Tuesday, July 31, 2012


There are a lot of fun things going over here at Bejeweled sweat shop.

The reason I am excited is because as I was designing this quit, I felt I needed to go to JoAnn's and get a coordinating fabric for the border.

So....having four cars in the drive, mine being in the very front.....I asked my one son (whos car was behind me) to take me. He was going running and well...it was Eight at night. There went that!

Feeling like...."What am I going to do now".......

I certainly had other things to work on in this project but as I thought.....

I came up with a scrappy border. AND I LOVE IT!!!

It doesn't take much to get a quilter all excited. The mention of chocolate sends our taste buds whirling. The picture of a wonderful fat quarter bundle gets our saliva going. AND annd and...when a project goes right it sends us higher than a kite and lands us doing the happy dance.

To think of the money I saved my husband!!!

So because I am having such fun with my fat quarters, I am going to give away five fat quarters by Tina Givens for Free Spirit, Westminister Fibers. Just leave a comment and I will chose a winner Friday.

Now let that Free Spirit of yours get creative and get cracking in that sewing room.

Monday, July 30, 2012

TEA GARDEN BY DENA for FREE SPIRIT West minister Fibers

Just look at these luscious fabrics....ummmm ummmmmm delicious ooooo so.

If I am not mistaken I got them from "Fabric N Quilts" a while back for my Birthday. I go a huge fat quarter bundle.

So....that is what I am playing with...have been playing with since Saturday and I can not wait to show you what I have been up to...but for now, you will just have to enjoy the fabrics..

Oh..one more thing...that is how I work....I tried to fold them as I used them but it was no use...so they are just in a bundle and I am rummaging through them....isn't that what a "Free Spirit" does?

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I just went through my manic stage of quilting.

disinterested for now....so here my project sits....and I can just hear my Janome sigh with relief (a break at last).....

Oh.....but now on the creative side.....IT IS DESIGN time....

Who knows what I will come up with or won't.....but.....it is always fun to try.

I hope all of you have fun creating this week-end!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


This is what is on my sewing table today. This is a Round Robin that my sister and nieces did while I was in Samoa. I think it is about time to get this puppy done!

Now....several of you had the idea that I quilted this quilt in a day.....tis not so. I in no way meant to imply that I did. I had the middle already done. This is a project I was working on for Thimbleberries Sew day.

I finished the binding yesterday afternoon...whohooooo. How do you like the yellow binding?
Also, I have a Janome Horizon, the neck is about five inches bigger (guessing) than the regular sewing machine so it makes it easier to stuff and fluff. I will say that I did do a King Sized quilt on my Bernina, it did prove difficult. Leah Day and Patsy Thompson do their quilts on their domestic machines and they do a fantastic job. I do mediocre at best.

I wonder if they have a boat load of chocolate while working on their quilts? They make it look so easy.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


In a perfect situation, I would have a long arm to do a quilt 92" x 83" or send it out to be quilted but......

In order not to hear this from my husband....

"Why do I buy you all these machines if you have to send your quilt out to be quilted?"

and...for the mere fact that I am Cheap as the day is long......cheap cheap cheap (that ain't no chicken churping).

So.....this is my set up.

I begins to stuff and fluff..... don't want any kind of drag....this will pull the quilt down and make it hard to quilt.....so I kept on a stuffing and a fluffing!

Yep....you guessed it....more stuffing and a fluffing. I have to tell myself to relax, if you relax while trying to machine quilt things go a lot easier. Just go with the flow....that is what I was telling my self.
I am flowing along....I tell myself that yes, I can finish this because the minute I turn the machine off and fold this quilt up, it will never get done.

So today I was the "Little Engine that Could"......I made myself....was getting grumpier as I had to keep stuffing and a fluffing and sometimes a frogging...yep.....there was a frog in my room keeping time with the chicken....

Now that we are talking about chickens....I so wanted to feather the border, I certainly had a big enough border but.......I have a confession....I was toooo chicken....

As I am taking a picture of this finished quilt (no binding yet), I notice that in between the trees is not quilted.....WHAT!!!!!!!
So...back to stuffing and a fluffing....and after the grumpiness wears down, we will bind this puppy and call it a day.

First I hear some chocolate calling my name......

