Thursday, June 5, 2014


This quilt is called Flowing Silk Lap Quilt by Connecting Threads.  The kit was given to me by my sister Jeanette while I was in Amerika Samoa.  I loved the colors then and I love them now.  Got the top done but finally getting it quilted and bound...whohooooo stinking HOOOOO
Noticed it too late!!!

Made this Tuesday from the scraps from the "Love" runner I did.

All is going good except.....our dog has gone missing.  Where oh where can our little Dog be?

No sooner had I typed this and stepped out the door to find our dog coming up.  We figure he must have been out "chasing skirts", tom catting or up to Tom Foolery....

Was a bad dog to be gone all day and all night...he is one tired dog....looks kinda ashamed of himself.


  1. Poor doggie, sounds like he didn't enjoy himself. I hope he can't get out again. Very ice work, Barb! I'm very impressed at the amount of stuff you get done.

  2. I'm so glad he has returned safely. That's a long time to be away.

    I love that quilt. The colors are really great.

  3. Tom foolery is a wonderful thing and I'm so glad he had a walk about :)

    I'm still blown away by how much you day my dear, one day.

    Just wait until you get your envelope from will laugh your bum clean off....could be a good thing or a bad thing!


  4. Uhh I had these fabrics too and still have a quilt I made with them, I bought the kit cheap, then didn't like it, so redesigned another one in EQ and matched up the yardage.

  5. Naughty boy. We used to have a dog who used to like to go wandering. There were some pups in the village that looked remarkably like him. Also now there are grand pups because one of his sons liked female company too.

  6. The quilt looks fine. I wouldn't worry about that oops, it gives it character!

  7. Congratulations on the finish. Not to worry about the little booboo. They happen to everyone now and then.

  8. Well I don't see the oops! Stay calm and carry on, wash it and that lovely wrinkly look will hide the oops even more.

  9. Another nice finish! at least your oops is nicely quilted down! It won't be a problem!

  10. He must have had spring you are a busy lady with all of your finishes I love the table runner. I am so far behind on reading my blogs. Glad you are feeling happy in your new home.
    Take care. Blessings

  11. Oh look at you go girl. Glad your fur baby came home. Sometimes they lose their way for a bit.


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