sister on messenger.
5. Talked to my niece on facebook.
6. Made a delicious pot of beans and enjoyed that for two meals.
7. Checked out your blogs.
8. Preposted some on my blog for vacation time.

8 Things I wish I could do.
1. Sing, I long to sing like a bluebird.
2. Lose weight.
3. Do embroidery, I stink at it.
4. Have more coordination...
5. Fly without getting sick
6. Make scrumptous meals like on Top Chef
7. Be super woman, get the house clean, whip up a nice meal, look nice while doing it and sew all day long...and not even break a sweat. There is that sweat thing again!
8. Be with my sons

8 TV Shows I watch
1. House
2. Biggest Loser
3. Survivor (sometimes)
4. Andy Griffith show
5. Top Chef
6. That remodeling show with Ty...
7. that is it...none else...TV is not good here...

8 blogs to tag....and guess what...I am opting out of this if sweat started beading down your face...the worry is over. I sure talk about sweat women sweat? I think so.....!!!!
Have a wonderful day...cos I will be....for tonight I am leaving for Hawaii, then to Texas...those of you in Dallas...wish I could see you. Those of you in Memphis, TN, I will be there on the 18th....those in College Station, or Lampasas, TX....I will be there....and in Lousianna back in 3 weeks, in the mean time...I will have a wonderful giveaway for all of be sure to check back each day, leave a comment too....

Friday, May 1, 2009


I have decided that I need to do three more will fit a king size bed wonderfully with the extra squares and borders. Of course, it will have to wait for another day....but it won't be forgotten.

Yes, if you remember correctly, or go back in older post, you will see that I was asking what background square to use. This is the dresden plate. This is what I decided on and, I am now wondering if I should take a sample with me when I go to the states to find a matching border, because I can't do both(not enough material) the 3 extra squares and border....will have to be one or the other.