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Thimbleberries Sew day has been neglected for a few months while traveling and moving but...for today

I am working on this quilt. I hope to have the quilting done, maybe just the trees...but I definitely need to iron it.

So if you are joining us today for Thimbleberries sew day, let me know, I will blog right over and check it out.

Have fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Here she is in all of her glory!!! Done...tadone...tadone!!

Why do I do this......it just took maybe an hour to do the binding....why didn't I just do it? I can never figure myself out.

So...after this was done, I went from one thing to another and didn't get a thing done.....gotta remember to turn that TV on....

Here is some potty humor....so I was in the bathroom......I hear



I just had to laugh to myself...how many times when the kids were little did we say...

Can't I just go to the bathroom...

If I could just go to the bathroom in peace....and you would look down and see these wiggly little fingers under the door.

So glad I didn't see some manly fingers under the door. CREEPY....

just brought back memories and a smile.


Monday, July 23, 2012


So I rummaged through some scraps and found the binding for this quilt. What do ya think?

Then this morning I was thinking...... I am going to finish that Kona Bay quilt. A friend and I were looking at my quilts and I was kinda embarrassed that all that was needed to finish this quilt was 3 sides to the border. That was it....

So I asked myself...."What is the stinking hold up?"

I can do this.....so I got my quilt out....turned the TV on for distraction to keep my mind on track and just started finishing it up.

Here it is finished.!!!! More knuckle claps are in order......I am soooooooooo happy to have this done.
Next on the menu is an Orange Slice quilt...I am sure it just needs the borders quilted and a binding.

So....I am telling myself....I can do that too....I CAN!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


While I was waiting for my son to come in (driving from Arizona), I started prep work on this quilt.

Then the next day while waiting for him to get up (he had been awake for 24 hours), I finished the top and started quilting it.

Then while the guys went to Bass Pro, I put the binding on.
Indian Summer fabrics from Inchworm Fabrics.
and....the binding on this quilt as well.
It feels so good to be back in a sewing room. Even better that the mess is contained to one room and not the whole downstairs.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today's reindeer is Donner, you can get the pdf here
You can go to Caroll's blog here for her embroidery version.

Here is the giveaway so far......just stay tuned and I will tell you when to comment. Every two weeks I will be adding something else.

I have a son coming from Japan to visit today, so once again it will be hit or miss with me.
Then another son will be coming in two weeks......happy days.


I just wanted to start off by saying that I do not have my sewing room the way I want it yet and for some reason boxes keep sneaking up to my sewing room.....when will it end?????

So.......Tuesday I prepped 12 Christmas towels which I can't show yet.

Why so early, well...my husband says that if I don't have something to worry about or feel guilty about I am not happy. To prevent myself from worrying, I prepped them and will do them at my leisure.

I also made this one for the reindeer games, I am adding it to the pile of things I am giving away at the end of the games......

Yesterday I meandered these quilts....now the big OOOOOOLLLe mistake

I don't have binding for the one on top...can't find the fabric anywhere. I say POOEY!!!!

I just might bind it in white. Why am I telling you this, so I will remember next time to cut my binding when I have cut my quilt. Maybe I need to put a sticky note up somewhere?

Now where are those sticky notes?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Had a little fun last night..... I had cut these out at my mother's and last night decided to whip them up.

I don't know if you can see the writing but it says "All things grow with love"....

All I have left to say is......I AM BACK!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Happy Cottage Quilter

Kim from Unruly Quilting.
Teresa from "Our Crafty Creations"
Janice from "Quilt Journey"
Thanks for entering, I will have more to giveaway today...so stay tuned. Please, those of you who have won, email me with you address (PLEEEEAAASSSEEEE).

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Instruments of choice

Thread gobbling wheels (over 4 years worth)

One wheel down
Two and a half hours later - thread extracted from five wheels

One happy chair, one happy quilter.
Have you shown your chair some love today?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Are you ready for some more? I made these drunkard's path runners in Samoa. Infact, the blue is Samoan Fabric and the flower is Kona Bay from Inchworm Fabrics (she still has some in her store). These are just the tops...they are unfinished but if any of you would like one of these, just leave a comment.

This will be number one.
This will be number two.
Don't forget the giveaway below....

Just leave a comment, will chose winner Monday.