Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here is a Quilt I did for my 3rd son right before he went to Iraq.

Here is a quilt my mother machine pieced and hand quilted for my 2nd this would not be accepted in the QOV challenge because of the pink but I love it and I think (not sure) but for each grandson in the military she made a red white and blue theme for them. I tried to copy the quilt she made for son #3 but I could not get it to work???

My mother has over 20 grandchildren (my brain doesn't want to do the math) but she has machined pieced and hand quilted each of her grandchildren a quilt....she has three left. She hand pieced and hand quilted each of her five children a quilt.

She just finished the quilt for my nephew and if you would like to see it you can go here

My apologies, I said I would announce the winner of the QOV blog hop on Wednesday and now it is Thrusday.

Well....Michelle from Michelle's Quilts and stuff is the winner.

I truly enjoyed all of your comments.

My husband got up Tuesday and decided he didn't want to go to work. I had plans for a few friends to come over and learn freezer paper applique. So I called and canceled for the following day.

My husband got up Wednesday and decided he didn't want to go to work. I decided to go ahead and do my little class but only one person came. So...........we shanghighed my husband in to taking us to JoAnn's....whohoooo. What is even better, the one friend was my one sewing buddy that went away for a few months. So it was a glorious day. My husband egged me on to buy more fabric (don't you just love a man like that?) and I egged my friend on.

Tomorrow is the last day of the QOV Blog Hop, the challenge will go on until May 31st. Marjorie will be giving patterns, blocks, and star designs on her blog.

She was also featured in the Accuquilt Go news letter here

Marilyn was today, I hope you went by.

Tomorrow is Marjorie again here


  1. I love the quilt you made for your son. Very special indeed.

  2. I love seeing your QOV's Barb. Your husband sounds like a keeper, too! :o)

  3. In my mind, pink is a washed out red! It would qualify for QOV in my book.

    I'm sure the grandchildren treasure the quilts given to them by their grandmother. I have two from my grandmother and they are my most treasured item.

  4. Beautiful quilts!!! Such talent in your family!!!

  5. Beautiful quilts. Your mother's quilts are treasures to each person who receives one, I'm sure. What a beautiful legacy.

  6. Your quilts are beautiful. I would be honored to sleep under them.

  7. Love your quilt Barb. She has a told of 23 grand kids. The only reason I remember is I am with her everyday. You do good work.

  8. The quilts are beautiful! Good for your husband. It sounds like a fun time.

  9. Both are beautiful quilts! Your Mama is an amazing quilting lady!!!

  10. Your QOV quilt is gorgeous, but I also think the one with the pink should count too!!!! Your mom is amazing!

    What a husband you have, Barb. He is definitely someone to keep around.

  11. Way to go with a shopping trip with everyone participating.
    Don't we love our Hubbys.

  12. Beautiful quilts. Now we know where you got your talent from. Your Mother sounds like a very special and wonderful person.

  13. I have a husband who likes to go to JoAnn's and all of our LQS's. He is very supportive also.

  14. Sounds like a fun day...that would be the LAST think my husband would do! lol

  15. My Mom has done like yours........over the years she has made quilts for all her children (hand quilted many) and machine quilted for the grands....I love the pink mixed in with the red and blue ..

  16. Woo hoo! You finally showed up in my reader! What a man; if he says to buy fabric you've got no choice but to be obedient.

  17. Just found out my grandbabies are moving to Texas at the end of the summer. I don't know how I can bear to be without them. I thought of you since you're moving there. I can't remember if you're in Virginia Beach or not. If you are, I hope you're safe. I've been reading the news about the jet that crashed there. Either way, take care. :)

  18. Beautiful quilts. Congratulations on your selection of husband. You have a winner!

  19. These quilts are just gorgeous, Barb. Thank your sons for serving, please.

    Bunny hugs & jelly bean wishes to you ...
    Happy Easter ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  20. Just beautiful, Barb...I can see where you got your "quilting gene" by looking at those pictures! A huge thank you to you, and your hubby, and your sons, for their service to our country.


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