Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For one, I was not going to be posting much this week because I have to work on these:

I have to make around 20 of these, they are placemats for the scouts for the Pinewood Derby...I am putting their names on them as well.... so I am suppose to be working on them!!!!.....did I say that I am suppose to be working on them!!!! or I need to do one of these:

My sewing group meets tomorrow and I wanted to make one of these so they could see one and decide if they want to make one of these baskets. BUT!!!!!!!! Instead I am making these:

My question to you is.....WHY???? Why am I letting myself get sidetracked with this ruler. I think this is pretty close to how stack n whack's are done...never done one, don't know....all I know is that you get the repetative fabric and try to cut out the same design each time. By the way, I got this fabric at a garage sell a long time ago...cost me pennies. I got a huge box of fabric for $3.00 and this was in it along with some backing cool is that? So can anyone tell me what is wrong with me. You know what is going to happen, when all of the above projects need to be done, I am going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get them done.....I NEED HELP!!!! someone needs to take my play toy away.


Pat said...

OOOOOO....I have an idea about the ruler....if you have no willpower and can't stop playing with it and NEED to stop playing so you can get other work done...send it here for a visit with me for awhile and then when you are caught up on the other stuff, I'll send it back!!! GOOD idea, right??? :)

Missy said...

I second Pat's idea. Except maybe she could play with it a while and then send it along to me. I in turn could send it along to someone else. By the time it got back to you all of your other work would be done.

I think it's a grand idea...LOL

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

OOw, I love Pat's idea and when she is done she can send it to me and so on and so on, OR, make a goal, 2 placemates, one block a day. You do not have to give up what you love, just do double of what you have to!!

Susan In Texas said...

But the fun stuff you're making is so pretty too; I can totally understand your obsession with the ruler. It makes perfect sense to me. And as far as making 20 placemats, well, that stops being much fun after about 3. The pretty bag looks like it would be fun though. Why don't you alternate, 1 placemat, 1 ruler-thing, 1 placemat, 1 bag. Rinse and repeat. lol


Barb said...

You all are cracking me up....needed a good chuckle today...thanks.... I know it is a good thing to share....I will give it some thought.

Betsy said...

Barb as you read my blog you will see that I too suffer from the same condition.
In this case its a matter of getting it done.
Meeting , make a basket quickly.
Boyscouts= your son, a priority=get it done and then you can play with the ruler.
Work quickly, get it done and then you can play, play, play.

Mary L. said...

If you discover what the ailment is called let me know, especially if you discover a cure, 'cause I'm sure afflicted too! I joined the Project a Month challenge because I'm usually someone who finishes a lot of stuff. Instead I think it has jinxed me because suddenly I'm not finishing anything. Instead I'm hopping around doing something different every day.
Love the kalidescope blocks!
And I agree that 20 placemats doesn't sound like any kind of fun to me!

Sara said...

Oh, Barb, you've got it bad!!! Really bad!!! Let's see - you could send the ruler to Pat, then just go down the line of commenters - and by the time we get it back to you (we'll each keep it a week) - you should be ready to have another go at it...

M. Regina said...

Beautifulyour blog. It's the first time I visit. Lovely works. Kisses.
M.Regina, from Brasil

momtofatdogs said...

It could be QUILT-POX

Or, you're a FABRi-HOLIC

Or worse yet (which i suffer from) SIDE-TRACK-EYE-TIS

Best yet? WANT-TO.

Ha Ha!

Love the stack 'n whack! They are awesome. I NEVER score at yardsales.


It's the creative mind, my dear. The brain is working so fast and furious, and you are trying to keep up. One of these days, and it might not be in time, it will slow down and you will get everything finished in one day! I know. It happens to me every week. I also call it ADD. Or, my attention span is just really short. But . . .so what? You're having FUN!!!

Suzanne said...

I do the exact same thing...I always plan to have something done way before the deadline, then drag it out to the last minute. Maybe you just do better under pressure!

Shelly said...

Well I'd agree with Pat but I've got one coming in the mail, so you can take me off the sharing list.
Quilt-Pox? Yeah that would fit. Fabri-holic? Definitely.
Side-Track-itis? Most Definitely
Want-to-do-its? Yeah, that counts in real well too
ADD--uh, well duh, yeah--that's what makes a good den leader/cub master! LOL
Creativitiness??? OMG YES!!!
Brain-too-fast? Ummm, I guess so.
Wait, are we diagnosing you or me? I just finished a post it's taken me a week to get back to and finish--therefore even though I wrote it today, because I started and saved it last Sunday it is dated FEB 15!!! I won't even go into all that I am supposed to be doing!